Friday, 2016-07-15

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openstackgerritEric K proposed openstack/congress: WIP - API routing to intranode PE
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openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress: Minimize response time if service doesn't exist
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openstackgerritMasahito Muroi proposed openstack/congress: Adds custom ocf for HA of DataSource Node
openstackgerritMasahito Muroi proposed openstack/congress: Deployment guide of Resource Agent
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit is restarting to correct memory/performance issues.14:16
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aimeeuthinrichs:  starting and stopping Congress running in devstack -   start with '/opt/stack/congress/bin congress-server --debug' right? but how do I stop it?15:06
aimeeuum... do I have to use  "screen" ??15:08
aimeeuthinrichs: so in other words, how do I stop the Congress server in a running devstack instance? assume you mean follow the directions in Setting up Devstack section, 4th bullet?
thinrichsGot it…15:14
thinrichsscree -x15:14
thinrichsscreen -x15:14
aimeeuthanks!  I wasn't exactly sure what that tutorial page was talking about. Have to learn how to use screen.15:15
thinrichsIf it's not in the Congress 'window' I think you can do Ctrl+A and then " to select the congress 'window'.15:15
thinrichsThen you can Ctrl+C to stop Congress15:15
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aimeeuthinrichs: thanks!15:19
aimeeuekcs: or thinrichs:   I have another issue.  I disabled identity v2 api in devstack local.conf, and Congress creates neutron2 and nova datasources but then throws an error.  Any ideas? or should I post to the ML?15:21
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ekcshi aimeeu, I’m taking a look.18:00
aimeeuekcs: thanks. Not a showstopper, so if nothing jumps out, that's ok. I commented out the line I put in my local.conf to disable identity v2 and am stacking again (and again and again but think now I have the 'screen' issue resolved)18:02
ekcsaimeeu: i know the struggle =/18:05
aimeeuekcs: yeah, thinrichs verified my thoughts on stopping/starting congress while devstack is running, which lead me to learning how to use screen ... and pdb18:07
ekcsaimeeu: yup. I still go through stacking pains every cycle. within a cycle, once I successfully stack I just take a snapshot of the VM and resume from it. instead of every trying to rejoin a stack or start a new stack.18:08
ekcsaimeeu: here’s a guess on identityv2: devstack is probably configured to start keystonev2 in congress, which may not work with identity v2 disabled.18:09
aimeeuekcs: good advice - I'll be doing that from now on.18:09
ekcsaimeeu: keystonev3 driver was only added a couple weeks ago in master.18:09
ekcsaimeeu: so if you’re just getting the first stack up, probably easiest to just leave identity v2 on. but before the N cycle is over we’ll definitely want to test out how everything works with identity v2 disabled.18:11
aimeeuekcs: Ok, sounds good. that approach will save a few of my hairs from turning grey today18:13
ekcsaimeeu: haha =) I’m logging off for a bit catch you later.18:18
ekcsaimeeu: happy stacking =p18:18
aimeeuekcs: thanks! lol18:18
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