Thursday, 2015-02-05

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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/magnetodb: Moves to oslo.serialization from common code jsonutils
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vivekdhi guys06:03
vivekdi see that there was an automatic update of the review URL in the associated bug after a patch was submitted06:03
vivekdbut after i submitted a patch for bug
vivekdthere has been no automatic update of the that review URL in the that bug06:03
vivekdany idea why ?06:04
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shashankchakelamHello, I'm new to MagnetoDB and I'm having trouble cloning the git repo12:16
shashankchakelamI can clone nova, swift, etc. I've also verified that I have my public ssh key uploaded to launchpad and review.openstack.org12:16
shashankchakelambut when i attempt a git clone of the mangnetodb repo, I get "Permission denied (publickey)."12:17
shashankchakelamanyone know why?12:17
shashankchakelamHmm, turns out the "git clone" mentioned in the wiki doesn't work for me but running "git clone" worked12:21
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shashankchakelamstackoverflow helped me realize my ignorance. Me not having ssh keys setup on was what it was complaining about12:37
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/magnetodb: Moves to oslo.utils instead of common code timeutils
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/magnetodb: Fixes bug with model serialization
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ajayaaHi guys. Can I have cas update on primary key fields?13:34
ajayaaaostapenko ^^13:34
ajayaaIt seems the answer is no, but just wanted to confirm.13:35
dukhlovHello ajayaa13:36
ajayaaHi dukhlov13:36
ajayaaIs my question clear enough to answer?13:37
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dukhlovdo you mean,  can you specify condition for PK field?13:38
dukhlovyes, you can13:41
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ajayaafor e.g. if key is something like (h1, r1) then I would like to change it to (h1, r2).13:42
ajayaadukhlov ^^13:42
dukhlovbut I see only one usecase - update if EXISTS of update if not exists13:42
dukhlovno, you can not update primary key value13:44
ajayaaI would like to avoid locking in my application.13:44
dukhlovonly specify condition for PK13:44
ajayaaSo compare and set works only on non-primary key fields.13:44
dukhlovok, describe your usecase in more details13:45
ajayaawait, I will paste the schema somewhere.13:46
ajayaaschema ^^13:47
ajayaaHow should I update the name field for a row?13:47
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ajayaadukhlov, are you there?13:51
ajayaaHow should I update name field of a row without introducing race conditions.13:52
ajayaaI am assuming you saw the schema.13:52
dukhlovI see now what you want13:52
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ajayaaDo you think it is possible with this schema with existing query capabilities of MagnetoDB?13:54
dukhlovwe don't support such operation. I guess DynamoDB too13:55
dukhlovbut we have't check it13:55
ajayaaI will check dynamodb documentation. Even if it's possible with DynamoDB it is hard to implement with cas.13:56
dukhloveven if we are talking about cassandra, we need to read old row first and then can remove old row and add new one in single batch13:56
ajayaaWould it be possible to add this functionality in mdb?13:57
ajayaaI think a better question is if dynamodb does not permit such thing, is it a bad idea to do in mdb?13:57
dukhlovWe try to avoid implementing new features not supported by DynamoDB13:58
isviridovHello everyone13:59
dukhlovbecause if in future they add something like we already have we will need to chenge our API13:59
isviridovIt is meeting time13:59
dukhlovbut it is discussable13:59
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ajayaadukhlov, What happens if the row is deleted already by a parallel thread. Would the batch fail?13:59
ajayaaHi all.14:00
dukhlovajayaa: after meeting, ok?14:00
isviridovajayaa dukhlov miqui_ hello14:00
isviridovdukhlov thx14:00
ajayaadukhlov +114:00
isviridov#startmeeting magnetodb14:00
openstackMeeting started Thu Feb  5 14:00:40 2015 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is isviridov. Information about MeetBot at
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'magnetodb'14:00
isviridovToday agenda
isviridovAnd we can start from first topic, I think14:01
isviridov#topic  Go through action items isviridov14:01
isviridovThe first action charlesw clarify what are plans for row TTL in C* community14:02
isviridovNot sure that charlesw around14:02
isviridovLet us move on14:02
isviridovAnd discuss it later14:03
