Monday, 2014-09-29

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isviridovaostapenko, sorry was on meeting13:15
isviridovaostapenko, what about POST?13:15
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aostapenkoisviridov, I thought that POST will be convenient for future adding some options, but now I consider GET as a better option13:42
isviridovGET is more convenient when you use browser13:43
isviridovI prefer v1/healthcheck13:44
aostapenkoisviridov: agree13:46
isviridovI see your update. Let us make ERROR uppercase13:50
aostapenkoisviridov, agree. Done13:57
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ominakovjeromatron, hello15:16
jeromatronHi ominakov15:16
ominakovjeromatron, i have one question about JMX metrics in C*15:17
ominakovshould we send requests to all nodes in cluster if we want to know such metric as "estimateKeys" in CF?15:18
jeromatronI believe that's per node yes.15:25
ominakovand we should divide sum of this numbers on replication factor?15:29
openstackgerritIllia Khudoshyn proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: Add 'last_updated' to 'table_info'
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romainhominakov: estimateKeys() is the sum of estimated keys in each SSTable of the node. So, yes, you have to invoke it on each node if you want cluster wide metrics.15:54
ominakovromainh, thx15:55
romainhominakov: estimation is based on index size, so you have a estimation of all keys, regardless replication factor16:01
romainhdepending what you want, you may want to divide by replication factor16:02
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openstackgerritIllia Khudoshyn proposed a change to stackforge/magnetodb: Add 'last_updated' to 'table_info'
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