Wednesday, 2019-03-20

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openstackgerritGhanshyam Mann proposed openstack/congress-tempest-plugin master: Testing zuulv3 stable branch jobs
gmannekcs: are you planing to backport this till queens at least -
gmannekcs: backport is needed for this patch-
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gmannekcs: also your irc nickname is missing for PTL name updates because it is not set in foundation profile. you can do 1. add irc nickname in foundation profile 2. update the same in projects.yaml -
ekcshi gmann thanks for the heads up! I’ve updated the profile and commented on the PTL patch.19:25
gmannperfect. thanks19:25
gmannekcs: regarding backport of /630414. we can get rid of legacy jobs and playbooks from congress-tempest-plugin19:27
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ekcsGot it. Is it really important to drop those legacy playbooks now? Is it an issue for QA? From my (limited) perspective the legacy playbooks for queens isn’t affecting our development or maintenance. And when the maintenance window for queens is up in the next few months, we can get rid of the legacy playbooks then without effort. So I feel it’s more important for me to allocate my time to current development rather than wrangling with the playbooks to migrat19:34
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gmannekcs: its not hard rule to get rid of those from stable branch, i agree that we can keep running stable with legacy. But here thing is master gate of congress-tempest-plugin is using the legacy jobs which is something we should move to zuulv3. But without porting the zuulv3 new jobs to stable branch we cannot make them zuulv3 native20:12
ekcsgmann: yup I see. My main question is basically to understand whether running those legacy jobs for now in master gate of the tempest plugin is problematic for some reason. They can easily be removed in time as queens exit maintenance. So in my mind putting extra effort in right now to remove early isn’t very impactful.20:24
ekcsand haha are you up super early in tokyo or are you at another location now?20:25
gmannekcs: no i am CT now, moved to winnipeg, canada20:25
gmannekcs: that will be till rocky, currently no issue of running legacy jobs as of now but not sure when infra team plan to have any deadline in future20:26
gmannlet's live with them then, and we revisit when deadline or something breaking. i understand the bandwidth issue.20:27
ekcsgmann: got it. thanks a lot for the discussion and super appreciate all the help! I still see a lot of projects running legacy on master. so my bet is congress would be ok =p20:28
ekcsand wow winnipeg! hope you’re liking in. I used to live in canada too.20:29
gmannit was cold till now but better now :)20:29
gmanni will definitely   like in summer  :)20:30
gmannwhere you located now ? in canada20:31
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openstackgerritOpenStack Release Bot proposed openstack/congress-dashboard master: Update master for stable/stein
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/congress master: Return 503 rather than 500 error when _ds_manager unreachable
openstackgerritEric Kao proposed openstack/congress master: WIP - Devstack plugin set privileges to json ingester DB
ekcsoh haha yea hope it’s nice when warmer! I’m in SF bay area now.23:19

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