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ekcsthinrichs1: so if two rules inserted by diff people cause recursion, my concern is it’d be very helpful for whoever inserted the last rule to know that right away.01:02
ekcsthinrichs1: instead of thinking there is no problem and only seeing it down the road when an evaluation happens to hit that rule.01:02
thinrichs1Sure ideally.01:03
ekcspart of the issue is it’s hard to let people know a problem occurred. especially if it’s being used by a program over API.01:04
ekcsare you tihnking evaluation fails when a table is queried?01:04
thinrichs1This is a problem where 2 people create rules that cause recursion basically simultaneously (since sync won't have run).  They're both defining a *new* helper table say p and q.01:05
thinrichs1ekcs: we could have eval totally fail if it finds recursion (throw an exception or something)01:06
thinrichs1Still trying to figure out a practical way for 2 people to accidentally cause recursion.01:06
ekcsyes basically simultaniously. but not necessarily new helper tables. could be new rules for existing helper tables.01:07
ekcskind of a silly example is this, but you can see how it can happen in a more realistic way.01:08
ekcsthere is a vm table and a server table.01:08
ekcsboth defined tables.01:08
ekcsone person says oh all vms should be servers so adds a rule to say that.01:08
ekcsanother says oh all servers should be vms so adds a rule to say that.01:08
ekcsand in addition they may write other rules using these tables and expecting those rules to be working, say to fire reactive enforcement actions.01:09
ekcsin reality it should still be very very unlikely.01:10
ekcsbecause of the simultaneity requirement.01:11
thinrichs1In the vm/server example, they're both already defined, right?  But both people see that the VMs and servers are not identical.01:12
thinrichs1So either there are VMs that aren't servers or servers that aren't VMs or both.01:12
ekcsright. they may be defined based on different data sources and rules.01:12
thinrichs1If both are missing elements, both people would know not to do vm :- server and server :- vm b/c of recursion.01:13
thinrichs1Otherwise, there'd be 1 that's missing stuff, so you'd add the 1 rule.  And both people would add the same rule.01:13
thinrichs1Seems we're agreed that this is very unlikely.01:14
thinrichs1So the question is what to do about it.01:14
thinrichs1Do we pay a DB-locking + policy-sync on every rule insert to catch that rare case?01:14
thinrichs1Or do we allow that rare case to make it into the DB and then error out when doing eval?  (Or maybe some other option.)01:15
ekcsboth may be missing elements. person A decides to make server the complete on and do things based on that. simultaneously person B may becode to made vm the complete one and do things based on that.01:15
ekcsthere are three main options I think01:15
ekcs1. lock and sync before each write.01:15
ekcs2. allow inserts and let eval fail or disable rule later.01:16
ekcs3. 2 phase commit style thing where rules are added to staging, check for no recursion (in a way that may be cheaper than sync, especially if the db supports recursion), then proceed if clear.01:17
ekcs3 is complicated to implement and to get right. but does not require locking.01:18
thinrichs1Oooh—that's right.  We have a mechanism to disable rules.  We'd probably still want to stop the infinite-loop in the eval.  Maybe we can periodically check for recursion and disable bad rules.  We need a way to give those kind of async error messages to the user anyway.01:18
ekcsyea it’d be great if we have a way.01:18
thinrichs1Maybe we do whatever we have implemented.  Policy rules don't change that often, so even if it's expensive it should be fine.  What happens though if we can't sync (for an extended period of time like from a network partition)?01:20
ekcsright now CUD stop working if you can’t reach the DB.01:21
ekcswe can work to relax that if needed.01:23
ekcsi guess we’d do some kind of manual rejoin that can show errors in the rare case that diff nodes have defined conflicting rules causing recursion.01:23
ekcsbut in general right now things just fail (with most things) if DB cannot be reached.01:24
thinrichs1That sounds good.01:24
ekcshow important is it to operate without DB?01:25
thinrichs1Not important.01:25
ekcsok then. I don’t like the locking, but then again many other things the way they are don’t work with multi-master DB either. it’d be another undertaking to support that anyway. no need to do that prematurely.01:27
thinrichs1Yep.  The locking seems fine for now.  If it ends up being too expensive, we can revisit later.01:27
ekcsalrite then! thanks!01:28
thinrichs1In other news… looks like the grammar is parsing IDs with hyphens..01:28
thinrichs1So the check is running.01:29
ekcshope it’s a grammar bug rather than antlr bug.01:29
ekcsbut i didn’t see how from the grammar.01:29
thinrichs1Test is <tablename>() :- true()01:34
thinrichs1When giving it invalid-table-name, parses as …01:34
thinrichs1rule: invalid-()01:34
thinrichs1rule: table-()01:34
thinrichs1rule: name() :- true()01:34
thinrichs1(without the rule: prefix)01:35
thinrichs1Not a parser bug.  A bug in the check.  Simple fix.01:35
ekcsoh so that’s how it’s supposed to parse?01:35
ekcsoh i see.01:36
thinrichs1If I pull that check out of the, where do you think I should put it so we can use it for both datasources and policies?01:36
thinrichs1Those - are from the fake modals.01:36
ekcsI was thinking congress/utils01:37
thinrichs1Sounds good.01:38
ekcsso it’s similar to how invalid+table+name would parse?01:38
thinrichs1I'd imagine that would parse too.01:47
thinrichs1congress.utils is too low level.  congress.exceptions imports congress.utils, and congress.datalog.compile imports congress.exceptions.  The test uses congress.datalog.compile.01:48
thinrichs1I could just add it to congress.datalog.compile, which is a natural place.01:48
ekcssounds good.01:53
openstackgerritTim Hinrichs proposed openstack/congress: Fix check that policy-names are valid IDs in the grammar
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress: Add get_item call in datasource_model
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openstackgerritTim Hinrichs proposed openstack/congress: Add namespace 'builtin' for builtins
openstackgerritTim Hinrichs proposed openstack/congress: Fix check that policy-names are valid IDs in the grammar
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openstackgerritEric K proposed openstack/congress: WIP: Lock table and sync rule before each rule insert
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