isviridovominakov file blueprint about migration14:03
isviridovominakov any news here?14:03
ikhudoshynmove on 2: moveon returns14:04
isviridovikhudoshyn :)14:04
isviridovOk, I think it is important let me share some info with team about it14:05
ajayaathat would be helpful. isviridov14:05
isviridovWith introducing custom LSI implementation we have an installed production instance running now, so in order to cover this operational gap we have started working on migration utility from old cassandra datastructure to new one14:06
isviridovIt is going to be export/import via file or SWIFT14:07
isviridovSure it will introduce downtime during migration14:07
isviridovIn the future, I think, we have to do migration/upgrade on fly, but not this time14:08
isviridovajayaa does it help?14:08
ajayaaisviridov I will go through the spec once it is written.14:09
ajayaaAre we going to have one for this bp?14:09
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isviridovIt is not yet, actually. I hope description in BP and code will document it good enought.14:10
charleswsorry I'm late, heavy snow right now in Boston14:10
isviridovcharlesw welcome14:10
miqui_hello charlesw14:10
ajayaaHi charlesw14:11
isviridovajayaa actually it is in progress already and ominakov have to share the current state14:11
charleswHi guys14:11
isviridovajayaa does it work for you?14:11
ajayaaisviridov, yes.14:11
ajayaalet's move on.14:11
isviridovcharlesw clarify what are plans for row TTL in C* community14:11
isviridovAny news here?14:12
charleswThe row TTL question has been asked many times in C* board14:12
charleswI dig into some of the hostory14:13
charleswThey have no plan to open up the row marker as a TTL column14:13
* isviridov just updated agenda Sorry for late notice14:13
charleswSo the working around is to have all columns except primary key cloumns to have TTL set14:14
ajayaaWhat do you do incase of an update?14:14
charleswTo update columns, you will have to preserve your TTL, then update the row with original TTL14:15
charleswbasically a read before write14:15
ajayaaHow do you get rid of primary key values?14:16
ajayaaThey will still be there.14:16
isviridovcharlesw any way to influence C* community? Do we have answer like 'no we will not do it' or it is last known view on it?14:16
charleswit will be auto cleaned I believe14:16
charleswIt's a last view on it. the same Q has been asked many times14:17
ajayaacharlesw, you just said that all columns excepts primary keys will have ttl set.14:17
isviridovcharlesw thx14:17
charleswI don't believe you can set TTL on primary key14:17
miqui_C* is cassandra right?14:18
ajayaacharlesw, If you do an insert with a ttl then primary keys also have ttl associated with them.14:18
charleswbut you can't get the ttl for primary key only14:19
isviridovmiqui_ yes C* == Cassandra14:19
isviridovdukhlov you are our Casasndra wizard, what about implementation row TTL ourselves? Any thoughts?14:19
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ajayaaPrimary keys are given some kind of special treatment in cassandra. If you did an insert with no ttl and updated some columns with ttl, then primary keys won't have ttl associated.14:21
ajayaaAnd the row won't be removed. If you did an insert with ttl then primary keys would also get cleaned up.14:21
isviridovdukhlov we can eather implement it and merge to upstream or keep it on our owns. Depends what will be easier. Let us think about it14:22
miqui_once ttl is hit...the expectation is wht? the whole record is gone?14:23
dukhlovIt is interesting, but I don't like support separate casandra branch14:23
isviridovmiqui_ exactly #link
dukhlovWe need talk to cassandra developers first to get their opinion14:24
isviridovdukhlov agree14:24
charleswWe shouldn't allow update row with TTL. Will need to delete the row and re-insert with TTL14:24
dukhlovif they say that this feature will never merged....14:24
miqui_thanks isviridov14:24
isviridovLet us consider, that it is one of the options. Not implementing and not merging are different things. If we can do it, it could cost us less that keeping this logic in mdb14:26
charleswEven though C* doesn't fully support row expiration, we can limit our scope to work with C* instead of branching out14:26
isviridov#idea implement row TTL in C* by ourselves14:27
isviridovcharlesw agree, as we have this feature not in top of priorities14:27
isviridovMoving on?14:27
dukhlovyes, implement it ourselves looks much better to me instead branching14:28
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dukhlovisviridov: +114:28
isviridovdukhlov I mean in C* code14:28
charlesw-1 for changing C* code14:29
miqui_this is a tough choice...14:29
