Tuesday, 2020-03-31

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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: Switch linaro-us cloud to ipv6 only  https://review.opendev.org/71611200:31
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ianwclarkb / kevinz : ^ i think that's right.  their private ipv4 address should still be doing nat to the outside world?00:35
ianwit's just they won't be assigned a floating ip?00:36
clarkbya thats usually how it works00:36
kevinzsounds good00:37
clarkbthe nat_destination value differs from OE00:38
clarkbI think we still want that ti be true but then disable FIPs by default?00:38
ianwi guess it could still have a floating ip, just we don't want one00:40
ianwclarkb: so you think it should be true?00:40
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: Switch linaro-us cloud to ipv6 only  https://review.opendev.org/71611200:44
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: Remove inventory references to <static|files>.openstack.org  https://review.opendev.org/71611601:24
ianwkevinz: i'll approve the ipv6 change so we can test it soon01:36
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Switch linaro-us cloud to ipv6 only  https://review.opendev.org/71611201:58
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kevinzianw: Thanks02:27
ianwkevinz: looks like it's deployed ... let's see if nodes deploy02:54
kevinzianw: OK, will check02:55
ianwone should be building ...02:55
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ianwwell it's running it would seem ... http://zuul.openstack.org/stream/efdb93a189194b6b9df912d07c59e726?logfile=console.log03:06
ianwhopefully it's that easy! :)03:06
kevinzianw: I tested it can pingable, hope it can works :-)03:12
ianwkevinz: sorry, just to confirm, no point in keeping linaro-london any more?  it's not going to come back in some way?03:19
kevinzianw: it may be come back, if Linaro US don't have enough resources in the future03:20
kevinzianw: I guess we can still keep it for a longer time?03:20
ianwyes, let's then ... better than merge conflicts trying to add/remove it03:20
kevinzianw: +103:21
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed openstack/project-config master: Add Fedora 31 builds to nb04  https://review.opendev.org/71612704:31
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed openstack/project-config master: nodepool: use job inheritance  https://review.opendev.org/71315804:38
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: run_functests: handle build without tar  https://review.opendev.org/71509805:03
openstackgerritMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: centos 8 image build: fix mirror  https://review.opendev.org/71483605:03
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/project-config master: Normalize projects.yaml  https://review.opendev.org/71615906:08
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929206:47
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AJaegerinfra-root, looks like the upstream import broke for new repo creation.06:57
AJaegerCompare https://github.com/keuko/xstatic-dagre and https://opendev.org/openstack/xstatic-dagre - and gerrit does not list the new repo, check https://review.opendev.org/#/admin/projects/?filter=xstatic-d06:58
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Remove files from letsencrypt group  https://review.opendev.org/71518507:39
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zbrfungi, clark: creation of pre-commit-hooks is not cloning of pre-commit tool, is just a collection of small hooks that is usually used with pre-commit, is not the tool.08:35
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/irc-meetings master: Update FC SIG Meeting  https://review.opendev.org/71609809:09
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openstackgerritRajesh Tailor proposed openstack/project-config master: Add new project and repository for tripleo-compute-extras  https://review.opendev.org/71573410:08
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openstackgerritSorin Sbarnea proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Validate virtualenv and pip  https://review.opendev.org/70710410:37
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929210:57
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openstackgerritTobias Henkel proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Generalize parse tox output  https://review.opendev.org/71626311:45
openstackgerritTobias Henkel proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Strip source dir from file comments  https://review.opendev.org/71626411:45
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929212:08
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929213:11
openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929213:14
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929213:27
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Control log archive and user preservation with vars  https://review.opendev.org/70138113:45
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openstackgerritAlbin Vass proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Adds roles to install and run hashicorp packer  https://review.opendev.org/70929214:04
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slittle1We are having issues wit the newly created starlingx/rook-ceph14:35
slittle1 it doesn't look like group  starlingx-rook-ceph-core was created14:36
slittle1Also the first step is usually for me to set up a .gitreview and .zuul.yaml for the new repo, but it's not finding/accepting my credentials from my ~/.gitconfig, and prompting for a user/pass14:37
fungiAJaeger: agreed, it looks like the README.md may be something gerrit adds when it initializes a reopsitory, and i guess we expect jeepyb to push --force initial content over top of that14:37
fungislittle1: yes, it doesn't seem like starlingx/rook-ceph got created at all in gerrit, for that matter14:38
slittle1ok, don't know what a jeepyb ... glad your on it.14:38
mordredfungi, slittle1 I'm lokoing now14:38
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fungislittle1: it's our gerrit integration/automation library. we've been in the midst of a switch to how we're deploying and managing gerrit since friday and trying to iron out inconsistencies with how the project creation scripting used to work before containers vs how it's working in a docker contanier now14:41
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slittle1ah, going containerized are we?  That does tend to throw a few curve balls.14:42
fungilooks like https://review.opendev.org/713650 merged to create starlingx/rook-ceph yesterday at 21:13:56z so i'll take a look around that timeframe in the project creation log14:43
