Tuesday, 2014-09-16

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openstackgerritDmitriy Ukhlov proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: Improve json schema validation  https://review.openstack.org/12116209:57
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ajayaaHi isviridov, dukhlov11:14
ajayaaIs anyone looking into celiometer integration with mdb?11:15
ajayaaI see that there is a blueprint for celiometer and there is no assignee.11:16
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dukhlovhi, ajayaa11:48
dukhlovisviridov knows I guess11:49
ajayaadukhlov, hi11:49
dukhlovI know that we have started this activity11:49
dukhlovbut I don't know it's current status11:49
ajayaadukhlov, I think someone is working on the notification part. I see some code related to it in the repo.11:51
isviridovajayaa, hello12:14
isviridovAbout celiometer integration12:14
ajayaahi isviridov,12:15
isviridovYes we have started it, I mean added notifications for mostly all events.12:15
isviridovI mean #link https://github.com/stackforge/magnetodb/blob/master/magnetodb/notifier/__init__.py12:16
isviridovAnother part of this is monitoring-api https://blueprints.launchpad.net/magnetodb/+spec/monitoring-api what will be used for collecting data about mdb usage by celiometer.12:18
isviridovThat is12:19
isviridovajayaa, do you have usecases with celio?12:28
ajayaaisviridov, I was going through amazon's apis and realized we don't have anything for measuring usage info in mdb.12:44
ajayaasorry, I was out for some time.12:44
ajayaaisviridov, and thought to ask you whether anyone is working in this area.12:45
isviridovajayaa, good aproach!12:51
isviridovSo, the closest person to it now ominakov. Notifications was implemented by CharlesWang12:51
isviridovAbout plans and roadmap you can always contact me.12:52
isviridovBut some ideas about usage statisticsL12:52
ajayaaisviridov, sure.12:52
isviridovIn DynamoDb we have it per request, and it is clear that we can't calculate it each data request.12:53
ajayaaWhy not? Each time a user does a read we can send a notification to celiometer who will do the book-keeping.12:54
isviridovIt sounds like dependency on celiometer12:55
isviridovDo you suggest to get usage data from celiometers and return it via some of mdb API?12:55
isviridovIt IS dependency on celiometer.12:56
ajayaaThere will be a dependency with celiometer I agree. But many of the OS components are interdependent.12:56
isviridovCould you imagine that according to SLA mdb must response in 20ms.12:57
ajayaaOr we can do the book-keeping ourselves in mdb with the same backend.12:57
isviridovBut there is interdependent component celiometer and it has another SLA. And could respond in 2sec12:58
isviridovBut let me continue12:58
ajayaaisviridov, I agree. We can't gurantee response time of celiometer.12:58
isviridovIn mdb we have introduced monitoring API to separate access rights between monitoring system (celiometer, collectd, whatever else) and data api (clients, horizon, magnetodb-cli)12:59
isviridovAnother effect of it, we can provide different SLA for such services.13:00
isviridovThe only question is DynamoAPI. It has usage statistics in data api built-in. I think we can implement some kind of internal data structure and execution routine to update it.13:01
isviridovIn this case we will be able to response via DynamoDB API fast and robust.13:01
openstackgerritDmitriy Ukhlov proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: Improve json schema validation  https://review.openstack.org/12116213:01
isviridovThat is. What do you think ajayaa?13:01
ajayaaisviridov, sounds like a good plan. :)13:02
ajayaaisviridov, But if we anyway are going to maintain internal DS for dynamodb apis, then why do we need to do separate data api and usage api in OS apis?13:03
isviridovominakov-, is working on collecting data from cassandra via JMX (thank you for hint and link to article) we will see how fast and robust it is.13:03
isviridovajayaa, because of different users. Monitoring components will not have access to data itself.13:04
ajayaaThe point I am trying to make is: We are going to store usage info in internal structures for dynamodb apis. Why no use the same internal structures for openstack apis in mdb and expose them as mdb apis?13:07
isviridovajayaa, got you. It is really possible and probably can be next iteration of implementation.13:09
isviridovajayaa, another reason, we are not concentrated on DynamoDB and its performance right now. So, just moving out the monitoring works good for us.13:11
ajayaaisviridov, okay. One thing that is not clear to me is: How would the user get to know his usage info? through monitoring apis or celiometer apis?13:13
isviridovajayaa, monitoring api and all systems above it. It can be celiometer or anything else like graphite, nagios depends on deployment.13:17
isviridovajayaa, and sure CLI13:17
ajayaaisviridov, Thanks. :)13:19
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openstackgerritAleksey Chuprin proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: (WIP) Investigation problem with tox job timeout  https://review.openstack.org/11946714:50
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openstackgerritDmitriy Ukhlov proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: Improve json schema validation  https://review.openstack.org/12116215:31
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openstackgerritAleksey Chuprin proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: (WIP) Investigation problem with tox job timeout  https://review.openstack.org/11946720:19
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