Wednesday, 2015-12-09

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red_trelaif there's a need for an irregular meeting (i.e. outside of #openstack-meeting), we can now properly do that here :)09:07
red_trelaand openstackstatus is used by infra folks to spread information about e.g. downtimes09:09
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red_trelaoh, and openstack does additionally log this channel09:09
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*** red_trela changes topic to "MidoNet - network virtualization for your cloud. | | | | | | | Use to share multi-line console output or logs, etc. | Logs of this channel: and"09:10
*** red_trela changes topic to "MidoNet - network virtualization for your cloud. | | | | | | | Use to share multi-line console output or logs, etc. | Logs of this channel: and"09:11
jfjoly_great news red_trela!09:17
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red_trela#success MidoNet development has moved (back) to IRC, and #midonet is now our official channel!09:54
openstackstatusred_trela: Added success to Success page09:54
red_trelawe can now also log successes :)
red_trelajfjoly_: please use for new releases (and other milestones) - that wiki page is always being cherry-picked for the OpenStack newsletter :)09:58
red_trelabut everyone should use it for any kind of (even small) success :)09:58
jfjoly_ok that's good to know :)09:58
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yamamotoryu25: ping10:02
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gsagieohoh :)12:12
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apuimedosrvaroa: please check the mailing list13:45
apuimedoI proposed something that can alleviate your issues13:45
apuimedowith the FOSS radicals like myself :P13:45
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srvaroaapuimedo: I have no issues14:04
srvaroawhat I want to know is what is the motivation for doing changse14:04
srvaroaI still don't have that very clear..14:04
apuimedofixing packaging -> having it on distros14:04
srvaroafixing packaging is an empty statement14:06
srvaroaconcrete deliverables14:07
srvaroathe only thing Sandro asked for is tarballs, which are achievable without repo splits14:07
srvaroaand ditto for the mirror14:07
apuimedotarballs that would be automatically if there was a real repository14:10
apuimedoand I gave a way to have a real repository14:10
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srvaroathat's setting the means14:10
apuimedowhile allowing you to keep control of everything in a single tree14:10
srvaroaand we don't do that14:10
srvaroathat's not the right way14:10
srvaroayou ask for deliverables, how the sausage is made is not relevant14:11
red_trelaThe current solution is terribly ugly and IMHO causes more trouble/inconvenience than there's benefit from it. Splitting it up and properly adding it as a submodule, if required, would be the much cleaner solution. But it looks like there's no hard requirement to split it up when moving to OpenStack (this was unclear), so it's really up to you devs.14:11
srvaroaotherwise we'll be putting our nose inside everyone's area14:11
srvaroawhich is neither efficient nor realisitc14:11
srvaroatell us what you need, not how to do it14:11
apuimedoI'm sorry srvaroa. It's not your fault that MidoNet was made open source after you joined, but in open source, and the big tent, the sausage making process is relevant14:11
srvaroaand as I said, tell me precisely what must be delivered that cannot be possibly done with the current structure14:12
srvaroaand we'll fix it14:12
srvaroabut you have told me 0 so far14:13
srvaroaboth a tarball, and a repo to produce pypy packages are doable in the current repo structure14:13
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apuimedoare you really comparing a repo that has commits that say "sync" to something that is usable and browsable with exactly the same maintenance cost?14:13
srvaroano I'm not14:26
srvaroaI'm telling you: it is possible to produce a tarball from a directory14:26
srvaroaif you want to discuss that, let's do it14:26
apuimedoare you really comparing a repo that has commits that say "sync" to something that is usable and browsable with exactly the same maintenance cost?14:30
apuimedosorry for the repost srvaroa: pressed wrong key combination on weechat14:31