fungislittle1: yeah, we're thinking this is going to give us the ability to make more rapid progress on gerrit upgrades going forward, but was a big hurdle to clear14:44
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Set python3 for review.o.o  https://review.opendev.org/71631714:44
mordredfungi: ^^14:45
openstackgerritsebastian marcet proposed opendev/system-config master: OpenstackId production deployment 3.0.8  https://review.opendev.org/71565514:45
fungi2020-03-31 14:44:01,971: jeepyb.utils - INFO - Executing command: git --git-dir=/opt/lib/jeepyb/starlingx/rook-ceph/.git --work-tree=/opt/lib/jeepyb/starlingx/rook-ceph add .gitreview14:45
mordredfungi: I ran manage-projects playbook by hand to see what was going on - noticed the python3 thing - fixed it - and it worked14:45
fungimordred: oh wow14:45
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mordredfungi: I'm very confused as to how anything worked before now14:46
mordredbut - the recent change was adding the clone directly to the playbook, so maybe there's a different var that got picked up elsewhere14:46
mordredwho knows14:46
clarkbwhat in our ansible is python3 specific?14:47
mordrednothing. but there's no python2 on review.o.o14:47
mordredfatal: [review01.openstack.org]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "module_stderr": "/bin/sh: 1: /usr/bin/python: not found\n", "module_stdout": "", "msg": "The module failed to execute correctly, you probably need to set the interpreter.\nSee stdout/stderr for the exact error", "rc": 127}14:47
fungiwell, not in the container anyway14:47
mordredmaybe unattended-upgrades caused python2 to go away recently - or something else we're installing or something?14:48
mordredwell - these commands wouldn't be running in the container14:48
mordredthat as an error for the ansible clone of project-config14:48
fungifungi@review01:~$ /usr/bin/python --version14:48
fungiPython 2.7.1214:48
mordredI agree14:48
fungialso i don't think this explains why gerrit isn't pushing content into repos?14:49
fungieven ones with no upstream to clone14:49
fungier, why jeepyb isn't pushing content into gerrit repos14:49
clarkbfungi: well if it never ran on gerrot to create the repo but did run on gitea you'd get that iirc14:49
fungioh, i see, the README.md is a gitea default14:50
fungiand we were failing to create these repos in gerrit entirely14:50
mordredand the recent run with python3 set did create and push rook-ceph14:50
openstackgerritJames E. Blair proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Remove lint skip in tox iniline comment parser  https://review.opendev.org/71632114:50
mordredI think the gerrit tasks were skipped completely14:50
fungiyeah, https://review.opendev.org/#/admin/projects/starlingx/rook-ceph exists now14:50
mordredbecause there was no log entry for rook-ceph in manage-projects.log before I did the manual python3 run14:50
fungii concur14:51
clarkbdid that fix the repo AJaeger pointed out too?14:51
mordredI reverted the manual setting of ansible_python_interpreter14:51
mordredand the ansible playbook error is consistent14:51
fungiin fact there were no entries at all logged in manage_projects.log between 2020-03-30 20:34:51 and 2020-03-31 14:43:3614:51
clarkb- not /14:52
fungisp maybe let's see what we merged around 20:34:51z14:52
mordredfungi: so - I think the addition of the git clone command14:52
mordredhang on - I see the real bug14:52
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Don't run the review clone on connection local  https://review.opendev.org/71632914:54
mordredclarkb, fungi : please to insta-merge taht ^^14:54
mordredit can't find /usr/bin/python in that play because there is no /usr/bin/python on bridge :)14:55
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fungimordred: did you mean review:review-dev:!disabled there?14:56
mordredfungi: aroo?14:57
fungioh, i get it now14:57
slittle1how will we know when things are fixed ?15:08
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clarkbslittle1: I think they are for your specific case15:09
clarkb(from mordred's explicit run)15:09
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fungiyes, should be all set now, just need to know what initial member to add to the new groups from your acls15:10
mordredyes - should be fixed - and once that patch lands we should be re-fixed for the general case again15:12
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clarkbmordred: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/715932/1 is being approved as another thing to test it15:15
AJaegerthanks for fixing! Could you double check all the yesterday newly created repos, please?15:15
AJaegerclarkb: want to have 716329 merged first?15:16
clarkbAJaeger: I think its fine to wait? since it will just fail until fixed?15:17
clarkber to not wait15:17
clarkbmordred: ^ please -W if that isn't the case15:17
AJaegerclarkb: I see15:17
slittle1no members in starlingx-nginx-ingress-controller-armada-app-coreĀ  ... don't you usually add the request author is the initial member?  Or do we request that here ?15:20
mordredAJaeger: actually - let's hold that real quick15:21
mordredI'm confident in this fix - but we've got a few more patches to land to move manage-projects forward and it would be nice to have project-config patches ready to go to test those after we do15:21
clarkbslittle1: typically thats a separate request15:22
clarkbslittle1: the automated tooling doesn't do it15:22
clarkbslittle1: who should be in the rook-ceph group and the ingress controller group as first seed member?15:22
slittle1guess it'l be me for now15:28
slittle1I'll track down the proper cores15:29
clarkbslittle1: done!15:29
slittle1and will the infrastructure be setting up the .gitreview for us in future?  I see one has been created, but that it was automatically  done for us previously15:31
fungislittle1: it should be there now15:32
clarkbslittle1: if you start with an empty repo we add the .gitreview but if there is a seed repo we don't15:32
fungislittle1: https://opendev.org/starlingx/rook-ceph/src/branch/master/.gitreview15:33
slittle1ok, good to know15:36
corvusmordred: so about that registry swift object thing -- afaict, we uploaded the parts without error, but one of them is short.15:50
corvusmordred: how should we debug this further?15:50
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corvusmordred: one idea might be to perform some HEAD requests after the upload, and then the copy to see if the sizes are as expected?15:51
corvusmordred: also, am i right in understanding that the Etag and X-Object-Meta-X-Sdk-Md5 should always be equal?15:51
corvus(they are, in fact, not equal on the segment that is short)15:52