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miqui_a separate C* branch is probably worse in the long term...14:30
ajayaa+1 miqui_14:30
isviridovYes, branch is always terrible14:30
dukhlovanyway we have no resources for separate branch support now14:30
isviridovLet ius move on to kilo-2 milestone14:30
isviridov#topic k-2 status
isviridovSo this week we are releasing kilo-2 milestone, I've updated launchpad scope as you can see14:32
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isviridovcharlesw it looks like we have postpond Push table-related metrics to statsd and Real Time Request Metrics14:33
charleswcan you move the real time request metrics to kilo-3? The notification refactoring added quite some work and blocked the code review14:33
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isviridovikhudoshyn also Backup and restore for MagnetoDB and Backup Info data model and repository probably not going to happen this week14:34
isviridovcharlesw sure, thx14:34
ikhudoshynisviridov: yes, i'm afraid14:34
isviridovikhudoshyn ok14:34
ikhudoshynisviridov: hold on pls14:34
isviridovAnything else?14:34
ikhudoshynBackup Info data model and repository probably actually merged14:35
isviridovAnything on the go and close to be finished and needs more attention?14:35
aostapenkonothing interesting from my side14:35
isviridovikhudoshyn fixed14:36
isviridovOk, seems we have clarified it14:36
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isviridovOpen discussions?14:37
isviridovI would like to thank to aostapenko who made huge contribution this milestone14:37
miqui_not much from me, just reading source, working on my mdb dev env...14:37
isviridov!m aostapenko14:38
[o__o]You're doing good work, aostapenko!14:38
openstackisviridov: Error: "m" is not a valid command.14:38
isviridov#topic Open discussion isviridov14:38
aostapenkoisviridov: thank you :)14:38
charleswisviridov, could you share your vision/roadmap to incubation?14:38
isviridovmiqui_ nice14:38
ominakovhi, guys I have early poc for migration, but I think i should write spec first14:39
isviridovominakov we have just agreed that spec is not teh most important thing for one time using tool14:39
charleswominakov, would love to see spec14:39
isviridovcharlesw :)14:39
isviridovominakov could you share you code first?14:40
isviridov* you14:40
ominakovyep, sure14:40
isviridovbut if you have any spec we really appreciate it as well :)14:41
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isviridovominakov do you think you will finish with migration this week?14:41
isviridovominakov the question is kilo-2 or kilo-314:41
* isviridov remember teh question about incubation14:41
isviridovSo, charlesw we at the middle of reform now14:43
ominakovi guess i'll push working poc this week and in future we can add some features and optimize it14:44
ajayaaisviridov, I kind of fee bad when I don't see MagnetoDB on side of sahar, zaqar, murano etc...14:45
miqui_why would that be the case?14:45
isviridovJust TC agree list of tags and the way how it will be given to projects all projects will be a part of openstack14:46
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isviridovajayaa status of  zaqar and other incubated projects will be changed and all projects will receive their tags14:47
isviridovintegrated-release tag has been merged already #link
ajayaaisviridov, waiting for the day when we get a tag. :D14:47
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isviridovajayaa it will be list of tags, the most valuable I think is smth like 'used in production'14:48
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isviridovcharlesw ajayaa have I answered? Can I describe smth else?14:50
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isviridovBTW ajayaa sahara is integrated, murano is not incubated. JFYI14:50
charleswWhat are the other valuable tags? How can we all help?14:50
* isviridov probably has network lag14:51
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ajayaaisviridov, my intention was to just list out some projects with which MagnetoDB should stand shoulder to shoulder. :)14:52
isviridovcharlesw the list is still under definition, but it is build based on incubation, integration requirements. And we are doing our best to follow it, we have gate, functional, unit testing, great team and working process. What is most valuable now is making mdb better knows and improve it as a software14:53
isviridovajayaa reasonable note, in some aspects we are higher than our mates, but sure not in all of them :)14:55
isviridov3 mins left14:57
isviridovAny other question or topic14:57
isviridovLooks like we are done for today14:58
isviridovThank you all for comming14:58
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