Wednesday, 2019-01-09

fungijudging from the scrollback there was an additional 20-30 minutes after i had to disappear in a puff of logic. glad i didn't kill the party!00:11
fungiand yeah, systemd/journald doesn't assume block storage so has a default ring buffer to which it writes messages00:13
fungithat's good!00:13
fungibut by default it doesn't write anything to persistent storage00:13
fungithat's bad00:13
fungiand then something about a cursed frogurt00:13
fungibut hey, at least now this channel's gotten a workout besides me idly bantering with the meetbot00:14
fungiit's not much of a conversationalist, if you must know00:15
clarkbfungi: careful, we don't want the bots thinking we don't appreciate their company :)00:17
fungii, for one, welcome our...00:19
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mrhillsmandid that k8s walkthrough get recorded?01:08
clarkbyes the audio and screen session were recorded01:13
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frickleris the audio already available somewhere? would it make sense to make a transcript and merge that with the screen session? I'd also volunteer to help with that editing if needed13:16
corvusi'll get that uploaded somewhere today; we finished pretty close to eod for me yesterday :)15:26
*** corvus sets mode: -o corvus15:26
mrhillsmancool, ty sir16:36
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corvusmrhillsman, frickler, fungi, Shrews: i uploaded the walkthrough here:
corvusi just stuck the audio in a second element under the screen playback, so you'll have to hit play on that17:26
corvusit isn't tied to the screen session or anything... just start them both at about the same time and it should be good17:27
Shrewscorvus: thx. i found it hard to keep my concentration that last hour or so, so it'd be good for me to review that portion17:27
corvus(side note: the world really needs a javascript terminal playback system with synced audio; i think it's possible to create one)17:28
corvusinfra-root: i just manually uploaded those files to afs -- i'm not sure this is going to have a long enough shelf-life for us to care about putting it into a git repo or anything17:28
corvusso i think it's okay to just put them there for now, and eventually they'll be deleted when we update the website17:29
corvusbut if folks would rather i propose them to the opendev-website repo, i can do that17:29
clarkbI expect that if we end up operating things that way we'll end up writing appropraite system-config docs and go from there (so ya likely not long term)17:29
pabelangercorvus: thanks, will review this evening, I missed out yesteday sadly17:31
fungithanks corvus!17:34

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