Wednesday, 2017-06-07

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ramineniekcs__: hi05:24
raminenimasahito: hi05:24
masahitoramineni: hi05:51
raminenimasahito: one question05:52
raminenimasahito: whenever the action is triggered corresponding to rule, is there a way to retrieve the rule_id and project_id corresponding to triggered action05:54
raminenimasahito: like
raminenimasahito: is there a way to know rule id, that triggered this action05:55
masahitopassing rule_id and project_id as one of arguments for client program?05:56
masahitoarguments means parameters for API call05:56
raminenimasahito: but once rule is created execute[nova:servers.pause(id)] :- .....05:57
raminenimasahito: at some point of time , the action is triggered when there is row satisfying policy right ,05:58
ramineniif I want to log the rule_id that caused this action to execute05:59
masahitoIIRC, datasource_driver can't find out which rule sends the action requests.05:59
raminenimasahito: hmm, ok06:01
masahitoI think to records rule_id and/or policy_id outside of Congress, carlos proposed the notification features in PTG.06:04
raminenimasahito: yes, it is regarding the same :)06:04
raminenimasahito: he wants to append rule_id, project_id while sending notification, but I couldn't find any way to retrieve it directly06:05
ramineniwhen the action is triggered06:05
raminenimasahito: I have asked him to join tomorrows meeting to discuss regarding it06:06
masahitoahh. I find out your situation.06:08
masahitoI thought you're trying to create an execution rule with rule_id, like execute[nova.servers.delete(rule_id)]:-, but it's not what you want.06:10
raminenimasahito: no06:10
raminenimasahito: normal action rule creation only06:12
masahitoThe theory argument of _execute_table seems to be a policy object.  Can the policy id or name be retrieved by the object?06:13
raminenimasahito: yes, it can be retrieved06:14
raminenimasahito: we can retrieve the rules also from the theory object , but the problem comes when 2 same execute actions rules are defined06:15
ramineniit retrieves both rules, but there is no way to know which rule triggered that action06:15
masahitoI see.06:20
masahitoI think we needs some change to track it.06:26
raminenimasahito: may be if the tablenames are diff then, we would be able to identify the eact rule06:27
masahitoor usually pass the trigger rule like context.06:30
raminenimasahito: you meant while storing triggers06:37
masahitoyes. it's one of options.06:44
raminenimasahito: ya, ok06:46
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on is being restarted now to clear some excessive connection counts while we debug the intermittent request failures reported over the past few minutes20:04
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openstackgerritEric Kao proposed openstack/congress master: Policy library DB schema, interface, and DSE service
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openstackgerritEric Kao proposed openstack/congress master: Rename id to name in library policy
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