mordredcorvus: yeah - I would expect them to be equal15:55
mordredcorvus: etag is going to be calculated by swift on the object it receives - meta-x-sdk-md5 is the md5 we calculate on the data we're uploading15:56
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corvusso that would be a good way to find out when things go wrong in the copy phase15:56
corvusso that would be a good way to find out if things are going wrong in the copy phase15:56
mordredcorvus: I'm pulling straws out of thin-air here - but is it possible there's an issue with binary/text and that maybe something is trying to treat binary data as text and mistakenly reencoding something?15:57
mordredbut yeah - maybe starting with seeing what we can isloate phase-wise15:57
mordredcorvus: is this reproducible?15:57
corvusmordred: no15:57
corvusi think it happens every few weeks15:57
corvusmordred: this utilizes the sdk "do whatever you need to do to upload an image from a file" path15:58
corvusmordred: so there's a lot of black magic in that method15:58
clarkbzbr: I'm not sure opendev should be carrying linter tools either fwiw15:58
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mordredcorvus: well - maybe adding some heads in places would let us know if we're getting corruption in upload or in copy16:00
zbrclarkb: that is an interesting question, mainly my proposal was because at some point in the part infra raised the issue of cloning linters from outside as a scalability issue.16:01
corvusmordred: i think the encoding issue is unlikely (or if it exists, that would be in the upload method).  the registry server writes the data to disk, and sdk logs the sha256sum before uploading -- that sha256sum is correct for the full data.16:01
mordredcorvus: incidentally - we also now support taking data as input without needing it to be in a file first16:01
mordredcorvus: although I agree - I doubt that's the issue16:01
zbrand i am sure someone mentioned making mirrors of these repos would be a possible option (long time ago)16:02
mordred(the data as input won't work with autosplitting though - which I think you're using)16:02
mordredcorvus: actually - don't listen to me - I'm thinking about glance images ...16:02
corvusmordred: my gut says that either 1) sdk is masking an upload error (maybe a bug in retry logic or something to do with the autosplitting).  2) swift is failing to store data.  3) swift munges the data on the copy16:02
mordredcorvus: so - in general - I think what you're doing should be fine - especially if the sha256 sdk is logging is correct16:03
mordredcorvus: yes. I think those are the three most likely things16:03
corvusmordred: okay, so i'll try to add some heads in after the upload and the copy16:03
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slittle1please add me as core to the new group starlingx-cert-manager-armada-app-core as well16:05
clarkbmordred: do we need to set an allowed list of projects for infra-prod-playbook based jobs?16:06
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clarkbwe don't have an external locking mechanism and probably don't want multiple cases of that running at once so being careful with where we apply it seems important?16:07
mordredyeah - I think we only want to run it on system-config and project-config16:07
mordredhow about I add those real quick16:07
clarkbI've +2'd the two changes needed to actually start doing things, I'll let you decide if the restrictions should be in followups or new patchsets16:08
clarkb(I think either way is safe enough at this point)16:08
mordredclarkb: yeah - I think it's safe as well16:09
mordredI'm +Aing them16:09
mordredI'll land the project add once they land and watch things16:09
clarkbmordred: we could also add a file based lock system to the base job playbook. use a lockfilename based on playbook name16:10
clarkbthat might eb good belts and suspenders to avoid overlapping runs of the same playbook16:10
clarkb(let me know if I should help with any of that)16:11
slittle1please add me as core to the new group starlingx-cert-manager-armada-app-core as well16:13
slittle1again, I'll track down the proper starlingX cores16:13
clarkbslittle1: done16:14
mordredclarkb: I'm not sure we need to - these are running in promote which is already supercedent - so we should only ever be running one copy of a given job16:16
clarkbmordred: but we may trigger them from jeepyb, system-config, or project-config which have different queues? or are you thinking only trigger from project-config and avoid the problem entirely?16:17
mordredclarkb: oh - is the supercedent deduplication per queue? hrm.16:18
mordredclarkb: I think in that case maybe we should put a semaphore on the job itself?16:18
clarkbmordred: yes its per queue iirc. Do the semaphores cross queues too?16:18
mordredgood question16:19
mordredcorvus: ^^ ?16:19
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mordredclarkb: the docs say a semaphore is unique to a tenant and defines the max number of jobs that can use the semaphore at the same time16:21
mordredclarkb: so I'd take that to mean it doesn't matter what queue the job is in - if we defined a semaphore of 1, only one thing woudl be able to use it16:22
fungiyeah, i think that should do what we need16:22
fungiit might result in some unnecessary rerunning of the job, but it's idempotent16:23
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Add some belts and suspenders to the manage-projects job  https://review.opendev.org/71635916:24
corvusmordred: yep, semaphore works here.  supercedent alone won't because the uniquifier is pipeline+project+branch16:24
mordredcorvus: nod16:24
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mordredso we really only need to semaphore infra-prod jobs that we expect to also have a non-system-config trigger, like manage-projects16:24
fungiyeah, we might also need to if we started branching system-config, but that's unlikely16:27
openstackgerritMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: install-docker: allow removal of conflicting packages  https://review.opendev.org/70230416:38
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Don't run the review clone on connection local  https://review.opendev.org/71632916:40
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Add job to run manage-projects in zuul  https://review.opendev.org/71594416:40
mordredAJaeger: once https://review.opendev.org/#/c/715945/ lands we'll be trying for the first time having zuul run manage-projects based on landing a patch in project-config :)16:44
mordred(no logs in zuul yet - one step at at time here)16:44
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Run manage-projects on gerrit related changes  https://review.opendev.org/71594516:56
