Friday, 2019-04-05

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mrjohan3004Hello everyone. Now i have a trouble in deploy congress with High Availability. My deployment model contains 3 nodes, each node runs an API&PE container and a DSD container. API&PE container HA with other API&PE containers in active-active mode. DSD container HA with other DSD containers in warm-standby mode. Node-id of each API&PE container and DSD container is unique. The containers in the same node will use the same bus-id.11:23
mrjohan3004Whenever I create datasource, I get error "Service '_ds_manager' is not found".11:23
mrjohan3004Someone can show me what i get wrong. Thanks11:24
mrjohan3004The error I have met in this link:
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openstackgerritsean mooney proposed openstack/congress master: this change fixes the low constratins tox env
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