Friday, 2014-04-04

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sethohello guys!07:10
isviridovsetho hi07:17
isviridovsetho I 've found really good Irc client for Android Andchat you have to try07:21
sethoAndchat? thanks!07:36
achuprinhello guys!07:43
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achuprinisviridov: What Irc client do you use on Linux?07:44
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pas-haachuprin: hexchat is nice GUI client08:51
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miarmakhi guys09:25
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achuprinpas-ha: tahnks09:28
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isviridovachuprin_: it is konversation and irssi09:54
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miarmakisviridov, dukhlov, achudnovets: a new bug  has been reported
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isviridovmiarmak, not a bug10:30
miarmakisviridov: why not?10:30
isviridovmiarmak, you are actually corrupting DB and expecting proper working. The table is not only one place where mdb table is mentioned. But anyhow it is not a usecase, everything should be done via API10:38
isviridovmiarmak, next step we will add async tasks execution, so any uncontrolled DB changes could corrupt data10:39
isviridovmiarmak, just don't do it :)10:40
miarmakisviridov: but we don't have delete table in api yet =)10:41
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achudnovetsisviridov: this bug can be reproduced using API10:46
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achudnovets1) create table in non existing keyspace10:46
achudnovets2) it's fails . Create keyspace10:46
achudnovets3) create table again.10:47
achudnovetsand it's fails10:47
achudnovetswith TableAlreadyExists error10:47
achudnovetsbut there is no table in Cassandra10:47
isviridovmiarmak, yeap. It is a real problem. Charles Wang is working on it
miarmakisviridov: look at achudnovets's message10:50
miarmakisviridov: he has had the same problem today10:50
isviridovachudnovets, it is another scenario and it looks like reported
isviridovmiarmak, achudnovets does it affect you?10:54
miarmakisviridov: a little) yesterday I had a problem with testing data-load script10:55
achudnovetsisviridov: I think it's two separate bugs. First is bug with nonexistent keyspace. Second is bug with nonexistent tables. I believe it is connected with new tbale schema in cassandra10:55
isviridovachudnovets, please report a bug10:55
achudnovetsisviridov: ok10:56
openstackgerritA change was merged to stackforge/magnetodb: Added CentOS support
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* isviridov @ meeting11:02
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achudnovetsisviridov: bug report about table creation. with my comment11:12
isviridovachudnovets, awesome! I've reviewed and set low prior11:20
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aostapenkoguys, should we allow batch write to process more than 25 put/delete requests in ReST API? Now it cat process more than 25, but DynamoDB docs says than there is a restriction for 2514:10
Keith_there does need to be a limit, since a batch request that is too large can tie up connections and threads and affect overall performance14:12
Keith_not sure if it 25 is the perfect number14:12
Keith_i'd implement it to be configurable, and return a "request too large" if it's larger than what's configured.  then the number can be configured based on the size of the deployment14:13
isviridovKeith_, yes. It should be blueprinted14:24
isviridovaostapenko, currently it is not implemented, so can't be tested14:24
aostapenkoisviridov, Keith_: thank you14:29
achudnovetsisviridov: MagnetoDB currently lacks validation checks. May be the best to report a bug for missed checks? Bug report should contain request example and expected response. Then will be quite easy to write a unit tests and implement missed code.14:29
isviridovachudnovets, it can be one of ways and I like it. But there is a trap to create bug for unexisting functionality.14:32
isviridovachudnovets, f.e. we have request validation. And any missed case can be reported as bug14:33
isviridovachudnovets, but we don't have functionality for checking requests for size (close to network infrastructure) and request amount (close to quota). So blueprint is the best for such ideas.14:35
achudnovetsisviridov: ok. I agree. btw as I know we currently have no restrictions for request size, item length, etc. Implementation of such things is trivial, but there are lot of such things :). So we need a lot of bps or bug reports for this. One general bp for restriction implementation may work, but developer can easily miss something. And one bp is hard to parallelize...14:42
isviridovachudnovets, let us start with one. With workitems we can track it.14:44
achudnovetsok, let's try14:47
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achudnovetsbye guys16:39
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miarmakbye fellows! have a nice weekend!17:10
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dukhlov__bye guys17:17
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