mordredok. I'm gonna land that change17:03
mordredcorvus, clarkb, fungi, AJaeger: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/715932/ is going in to gate- will be first change to run manage-projects triggered by zuul if all goes well17:04
mordredmnaser: ^^17:04
mnasermordred: neat17:14
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Add ability to push signed tags to tripleo-ipa  https://review.opendev.org/71593217:16
mordredpromote job17:16
mordredthe playbook is running on bridge17:18
mordredZOMG IT ALL WORKED17:18
mordredinfra-root: \o/ !!!17:18
mordredok. so the next steps are switching output to be to stdout and capturing the bridge log file17:20
mordred(which, btw, was written and had what we expected)17:20
clarkbmordred: nothing extra either I take it17:20
clarkbmordred: the belts and suspenders change lgtm17:22
mordredcool. also - this should be good to go now: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/715964/617:23
mordredclarkb: if we don't watch out - this is about to actually be a thing!17:23
mordredwith that - we should see stdout lines in /var/log/ansible/manage-projects.yaml.log on bridge next time we land a project-config update17:24
clarkbmordred: thats gonna put manage-projects output on stdout rather than into /var/log/manage-projects on review.o.o?17:24
mordredthat's right17:24
clarkbk making sure I understand all the levels of nesting here :017:24
clarkber :)17:24
mordredyeah - it'll be simpler once it's all done - but definitely a few layers to get there :)17:25
corvusmordred: cheers!  here, have a golden globe award in recognition of your work :)17:30
mordredclarkb: once https://review.opendev.org/#/c/715964/ lands, I think we can land https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716159/ as a test case17:36
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: OpenstackId production deployment 3.0.8  https://review.opendev.org/71565517:40
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Change manage-projects default args  https://review.opendev.org/71637217:43
mnasermordred, clarkb: would it be okay to get a config-project that loads jobs/secrets only in the vexxhost tenant?17:49
clarkbI think so17:49
mordredmnaser: you don't need it for your use case17:50
clarkbyou may need to limit what we load out of the repo17:50
clarkb(to avoid too much trust)17:50
clarkbbut ya I don't think you need to for your use case17:50
mordred(I don't think it's a problem to make one - but you don't need it for the image thing you're talking about)17:50
mnaseroh because i just need a base job with allowed-projects17:51
mnaserso really what i need is vexxhost/base-jobs17:51
mordredthat's exactly what you need17:51
mordred(and a patch to amke that will give me more test patches for the manage-project updates :) )17:51
clarkbactually we probably couldn't load jobs or pipelines etc. It would have to be just secrets?17:52
clarkbif we made it trusted17:52
*** hashar is now known as hasharAway17:52
clarkband you dno't need a trusted repo for secrets so ya17:52
openstackgerritMohammed Naser proposed openstack/project-config master: vexxhost: add vexxhost/base-jobs  https://review.opendev.org/71637517:53
mnaserclarkb, mordred ^ that's some testing for ya, thank you!17:54
AJaegermordred: great, congratulations! \o/17:54
* mnaser goes and hides in tears as he has to go and write php..17:55
mordredAJaeger: couple of more patches and we'll even have logs in zuul for you17:55
clarkbmordred: I'm still not sure we'll hvae them in zuul17:55
AJaegermordred: do I really want these? ;)17:55
clarkbor you mean from the log file? ya that would work17:55
clarkb(sorry I had the -v change paged in)17:55
mordredclarkb: yeah. not this patch - but the one after it17:56
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Collect logs on manage-projects runs  https://review.opendev.org/71637617:57
mordredclarkb: actually - that ^^ once we're happy that the logs on bridge are suitable17:58
mordredclarkb, AJaeger : xstatic-moment-timezone and xstatic-dagre-d3 didn't seem to import properly - but the rest of the xstatic's did18:12
AJaegermordred: so, 3? imported, 2 failed? Why did they fail?18:14
mordredunsure. it looks like the "didn't get created properly in gerrit" symptom18:15
mordredso I've removed them from the jeepyb cache and we'll see if they get properly created next time (I don't see any errors related to them)18:16
clarkbI just lost home networking am debugging18:17
clarkb(sorry cant lool at the xstatic stuff right now)18:18
clarkbit almodt looks like my isp has stopped routing packets :/18:18
mordredclarkb: "awesome"18:18
clarkbthis message comes to you via google fi18:18
*** osmanlicilegi has quit IRC18:19
mordredclarkb: I've been considering getting a Netgear LB1120 and putting a Fi sim in it and using it as a backup WAN connection18:19
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Log manage-projects to stdout  https://review.opendev.org/71596418:20
fungii've got an interface configuration for plugging my wireless modem into my openbsd-based home firewall as a backup internet route18:20
fungiand i've streamed netflix et cetera over it without issue18:20
mordredyeah. I just connected my tv to my phone hotspot last time that happened - but I thought a more solid mechanism would be better18:21
fungii wind up with broadband outages often enough here that it was worthwhile to set up a semi-permanent configuration18:22
clarkbreboot the router seems to have fixed it. not sure if bug in freebsd or if isp wanted to issue a new lease18:23
clarkbit should be noted that my isp is being acquired and transformed into a new isp so not entirely surprising to have networking glitches18:23
mordredclarkb: I love it when that happens18:24
clarkbeverything on internal side was fine though so I doubt it was freebsd18:24
clarkbwhile I was on fi I noticed that network was basically unusable too18:27
clarkbI bet the mobile isps are dealing with bw issues way more than traditional ISPs18:28
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: vexxhost: add vexxhost/base-jobs  https://review.opendev.org/71637518:36
*** ralonsoh has quit IRC18:40
*** osmanlicilegi has joined #opendev18:41
fungi2020-03-31 14:43:37,791: jeepyb.utils - INFO - Executing command: git --git-dir=/opt/lib/jeepyb/openstack/xstatic-moment-timezone/.git --work-tree=/opt/lib/jeepyb/openstack/xstatic-moment-timezone remote add -f upstream https://github.com/keuko/xstatic-moment-timezone.git18:42
fungiit went on to remote update18:42
fungiand checkout master18:43
fungiit didn't push that though?18:44
fungilooks like it did the same again when manually re-run at 18:39z18:45
