Tuesday, 2017-06-20

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openstackgerritCarmine Annunziata proposed openstack/congress master: designate_driver.py ; test_designate_driver.py  https://review.openstack.org/47493408:12
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openstackgerritCarmine Annunziata proposed openstack/congress master: designate_driver.py ; test_designate_driver.py  https://review.openstack.org/47493409:49
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mbirruekcs: hi19:34
ekcshi mbirru ! what’s up?20:54
mbirruekcs: Thank you for for your response. Sorry I was out20:58
mbirruekcs: I new to congress and able to successfully installed and running on Mitaka20:59
ekcsthat’s awesome.20:59
mbirruI would like create a congress policy and apply to to my environment20:59
mbirruCould you please provide me some simple congress policy to get my self hand-on and continue.21:00
mbirruSorry to trouble you21:01
ekcsmbirru, yes definitely. We’re actually working on providing a library of predefined policies in the Pike release. But in the mean time I can point you to some policies we’re putting into the library.21:02
mbirruekcs: That helps a lot. thanks for help21:03
ekcsHere is a working document for some of the predefined policies we want to put into the policy library. https://docs.google.com/document/d/12f1VciulhT9yCYOc7jiulGiLT-tFpffLxNOpr-2QX2I/edit#21:03
ekcshere are some more examples: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w55wDighZvI9zKAtnO4jOfDMScmN7Qf5NHFtFdk8Sas/edit#21:05
ekcsWhat are you hoping to try doing with congress?21:05
mbirruekcs:  we want use congress to findout the voilations21:07
mbirruekcs: I see from the document we dont have steps to create policies from CLI21:09
ekcsmbirru: great. Definitely be happy to help. Feel free to ping/email me any time.21:09
ekcsmbirru: let me point to you some CLI examples.21:10
mbirruekcs: CLI will helps me understand better21:11
mbirruekcs: Could you please point me the CLI examples for congress policies?21:19
ekcsmbirru: yup21:19
ekcsmbirru: I was looking for the mitaka CLI docs, but having some trouble finding it. This will get you started though:21:21
ekcsthis is a manual testing script in the repo, which has examples of CLI commands.21:21
ekcsbasically it’s openstack congress policy create <policyname> to create a policy. e.g. https://github.com/openstack/congress/blob/master/scripts/manual_testing/general.sh#L3921:22
mbirruekcs: thank you. let me try these.21:22
ekcsand then `openstack congress policy rule create <policyname> <rule>` to create a rule in a given policy. e.g. https://github.com/openstack/congress/blob/master/scripts/manual_testing/general.sh#L5321:23
ekcsthe mitaka docs may be been removed or I’m just not looking at the right place.21:23
mbirruekcs:  ok thank you21:24
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ekcsmbirru: my email is ekcs.openstack@gmail.com btw if need to reach me another time21:28
mbirruekcs: Thanks a lot for sharing your mail. Surely I will contact you21:29
ekcsmbirru: cheers!21:31
openstackgerritEric Kao proposed openstack/congress master: Automatically load library policy files at start  https://review.openstack.org/47560521:59
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