Thursday, 2016-05-26

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openstackgerritEric K proposed openstack/congress-specs: WIP - HA spec
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openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress: Tempest for Push Type Driver
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Tempest for Push Type Driver
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evrardjp'morning everyone07:52
masahitoevrardjp: I recently see your name here. Are you using or intereseted in Congress? :-)07:57
evrardjpnot using right now07:57
evrardjpwhen I'll have time I'll create an openstack-ansible role for it07:57
evrardjpthis way congress users can consume it when deploying with ansible07:58
evrardjpas the community is currently small in congress, I thought it was maybe good to be involved/help07:59
evrardjpnow it's just a question of time07:59
evrardjpI'll probably ask questions in the future when I'll start working on this08:00
evrardjpin the meantime I'm trying to understand the community :)08:00
masahitooh great!08:00
masahitowe are still small community, so that kind of works will extremely improve this project ;-)08:02
evrardjpthat's what I thought08:04
evrardjpit could be bad if it's not maintained 'though08:05
evrardjpso when I'll start on this, I'll analyse the situation with some of you, this way we know the proper way of action08:05
masahitoramineni_: you there?09:13
ramineni_masahito: hi09:16
masahitoI checked ha replica error in gate jobs.09:20
ramineni_masahito: ya, are you able to figure out ..what is causing it?09:21
masahitoIt looks like dsenode doesn't start well with rabbit.09:22
ramineni_i reproduced it .. its causing only when i change to rabbit driver09:22
ramineni_Im just seeing DatasourceNameInUser error in my local env09:23
masahitobecause service-topic-prefix and control-top are same in original node and dse node09:23
ramineni_masahito: but multilple services can listen on same topic?09:24
ramineni_canĀ“t **09:24
ramineni_and any idea why is happenig only using rabbit?09:27
masahitofor rabbit I think the rpc which creating new datasource only arrived at one dse node and another doesn't have it.09:28
masahitoThe rpc call is rpc not cast.09:29
masahitoI'm still wondering why this error happens in gate-job which uses deepsix .09:30
ramineni_masahito: the one on your patch?09:31
ramineni_masahito: push driver tempest got merged with recheck only .. some timeout issue09:31
masahitobecause it start synchronyzer as a service to synchronize with db.09:31
masahitoramineni_: yes, for my patch.09:31
ramineni_masahito: but your patch got merged with just recheck09:32
masahitobefore it's merged I thought the root cause is in another place not related to dse and dse2.09:33
masahitoSo I wanted to hear your status :)09:34
ramineni_masahito: hmm.. might be .. im also not very clear on what is the issue .. i couldn reproduce it on my local env with your patch, so i did rebase and recheck on your patch09:34
ramineni_it merged :)09:35
ramineni_masahito: may be next time , we have to investigate more , if this happens in gate job using deepsix09:35
ramineni_masahito: but with rabbit driver, HA is not working :( any clue on how to resolve it?09:37
ramineni_masahito: one doubt , with current arch , can we start multiple congress services on diff nodes? like in case of pacemaker09:39
ramineni_masahito: curr arch doesn allow right09:39
masahitowe can start multiple congress with current (deepsix) architecture, but we can't start it with new (dse node on rabbit) architecture.09:41
masahitoand we can start it with new (dse node on kombu+memory) architecture.09:42
masahitoin the case of rabbit, I saw the following happens.09:43
ramineni_hmm .. to enable rabbit , we have to change that right , otherwise HA wont be possible09:43
masahito1. start main Congress (congress1 with PE1, novaDS1 and etc)09:44
masahito2. start replica Congress (congress2 with PE2, novaDS2 and etc)09:45
masahito3. novaDS2 calls RPC to create datasource policy with 'congress-service-engine' topic09:46
masahito4-1: if PE2 receives the rpc, the creation succeed.09:46
masahito4-2. if PE1 receives the rpc, the creation fails because the datasource policy has already exists in PE1.09:47
ramineni_masahito: but PE1 and PE2 synchronize with same databse right09:47
masahito5. if 4-2. happens replica Congress stops.09:48
ramineni_masahito: so it should fail anyway, if it queries DB for policy?09:48
masahitosorry, what timing do you mention?09:51
masahitoduring initializing replica node or during creating new datasource with API?09:52
ramineni_initializing replica node?09:55
ramineni_but i think we dont create persistent policies there , just we store in self.theory , so should be fine i guess09:56
ramineni_masahito: ^^09:56
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ramineni_masahito: do you  think we should keep defaulting to rabbit driver patch on hold , until we figure out the arch to support multiple instances of congress starting up without conflict?09:58
masahitoI think we don't need to abandon it if we hope Congress works on rabbit.10:01
masahitowhen we figure out the root cause and its patch we can push it basing your patch ;-)10:01
ramineni_masahito: sounds good :)10:02
masahitooh, I think I resolve it.10:12
masahitoJust add a partition id for rpc.10:13
masahitoI'll pushed the patch.10:13
masahitooops, sorry. I didn't resolve it :-<10:20
openstackgerritMasahito Muroi proposed openstack/congress: Check root cause of tempest test fail
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openstackgerritMasahito Muroi proposed openstack/congress: Check root cause of tempest test fail
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bryan_atthi congress team - quick question for anyone. Is there a spec for fields in congress.conf file? As of Liberty this has to be tox-generated but I need to know which conf values are required vs optional; the generated output doesn't clarify that. This is for the Puppet Module and JuJu Charm I am developing.18:26
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