clarkbno errors from fsck or trying to push the repo?18:47
clarkbI beleive we added the fsck step after some repo (novnc?) was invalid18:47
fungino errors recorded18:48
clarkba single branch and a single tag on that upstream repo18:48
fungithe last step after checkout master was branch -D config18:49
clarkbfsck --full is clean too18:49
fungiand then it moved on to the next repo18:49
fungiat least according to what was logged18:50
clarkbthat comes from process_acls finally block18:50
clarkbwe only push the repo if "created" flag is set18:51
clarkbso we might need to go back to the first failure and we're just seeing it be noopy afterwards?18:51
fungiyeah, maybe we need to remove created from the cache file?18:53
clarkboh sorry thats specific to github, whee do we do the gerrit push18:53
clarkbah ya its pushed-to-gerrit flag in the cache18:54
fungi"pushed-to-gerrit": true18:56
*** diablo_rojo has joined #opendev18:56
clarkbif you look in utils:make_local_copy its a bit more complicated too18:56
fungiit's there for openstack/xstatic-moment-timezone in /opt/lib/jeepyb/project.cache18:56
clarkbbecause if the projcet is in gerrit's projcet list we clone from there not the upstream18:56
clarkbso ya I think we need to identify the original failure then maybe just force push out of band?18:56
fungiproblem is the "original failure" looks the same in the log18:57
clarkbfungi: are we sure that wasn't a subsequent run too?18:57
* fungi checks to see when the change merged18:57
clarkb(I don't think jeepyb can automatically recover in the case where we've crated the project in gerrit but not pushed the content successfully)18:58
fungiif this was in the batch pushed late yesterday though, it didn't get processed until 14:43z18:58
fungionce the local connection bug was resolved18:58
clarkbcould it have been caught by one of those issues but successfully created in gerrit?19:00
fungimaybe when mordred ran it with ansible python set to python3 but still using local connection?19:01
fungibut yeah, seems like we'll need to push --force those in19:02
openstackgerritMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: Revert "Revert "Extract pep8 messages for inline comments""  https://review.opendev.org/71572719:05
openstackgerritMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: Remove lint skip in tox iniline comment parser  https://review.opendev.org/71632119:05
mordredcorvus, mnaser: ^^ might want to send an email to the openstack list letting people know that pep8 is going to start leaving inline comments :)19:10
toskyoh, nice19:13
mordredinfra-root: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/709253/ - we had another test failure in instlling kubectl snap - so maybe we should land that19:24
mnasermordred: it would be nice if there was a way to use the roles from zuul-jobs :P19:34
mordredmnaser: yeah - there is definitely a re-use that we haven't sorted out here yet :)19:35
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/project-config master: Remove upstream from xstatic-dagre  https://review.opendev.org/71641119:55
mordredclarkb, AJaeger: I triggered mnaser's latest project patch too early before (I forgot I had to wait for ansible to run to pick up the system-config patch first)19:56
mordredso that's a safe simple patch to test the manage-projects log collection19:56
mordred(this issue won't be there once we're triggering bridge in the next patch - but one thing at at time ...)19:57
fungi[2020-03-31 20:07:22.109] [ERROR] console - Running Etherpad on Node v6.16.0 is not supported. Please upgrade at least to Node 8.9.020:07
fungithat's why etherpad-dev.o.o isn't working20:07
clarkbfungi: there are node 8 and 10 packages available for xenial via nodesource iirc20:08
clarkband It hink we already use nodesource20:08
clarkb(may just need to bump the version in puppet)20:08
fungiyeah, looking20:08
mordredclarkb: should we start working on / thinking about containers here? or too much work for now?20:08
clarkbmordred: it would probably be good to get the whole migration to LE and opendev.org done there too. I'm not sure what the best approach is. The installation is actually pretty simple so maybe diving into containers is worthwhile20:09
clarkbmordred: fungi though to start just getting etherpad-dev up with latest etherpad gives us the option to switch meetpad to etherpad-dev and test if that works better20:10
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: local-log-download : role with script to download all log files  https://review.opendev.org/71575620:10
corvusclarkb: ++20:10
corvusnone of that would be wasted work20:10
corvusit's a single config line change to switch etherpad servers for meetpad20:10
mnasermordred, clarkb: not shooting myself in the foot here? https://review.opendev.org/716418 Add Docker base jobs20:11
clarkbya and I think a single line of puppet to have it switch nodejs versions20:11
clarkbmnaser: I think that is correct. The pass-to-parent bits are the important ones for functionality20:13
mnasercool, i'll land and then try to "revise" projects to use that parent without a secret20:14
fungiconfirmed, https://deb.nodesource.com/node_10.x/dists/xenial/ exists20:14
fungiwill give that a try20:14
mordredclarkb: yeah - let's do that to move that forward - and we can work up some containers in parallel20:14
openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/system-config master: Upgrade etherpad-dev server to Node 10.x  https://review.opendev.org/71641920:15
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Remove upstream from xstatic-dagre  https://review.opendev.org/71641120:16
ianwcorvus: i think it might work to reference "upload_results" @ https://opendev.org/opendev/base-jobs/src/branch/master/playbooks/base/post-logs.yaml#L24 because it was registered by the upload-logs-swift role?  however, is that considered an "api" of the upload roles (they'll all register their url in that?)20:17
mordredclarkb: ok - logging stdout worked and wound up in the bridge log and it's clean20:18
mordredHOWEVER - **MAN** is is not very readable because it's all in the stdout_lines thing20:19
fungiwhich is "the bridge log"? ansible.log?20:19
mordredfungi: /var/log/ansible/manage-projects.yaml.log20:20
mordredfungi: if you want to look at that to make sure you thnk that's safe to copy to zuul at the end of the job20:20
mordredthen we can land https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716376/ (and https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716372/1)20:20
mordredwe'll probably eventually want to make that less ugly - but it's better than nothing for now I suppose20:21
clarkbmordred: we could tee it into a log file too maybe? that way if its really hard to parse you can fallback to the server copy without the extra annotation20:22
