Wednesday, 2018-01-10

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openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress-tempest-plugin master: Enable HA and py35 mysql jobs
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chandankumarekcs: Hello07:08
chandankumarekcs: now aodh tests are running but others are failing please have a look07:08
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raminenichandankumar: hi07:41
raminenichandankumar: yes, thanks , failures are not related to you are patch , we will check them07:42
raminenichandankumar: have one doubt , what is the sisue with using TEMPEST_PLUGINS07:42
raminenidoesn't it install telemtry tempest plugin automatically07:42
chandankumarTEMPEST_PlUGINS is getting installed in venv-tempest07:43
chandankumarwhich is not accessed by congress bundles intree tempest tests07:43
raminenifor all tempest plugins , is it necessary to have devstack plugin inside then?07:43
chandankumarramineni: yes, i have started working on that07:44
raminenichandankumar: and also I have seen somewhere in tempest docs, if get_Service_clients is implemented, no need to import, tempest should automatcailly discover07:44
chandankumarramineni: but if tests are moved to a seperate repo, then there is no problem using venv-tempest07:44
raminenichandankumar: is it correct?07:44
chandankumarramineni: i am not sure on that may be gmann can help!07:45
raminenichandankumar: ohok, we are in the process of moving , ill add this patch to new repo and check using TEMPEST_PLUGINS also07:46
raminenichandankumar: Thanks for the fix07:46
raminenigmann: any idea on service client part07:53
raminenidoes tempest automatically discover service clients, without need to import07:53
gmannramineni: yea there is new way to get the service client. if congress plugin tests move to new way then explicit import not needed07:53
ramineniwe are using aodh service client07:54
ramineniwe need**07:54
gmannramineni: and your required plugin also moved to new service client register then only07:54
gmannramineni: yea that can be done once aodh moved, let's do that later07:54
raminenigmann: is there anything extra, other than overriding get_service_clients07:54
gmannchandankumar: ramineni is test skip issue on new plugin repo also?07:55
gmanni do not find devstack plugin req inside tempest plugin07:56
gmanntempest plugin is a separate pckg and can be installed anywhere you want, either at system level or in venev07:56
raminenigmann: its there, murano tests are getting skipped, eventhough I see tempest conf, murano service is True in service available section07:57
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chandankumargmann: While ding TEMPES_PLUGINS= <apth to tempest pkugin> it will get installed in venv-tempest not in all-plugins07:58
chandankumarif all the required plugins are in a seperate repo, it will work07:58
raminenigmann: but let me check by adding murano_tempest_plugin repo here, then hopefully shouldn't be skipped07:58
gmannramineni: re: service client. yes your required plugin needs to register their service client in tempest service client register. its little different way, i ll send you the example later07:59
raminenigmann: chandankumar: but isn't it strange that with new tempest repos, for tempest to identify  service is enabled or not, whole tempest plugin repository needs to be installed08:00
gmannramineni: chandankumar its separate repo now, so all should work. you can setup your plugin to run in venv where all required plugins will be installed08:00
raminenigmann: chandankumar: eventhough we don't need to execute their tests08:00
chandankumargmann: ramineni: we are using bundled one08:01
gmannramineni: it is same as previous , previously also you need to install  plugin which was in project repo08:01
chandankumari think we can switch to new repo for running congress tempest tests08:02
gmannwhat is status when running congress tests from new plugin08:02
raminenichandankumar: yes, , ill propose it to new repo and check08:02
gmannyea, and whatever issue is we should fix there08:03
chandankumargmann: ramineni yup let me send a patch08:03
gmannramineni: RE: on service available flag is true and test skipped, same issue it is setup in different env. let's try with new rpo which should work fine08:07
raminenigmann: ok, thanks , ill check08:11
openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress-tempest-plugin master: Use murano-tempest-plugin
raminenigmann: chandankumar: but jobs are still defined in congress repo, TEMPEST_PLUGINS work in that case08:17
raminenigmann: chandankumar: like this
ramineniand added that as Depends-On patch in congress-tempest-plugin repo, so now jobs should pass without skipping right?08:19
gmannramineni: you mean by switching congress gate to run tests from congress-tempest-plugin repo ?08:55
gmannramineni: if you push patch to run congress gate from new repo then we can check, my thinking is it should work08:56
openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/congress master: Remove Bundled intree tempest plugin
chandankumargmann: ramineni ^^08:57
chandankumarah i need to fix congress tempest plugin also i think to use telemetry-tempest-plugin08:59
gmannchandankumar: thanks08:59
gmannmake sure no one using congress plugin otherwise they will be broken like congress :)09:00
chandankumargmann: what about ec2-api last patch to remove tempest plugin? you will do that or i can take over09:01
raminenichandankumar:, I have already a patch in progress for that09:01
gmanni can do, waiting for few other things to fionish09:01
ramineniits redundant09:01
ramineniim just checking the skipping part before we remove the intree one09:02
openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/congress master: Remove Bundled intree tempest plugin
chandankumarramineni: will i modify this and abandon mine?09:06
raminenichandankumar: can we check for telemtry patch first09:08
ramineniwithout removing intree09:08
raminenichandankumar: we can't merge the removing patch, until we are sure, everything works fine09:09
raminenichandankumar: and please modify this
chandankumarramineni: sure09:11
openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/congress-tempest-plugin master: Use telemetry-tempest-plugin for aodh tests
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openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress master: WIP: test skipping tests
openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/congress master: WIP:Remove intree tempest tests
chandankumarramineni: gmann ^^ updated09:58
raminenichandankumar: ok, thanks10:09
openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress master: Remove intree tempest tests
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openstackgerritAnusha Ramineni proposed openstack/congress master: WIP: test skipping tests
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openstackgerritEric Kao proposed openstack/congress master: Update cfgvalidator_driver for oslo.config 5.2
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