Monday, 2014-11-24

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rushiagrhello magnetodb :)06:36
rushiagrmy unit tests are failing in local machine. running 'tox' doesn't work06:37
rushiagralso, note that my system doesn't have python 2.606:37
rushiagris this the issue?06:37
ajayaarushiagr, Did you try tox -epy2706:43
ajayaaOn a fresf mdb, tox -epy27 passes.06:44
rushiagrajayaa: I was trying only 'tox'. I'll try tox -epy27 now06:44
rushiagrajayaa: ok06:44
rushiagrajayaa: it throws a lot of output on the screen06:49
rushiagrajayaa: but it says 'passed, congratulations :)' at last06:49
rushiagrajayaa: not sure what that means06:49
rushiagrI can see some exceptions in the stacktraces which are thrown06:49
ajayaaI can also see them.06:49
rushiagrajayaa: so does that mean tests passed or not?06:50
ajayaacongarts means tests passed.06:50
rushiagrajayaa: what about those  exceptions and stacktraces?06:50
ajayaaI have no idea.06:50
rushiagrajayaa: are those bugs which need fixing?06:51
ajayaaAlso run tox -epep8 before pushing to gerrit.06:51
rushiagrisviridov: can you clear the air around what are those exceptions ?06:51
rushiagrajayaa: ok06:52
rushiagrajayaa: I'm just trying to run all tests locally06:52
rushiagrajayaa: not thinking about pushing anything right now06:52
rushiagrajayaa: yeah. Thanks anyway :)06:59
rushiagrajayaa: tox -e tempest-stable fails with 'authorization failed'07:00
rushiagrajayaa: do you have any quick fix  to correct this?07:00
ajayaaI haven't run tempest with mdb. No idea. You could see keystone logs for error in user authentication.07:01
rushiagrajayaa: ok, looks like there is a conf file tempest/tempest.conf07:02
rushiagrajayaa: I think i need to change options there.. trying..07:02
rushiagrajayaa: hmm, tests are running now. I just needed to change the password in that tempest.conf in magnetodb repo07:03
rushiagrajayaa: I'll update the wiki page to include this information07:04
rushiagrisviridov: ping07:24
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isviridovrushiagr : ajayaa hello11:50
isviridovrushiagr : exceptions are just output and you can ignore it.11:51
ajayaaisviridov, Hi11:55
ajayaaDoes ttl for a row not work at the moment?11:55
ajayaaisviridov ^^11:56
isviridovajayaa : it doesn't, but we have it in roadmap, so I think it will soon11:58
ajayaaisviridov, Cassandra already has support for ttl for a row.11:58
ajayaaI think it wouldn't be too difficult to implement.11:58
ajayaaBut then there is this blueprint of cassandra driver redesign.11:59
isviridovajayaa : yes, it shouldn't be difficult. Even with new cassandra driver it will be just another parameter in CQL sentence12:06
rushiagrisviridov: okay. It looks ugly though :(12:15
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/magnetodb: Fix problem with schema stuck agreement
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openstackgerritChao Li proposed stackforge/magnetodb: Improve the documentation
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