mordredclarkb: yeah. or - we could jst have it log to a file on the server and copy that file back to bridge and then to zuul20:22
fungiit looks safe enough to include, but yeah not especially readable and so hard for me to really be sure what's in there (though i've been looking at the manage-projects log up to now and we don't seem to leak anything risky in it either)20:23
mordredlet me see about making a change to pull a copy of the m-p log back directly20:23
fungiwell, also the logs are overly verbose for the 99.9% no-op repos20:24
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: local-log-download : role with script to download all log files  https://review.opendev.org/71575620:25
fungiwhich even if made readable will still mean pinpointing the spot where it changed anything a (keyword search) needle in a haystack20:26
clarkb^F $PROJECT_NAME20:28
mordredyeah - looking at it for a sec ... how about this ...20:28
mordredlet's live with this for now20:28
mordredget everything transitioned out of run_all and into infra-prod jobs - then change up the callback plugin so that we get readable stdout/stderr from things20:29
mordredbut do it holistically for everything20:29
fungiyep, that sounds fine to me20:31
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Correct jitsi-meet config file  https://review.opendev.org/71557220:32
clarkbmordred: that seems reasonable20:35
mordredclarkb, fungi: cool - in that case, https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716359/ https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716372/ and https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716376/ are all our friends and ready to land now I think20:36
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/base-jobs master: Test local log download script generation  https://review.opendev.org/71642620:37
clarkbcool. I've reviewed the set.20:38
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Run manage-projects/base/bridge on system-config changes  https://review.opendev.org/71595720:38
clarkbI'm due for my every other day bike ride so should probably try and get out the door20:39
mordredclarkb: I updated that based on an ianw comment20:39
mordredianw: ^^ you have a sec to re-review?20:39
ianwmordred: heh, well yeah i'm all for it but it seemed like a lot to debug at once! :)20:40
clarkbmordred: did you also need to remove infra-prod-bridge job?20:41
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: local-log-download : role with script to download all log files  https://review.opendev.org/71575620:41
clarkboh service-bridge.yaml != bridge.yaml20:41
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: local-log-download : role with script to download all log files  https://review.opendev.org/71575620:41
mordredclarkb: yeah - terrible naming20:41
mordredianw: what's to debug - it's all going to work perfectly ;)20:42
clarkbthe other thing we should be careful of is job timeouts20:42
clarkbI think splitting it up as job per playbook helps avoid those issues though20:42
fungialso zuul says 716419 to update etherpad-dev to node 10.x passes if anyone's interested20:43
fungithen we can hopefully see what newer etherpad looks like, at least20:43
clarkbfungi: done20:44
fungii'm good on the manage-projects logging plan, but am starting to prep dinner and will review any remaining changes once done (but don't want for me if you're ready to approve some/all of them)20:45
mordredthe minimal callback plugin is almost what we need20:45
mordredit's actually better for this usecase20:45
mordredbut it doesn't print task titles20:45
*** hasharAway has quit IRC20:46
mordredbut it prints stdout cleanly20:47
*** hashar has joined #opendev20:48
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: Remove inventory references to <static|files>.openstack.org  https://review.opendev.org/71611620:49
ianwinfra-root: ^ modulo any more typos, that should be a pretty easy cleanup of even more bits of static/files20:49
ianwmordred: should we restore https://github.com/ansible/ansible/pull/45265 ... i got some cryptic comments on that with no further response, and there it has sat20:51
ianwi think this is the same noise you're talking about20:51
ianwansible output noise20:51
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Use ansible debug callback plugin  https://review.opendev.org/71643320:55
mordredinfra-root: you can see what that looks like by looing in /root/manage-projects.yaml.log ^^ - I think it's infinitely more readable20:56
mordredianw: looking20:57
mordredianw: maybe - but we'd need to find the new location - profile_tasks isn't in devel and is likley in a collection somewhere now20:57
fungiyep, lgtm20:58
mordredianw: and - no, the noise I was talking about is that the output we're getting is just putting stdout all on line line in the json ... the debug plugin patch there fixes it21:01
mordredianw: if you have a sec, https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716433/ https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716359/ https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716433/ and https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716376/ - and then I can push up another 1 line project-config cleanup and we can see the whole thing21:03
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Upgrade etherpad-dev server to Node 10.x  https://review.opendev.org/71641921:05
clarkbit started raining so I'm hiding inside now21:13
openstackgerritDirk Mueller proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: opensuse: switch to python 3.x for tumbleweed  https://review.opendev.org/71643721:19
ianwmordred: i'm still looking around, but per your 2.10 comment in https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716433/1/playbooks/bridge.yaml how come the -devel job still works?21:27
*** hashar has quit IRC21:32
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Add some belts and suspenders to the manage-projects job  https://review.opendev.org/71635921:34
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: WIP Dockerize etherpad  https://review.opendev.org/71644221:45
mordredclarkb: ^^ there's 75% of it I thnik21:46
mordredianw: ansible will totally still work with a missing callback plugin - it just won't have the output format we want21:46
mordredianw: so it's really a note that we might not notice if we update to 2.10 - but the output _might_ go back to being poopy. it also might very well not, because ACD is supposed to take care of backwards compat21:47
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Remove inventory references to <static|files>.openstack.org  https://review.opendev.org/71611621:47