apuimedothanks for the discussion14:32
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devvesared_trela: Haikel asked me to add a ticket in bugzilla16:19
devvesa bug 1290090 in Package Review "Review Request: python-networking-midonet and python-midonetclient" [Unspecified,New] - Assigned to hguemar16:19
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devvesaapuimedo, ryu25: if you can subscribe to the bug (I ignore how to do it), much better16:23
apuimedothanks devvesa16:24
apuimedodevvesa: should I show you how to do it?16:24
devvesaNo, thanks.16:24
devvesaI assume I am subscribed because I create it16:25
red_treladevvesa: about time! ;)16:26
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red_trelakilo? What year is it, 2014? :P16:28
apuimedored_trela: clone it for liberty once we have the repos16:28
red_trelaand trunk ;)16:29
red_trelayea, yea, I know, we're not ready for Mitaka :P16:30
devvesaactually is only for trunk...16:30
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red_trelatrunk = master16:31
devvesai would say that if we want packages from previous versions is another procedure16:31
devvesathanks for the svn -> git traduction, red_trela :D16:31
red_treladevvesa: it says version trunk but target version idea what that means16:32
devvesared_trela: I think I have no way to change it, maybe they can16:32
devvesabtw: bug 1285718 in openstack-puppet-modules "New puppet modules to add in the openstack-puppet-modules packages." [Unspecified,Modified] - Assigned to mmagr16:33
red_trelaOh, is that where "trunk" came from? yea, I guess so...long long time ago, don't remember svn ;)16:33
devvesaour puppet modules will be packaged in OSPD 816:33
devvesakarume: ^16:33
apuimedodevvesa: I'd really like to have puppet-midonet in
apuimedogerrithub makes me moody16:35
apuimedoand then we could probably use the infra tests16:36
red_trelaOSPD = ?16:36
apuimedoRHELOSP director?16:36
apuimedoshortened into RHOSPD16:36
red_treladevvesa: cool the module gets in16:36
devvesayes, that one :)16:36
red_trelaapuimedo: ah, I guess so16:37
devvesaapuimedo: I asked to Emilien16:37
red_trelaapuimedo: agreed on moving to openstack/16:37
apuimedothanks devvesa!16:37
devvesaWell, no... Emilien will put it into the puppet modules programs16:37
devvesabut karume should take care of migrate it into openstack infra16:37
apuimedoyeah, yeah... details :P16:38
apuimedocan't wait for that16:38
apuimedoI like the OSt infra16:38
devvesayou can do it if you want to16:38
devvesafeel free!16:38
apuimedoand way to set up gates16:38
apuimedoI offered to help her16:38
apuimedodevvesa: it would be under the puppet project, right?16:39
apuimedonot the networking-midonet one16:39
apuimedored_trela: will networking-midonet move under the midonet project? (It's currently on neutron stadium)16:40
devvesaFirst step will be to move the code there, what actually means that we can use OpenStack infrastructure16:40
red_treladevvesa, karume: I can help, too...already bringing midonet and zephyr to OpenStack infra, too ;)16:40
devvesathen we have to ask to EmilienM to add it into the puppet program16:40
red_trelaapuimedo: no, it won't16:40
devvesathat means we will release the puppet module altogether with the rest16:40
red_trelaapuimedo: unless they change the stadium rules, maybe (there's an ongoing discussion)16:41
red_treladevvesa: as long as they agree, we can do the actual move16:42
devvesared_trela: first I would put efforts on the openstack repo and tests16:43
devvesathen, we can ask to be integrated in the program,16:43
devvesamy dog is biting my feet. I'll come back in 30'16:44
apuimedosame, but with my son16:44
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red_treladevvesa: repos have to be added to a project. Of course you can add a fake project and then move it later...but doing it right from the beginning would be better IMHO. i.e. first get their okay.16:45
red_trelaif you guys go away, I go to bed :P16:45
xavileonsrvaroa abikfalvi
xavileonglue in the minion to react to container creations, etc.17:01
srvaroathanks xavileon !17:01
xavileonI had to mock the host stuff, I'm going to try with sandbox17:02
srvaroaoh I didn't give you that script17:03
srvaroahold on17:03
abikfalvithanks @xavileon will check17:05
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