Monday, 2018-07-16

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openstackgerritPierre Crégut proposed openstack/congress master: WIP: Z3 engine as an alternative Datalog engine
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ekcspcregut: hi!17:51
ekcspcregut: thanks so much for talking after hours to wrap the submission.17:52
ekcsI think the draft looks good. the social summary is great. I was kind of stumped by what I’d say in 100 char but I think you nailed it.17:52
ekcsI made a couple minor changes in the draft in the submission system:17:53
ekcs1. replaced the blueprint URL with the spec URL for types. more info there.17:53
ekcs2. added a couple tags. neutron because the use case makes heavy use of neutron from what I understand.17:54
ekcsI agree it’s good to add reference link to octant, but I figured you’d know the best link to use so I hadn’t added.17:55
ekcsother than that I think we’re ready to submit if that looks good to you!17:55
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