ianwmordred: yeah, https://ad94df435a366c083a4e-893f9315e5179a0462ce52bc0ed28dd9.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/716433/1/check/system-config-run-base-ansible-devel/5000cd6/ looks right to me?21:48
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: WIP Dockerize etherpad  https://review.opendev.org/71644221:48
mordredianw: yeah - or, at least it's good enough21:52
ianwmordred: i have no idea *how* the collection is getting installed, but it seems it is21:52
mordredianw: I agree: if you search for "base-server : Install base packages" in the log_output.txt ... you'll see what the output looks like with the debug plugin21:56
mordredianw: compared to https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/build/6362917fbde6427d8e36cfcd724c9c0a/log/job-output.txt#233621:57
mordredwhich is without it21:57
mordredianw: so I agree - debug seems to  work on devel - which is a good sign21:57
mordredbut we shodl still be careful when upgrading to 2.10 anyway :)21:57
*** DSpider has quit IRC21:57
clarkbI think the next run in about an hour will update nodejs on etherpad-dev21:58
mordredclarkb: cool21:58
clarkband now sun is out and things are dry ish so I'm actually gonna get on the bike21:58
clarkbbefore the rain and hail return and make me chicken out21:58
mordredclarkb: I got dockerfiles and a good deal of ansible done for docker-etherpad ... but didn't get to apache or LE or setting up a db for testing21:59
mordredclarkb: have a good biking!21:59
fungidid stuff get merged for the manage-projects logging, or is there more?22:00
mordredfungi: relevant patches are https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716433/ https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716359/ https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716433/ and https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716376/22:02
mordredfungi: rather, https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716433/ is really the one outstanding22:04
mordredfungi: and https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/build/1923612b7e604d46b188a911743815a4/log/job-output.txt#3894 is output with debug callback vs. https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/build/6362917fbde6427d8e36cfcd724c9c0a/log/job-output.txt#2336 without22:04
mordred(for the same content)22:05
fungiare we going to remember we need to revisit this in the 2.10 ansible upgrade?22:06
fungii guess worst case we'll notice it when we go to try to debug a manage-projects job failure22:06
mordredfungi: that's why I put the comment in - because we won't upgrade without updating that value. however - it seems like it does work in 2.1022:06
mordredbut yeah22:06
mordredalso - 2.10 is a REALLY BIG change, so we're gonna want to be careful with upgrading to it anyway22:07
ianwi'm just trying to determine if a) 2.10 automatically fixes this up -- if it does, it's rather obscure how it does -- or b) we are not testing what we think we're testing with that job22:07
ianwthis is *exactly* why i wanted the devel job to be our canary for such things, but if it's not actually testing correctly, it's a bit of a dud22:08
mordredianw: https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/build/5000cd6e327640f8beb5feeccab498f3/console22:09
mordredit looks like it is install ansible22:10
mordredfrom ansible/ansible22:10
ianwyeah, and when i install locally from devel into a virtualenv, i don't get the posix callback somehow dragged in22:10
mordredianw: I dunno :)22:13
ianwERROR! Invalid callback for stdout specified: thisisnotaplugin22:15
ianwi would say it doesn't like missing plugins22:15
ianwnice ... it must be leaking to the local ansible install22:17
ianw252704 stat("/usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/ansible/plugins/callback/debug.py", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=1773, ...}) = 022:17
ianwthat's running ansible devel from a virtualenv22:18
ianwso this is mostly b) -devel job is not actually testing what we think it is22:19
fungiso it's getting ansible 2.9 (or whatever) plugins showing up in the 2.10 beta?22:19
fungi(from the system ansible)22:19
ianwi haven't confirmed directly on a ci host, but that's what appears to be happening locally22:20
fungiso this could in theory be happening in other places where we test a different version of ansible than we're running from?22:22
ianwi uninstalled local ansible, and now it doesn't even run from a fresh virtualenv -> http://paste.openstack.org/show/791423/22:24
ianwthis could be something screwed up locally, i guess ...22:24
ianwohhh hang on wrong path, my fault22:25
ianwok i'm a dolt, i wasn't *running* ansible out of my virtualenv, but out of the source directory22:27
ianwnow i see it fail "ERROR! Invalid callback for stdout specified: debug"22:27
ianwwhich *still* leads me to b) we're not testing what we think we're testing22:28
mordredianw: but I do not know / cannot see why22:31
ianwinstall-ansible: Install ARA ... i bet this is dragging 2.9.6 back in22:32
ianwDownloading http://mirror.us-east.openedge.opendev.org/pypifiles/packages/ae/b7/c717363f767f7af33d90af9458d5f1e0960db9c2393a6c221c2ce97ad1aa/ansible-2.9.6.tar.gz (14.2 MB)22:32
ianwyeah, i think that's it.  so our -devel test is really a ara test :/22:34
mordredianw: wow22:35
mordredianw: maybe we should just remove ara - since we don't use it in prod anyway22:36
mordredor - we could install ara then install ansible :)22:36
fungiand the more stuff we move to zuul, the more we can just use the zuul console breakdown anyway22:36
mordredianw: the debug callback plugin moved to https://galaxy.ansible.com/ansible/posix22:40
mordredand it's in routing.yaml - so by the time the 2.10 Ansible Community Distro is built (which is what will be on pypi) - the debug plugin should still be accessible22:40
ianwyeah, i still think there's value in a -devel job, rather that just waiting to be surprised by releases22:43
mordredoh - totally22:43
ianwanyway, so that's asynchronous to your change, but i'm glad we figured out it's not working22:43
mordredmostly just followups about what things we can do about it and/or what we can expect around 2.10 time22:43
ianwara is nice in these nested jobs for the fake-bridge runs22:44
ianwi feel like ara re-added their static generation?22:45
mordredmaybe? but yeah - is is nice in those nested jobs22:48
fungioh, good point, i guess the zuul console doesn't help with jobs like manage-projects where we proxy ansible through bridge22:50
ianwit seems like static generation isn't quite there yet https://github.com/ansible-community/ara-web/issues/1122:53
*** tosky has quit IRC22:54
ianw./test-env/bin/pip install ara does not seem to touch ansible, maybe it's somethign we're doing22:56
