Saturday, 2016-04-16

openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Fix subscriber_list has no return value
openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Add keystoneauth1 to requirements.txt
openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Switch to Ceilometer tempest plugin
openstackgerritEric K proposed openstack/congress: (un)subhandler for DSE2
thinrichsekcs: you there?01:04
ekcshey thinrichs01:04
thinrichsQuick question that's driving me crazy...01:04
thinrichsI'm running the test2/api/test_datasource_model tests01:05
thinrichsI'm getting an err message: DatasourceNotFound' object has no attribute 'message'01:05
thinrichsSo it seems like we're instantiating the DatasourceNotFound object (out of
thinrichsand for some reason the 'message' attribute isn't being set properly.01:05
thinrichs'message' is set in the Exception class, which DatasourceNotFound inherits from (indirectly)01:06
thinrichsEver seen that before?01:06
ekcshmm not really. is it py34 or py27 or both?01:07
thinrichspy3 for sure.  didn't try py201:08
thinrichsHang on…I'd been running with python3 -m "nose", and saw the error.  tox seems to not return an error.01:09
ekcshmmm. can I see the code that is raising/using the DatasourceNotFound exception?01:16
ekcsI tried the following test case and didn’t get any errors01:16
ekcsclass PolicyFileTestCase(base.TestCase):01:17
ekcs    def test_datasourcenotfoundexception(self):01:17
ekcs        try:01:17
ekcs            raise exception.DatasourceNotFound('ekcs')01:17
ekcs        except exception.DatasourceNotFound as e:01:17
ekcs            print(e)01:17
ekcsin python3 -m ‘nose'01:17
ekcsAh I have it now. If I do print(e.message) I get the error. But I get the same error with straigt Exception class. Maybe we’re just not supposed to access it like that.01:19
ekcstrying tox now.01:20
ekcsah it’s a python2 vs 3 thing. ok in 2, not ok in 3.01:20
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