Thursday, 2014-12-18

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openstackgerritIllia Khudoshyn proposed stackforge/magnetodb: (WIP) Add backup manager
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openstackgerritIlya Sviridov proposed stackforge/magnetodb: Documentation update and structuring
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isviridov_awayHello everybody13:59
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isviridov#startmeeting magnetodb14:00
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'magnetodb'14:00
isviridovAgenda for today
isviridovhello nunosantos ajayaa14:01
ajayaaHi isviridov14:01
isviridovLet us start with action items14:01
isviridov#topic Go through action items isviridov14:02
isviridovachudnovets create a spec for integration with external monitoring systems14:02
isviridovHey aostapenko14:02
achudnovetsspec in progress. need some time to finish14:03
isviridovachudnovets ok, anything to look at yet?14:03
achudnovetsnot yet. I've added bp about monitoring api refactoring. Next step is edit monitoring api spec and add spec for integration with external monitoring systems14:05
openstackgerritIllia Khudoshyn proposed stackforge/magnetodb: (WIP) Add backup manager
achudnovetsthanks isviridov14:05
isviridovachudnovets thanks for update14:05
isviridovNo other AIs14:06
isviridov#topic Collaboration with API-WG about API v2 isviridov14:06
isviridovTo inform the tema.14:06
ominakovhi guys14:07
isviridovThere is API work group in OpenStack and we are not working with them in checking and improving our API to follow REST and general OpenStack best practices14:07
ominakovi'm sorry, i'm late14:07
isviridovominakov it is ok, just be quiet14:07
isviridovMore details about API-WG
isviridovThey are building smth like guide for API
isviridovAlso there is a meeting today, everybody is wellcome to join14:09
isviridovAt 16:00UTC #openstack-meeting-314:09
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isviridovAnything here to discuss?14:10
isviridovMoving forward14:10
isviridov#topic Kilo-1 milestone status update isviridov14:11
isviridovSo, today is kilo-1 milestone release14:11
isviridovI'm going to create tag 2015.1.b1 and do release of work we have done.14:12
charleswIs there a release notes?14:12
isviridovcharlesw yes, based in list of fixed bugs and implemented bps.14:13
isviridov#action isviridov do release of 2015.1.b1 and announce in ML14:14
isviridovcharlesw moving forward?14:14
charleswsure, thx14:14
isviridov#topic  Open reviews status isviridov14:15
isviridovAny patch we have to discuss?14:16
isviridovor catch some core's eyes14:17
isviridovcharlesw thank you for your comments about documentation.14:18
isviridovOk, let us move forward14:18
isviridov#topic Migration to new local secondary indices design dukhlov14:18
isviridovdukhlov my congrats about it!14:18
isviridov!m dukhlov14:18
openstackisviridov: Error: "m" is not a valid command.14:18
[o__o]You're doing good work, dukhlov!14:18
charleswdukhlov, great job, as always14:19
isviridovdukhlov how are we going to integrate it?14:19
dukhlovok, It seems new implementation  now works on our gate14:19
dukhlovand all are welcome to review this patch and ask questions14:20
isviridovdukhlov any documentation about it?14:21
ajayaaisviridov, This could use a blessing.
dukhlovhm, no:) only bp spec14:22
isviridov#action charlesw isviridov dukhlov ikhudoshyn
dukhlovWhat kind of documents would you like to see?14:23
dukhlovgeneral concept or some details?14:23
isviridovdukhlov it would be great to have some technical concept overview for developers and for promotion of mdb in general.14:23
dukhlovlike article?14:24
isviridovAnd I think we have to think about upgrade procedure from previous version of storage.14:25
charleswAlso, if you can run some performance comparison with existing LSI solution, it will be helpful why we should migrate.14:25
isviridovdukhlov some blogpost would be great!14:25
dukhlovcharlesw, sure14:25
* isviridov the more content about mdb the better: screencast, blogposts...14:26
charleswIs there an official mdb blog?14:26
dukhlovfor upgrade probably it would be nice to have backup/restore working first14:26
isviridovcharlesw not, but articles in Symantec, Miranits blogs14:27
charleswWould be nice to have a central place, with links pointing to existing blogs.14:27
isviridovdukhlov so no migration script is delivered?14:27
dukhlovno now we don't have migration scripts14:28
isviridovcharlesw yeap, I've just updated wiki yesterday, we have such a place now
charleswisviridov, excellent, thx14:29
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dukhlovI have in mind one more bp which will change data model and if we really need migration procedure I would suggest make it after that14:30
isviridovdukhlov for now it is probably ok.14:30
dukhlovit connected with dynamic attributes packing14:30
isviridovdukhlov it is not urgent really, but we have to think about it. It can be migration or using old data format for old tables and new one for newly created.14:31
isviridovdukhlov would love to see your bp14:31
dukhlovisviridov, will do14:32
isviridovOk, moving forward?14:32
isviridov#topic Open discussion isviridov14:33
charleswI have one bp in mind, it's connected to this bug:
charleswSSL termination14:33
charleswright now it's broken in our deployment14:34
miqui_hi ..sorry am late..14:35
isviridovmiqui_ hi14:35
isviridovcharlesw do you have any header with public endpoint from SSL proxy?14:36
charleswNot sure, probably not, we need to work with the SSL proxy guys14:37
isviridovcharlesw I think it is important to fix it, just wondering if you have any ideas how to do it14:37
charleswwhat you just mentioned is my first choice of implementation14:38
charleswAnother option is to have it configured in MDB deployment14:38
isviridovIs it possible to have several endpoints?14:39
charleswNot in my deployment.14:39
charleswBut somebody may have this requirement14:40
dukhlovwe can get prefix of our endpoint from keystone14:40
dukhlovnot from header14:41
isviridovdukhlov +1 good idea, specially if Keystone is catalog for OpenStack14:41
charleswbut isviridov was just asking if it's possible to have multiple endpoints14:42
charleswIf yes, how do you know which one is being used?14:42
isviridovcharlesw in general it is possible usecase, but for OpenStack it sounds strange with keystone as catalog and endpoints list.14:44
isviridovThe question is if it is possible to have several enpoints in keystone for the same instance if mdb14:44
charleswI don't see why not14:45
isviridovWe can start with one configurabel parameter and improve just we have such a case.14:45
charleswusing the proxy header can handle this14:46
dukhlovI believe we can add extra header with endpoint and use it if it is set14:46
isviridovI'm ok with both.14:46
dukhlovif not use one of available endpoint from keystone14:47
charleswdukhlov, what do you mean extra header with endpoints? Extra header in where?14:47
dukhlovextra header in request for storing original url if some proxy overwrites it14:48
charleswok, sounds good. I'd think we just need protocol and port14:49
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dukhlovI think it is not a big problem to configure proxy for adding this extra neader14:49
charleswdukhlov, +114:50
charleswseems that we have consensus. Try the proxy header approach first, right?14:50
isviridovcharlesw +114:51
charleswperfect, we will do that. I'll write up a bp for that.14:52
isviridovAny other topic?14:53
isviridovLooks like we are done for today14:54
isviridovThank you for comming14:55
charleswbye guys, thx isviridov for organizing. Merry Christmas!14:55
openstackMeeting ended Thu Dec 18 14:55:55 2014 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:55
openstackMinutes (text):
isviridovMerry Christmas!!! To everyone14:56
isviridovcharlesw thank you14:57
miqui_same to you all..14:57
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openstackgerritIllia Khudoshyn proposed stackforge/magnetodb: (WIP) Add backup manager
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