mordredianw: uhm22:58
mordredwe're not installing devel of ara either22:58
ianwyeah, we're at https://github.com/ansible-community/ara/blob/0.16.6/requirements.txt22:58
mordredianw: we're installing opendev.org/recordsansible/ara22:58
ianw... why does that link pop up a "authorization requested" login box?22:59
mordredoh - wait22:59
mordrednevermind. their github is a mirror of gerrit22:59
mordredso that's still fine22:59
ianwpip install ara===0.16.4 does pull in ansible 2.9 ... weird23:01
ianwpip bug?  something to do with it being a dev release?23:03
mordredits how pip works23:08
mordredit's sequential - the dep solver hasn't landed yet23:09
mordredso we install ansilble - then we install ara which reinstalls ansible23:09
ianwbut why doesn't it notice there's an already installed later version?23:09
openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: Move ara install before ansible  https://review.opendev.org/71644923:11
fungimaybe ansible's not well versioned when installed from source?23:11
fungi(from a package metadata perspective)23:11
mordredianw: because pip doesn't work that way :)23:12
mordredat least - not until this summer23:12
mordredoh - wait23:12
fungiwell, pip does avoid reinstalling packages if the installed version matches the version requested23:12
mordredI think I understand your question better23:12
mordredit should be version 2.10.0.dev0 from ansible/ansible23:13
ianwansible-base 2.10.0.dev023:13
ianwthey swapped the name23:14
mordredoh right23:14
mordredthis is in a lead up to ansible-community-distribution23:14
mordredansible _without_ the compat collections pulled in is going to be called ansible-base23:14
fungithat explains it23:14
mordredand it will include many fewer things23:14
ianwi guess if "ansible" is their mega-package then that will be ok23:14
mordredgetting from ansible-base -> ACD is still in progress23:15
ianwok, so even moving the install after isn't really right; it's still going to pull in "ansible"23:15
*** xavinux has joined #opendev23:15
mordredwe could install ara, uninstall ansible, then install ansible from source23:16
mordredbut honestly - I'm not sure that's worth it - because that's not goign to be testing a future state we're going to be using23:16
mordredit might be that ansible-devel is in enough of a state of flux right now that there is no valid way for us to build this job23:16
mordredand we need to wait until they have the mechanism to build ACD23:16
mordredso that we can install _that_23:17
mordred(although also we might choose to switch to ansible-base + a set of collections)23:17
ianwright, it would be kind of nice if we could also even speculatvely test collections23:17
ianwlike we can for ansible changes now23:18
mordredwell, we can23:18
mordredthe openstack collection is now fully functional23:18
openstackgerritMohammed Naser proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: golangci-lint: add job  https://review.opendev.org/71645223:18
mordredand if we wanted to we could start installing collections with 2.023:18
mordredbut I think we might still want to wait for the dust to settle a little bit before we start touching them on bridge23:19
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Change manage-projects default args  https://review.opendev.org/71637223:19
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Collect logs on manage-projects runs  https://review.opendev.org/71637623:19
ianwi feel like it's really just ara bringing in ansible that stops this working23:19
mordredwe could remove ara from the devel job23:19
mordredbecause it's nice - but it's also not a thing we install on bridge23:19
ianwdoes requirements.txt handle "ansible<=2.9|ansible-base>2.10"?23:20
fungii don't believe so23:21
ianwi don't think it has any way to express that23:21
funginot to my knowledge23:21
ianwi forsee this causing a lot of people a lot of problems23:23
fungiyou could create a stub package named "ansible" which installs nothing23:24
fungijust metadata23:24
ianwyeah, an eqivs ... that ... might just work :)23:27
fungireally it could just be an sdist with an egg-info file containing the package name and version number23:28
fungipretty sure that's all pip really needs23:29
clarkbok I'm back in front of a keyboard23:30
clarkbanything I should catch up on?23:30
funginot much aside from ansible changing it's name ;)23:30
fungier, its23:30
mnaserhmm... so i feel bad for all the help i'm asking but... i have https://review.opendev.org/#/c/716448/3/.zuul.yaml which contains build/upload/promote jobs.. i also have this project inside allowed projects (though just added)... https://opendev.org/vexxhost/base-jobs/src/branch/master/zuul.d/jobs.yaml yet zuul says the job is not allowed to run23:30
*** xavinux has quit IRC23:30
mordredmnaser: that seems weird to me ... corvus  ^^ ? what am I missing?23:35
mnaserthe only thing to explain it is like the change to add libvirtd_exporter to allowed was more "recent"23:35
mnaserbut reconfigs dont take that long, i think.23:36
mnaserthe other thing is that the fact that the parent job actually has secrets so maybe that 3 layer cake is making it unhappy23:36
mordredianw, clarkb : to be clear - ansible has not changed the name of the thing you install from pypi - they have changed the name of the thing you get when you install from their git repo23:38
mordredbut - you know - same thing for us in this case ;)23:38
mordredclarkb: notable tl;dr - our ansible-devel job is _not_ testing ansible-devel23:38
clarkbmordred: becaus of the split for collections ya?23:39
mordredyes. there will be a thing called ansible that is uploaded to pypi that contains ansible-base + collections23:39
mordredthat thing is referred to colloquially as "ACD" for "ansible community distribution" - and does not yet exist but is in work23:40
mordredwhat we do have is ansible-base in ansible/ansible - and collections in galaxy and their respective git repos - and we can install collections with 2.9 if we want23:40
openstackgerritMohammed Naser proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: golangci-lint: add job  https://review.opendev.org/71645223:41
corvusmnaser, mordred: see paragraph 2 of https://zuul-ci.org/docs/zuul/reference/job_def.html#attr-job.allowed-projects23:42
mnasercorvus: ahh, so it _does_ need to be a config project after all23:43
corvusmnaser, mordred: in other tenants, we could solve that by attaching the job to the project inside of a config-project (that's what we just did for mordred's cross-repo image building jobs); but we don't by policy have a vexxhost-controlled config-project in the vexxhost tenant23:43
corvusmnaser: yep23:43
mordredah. poop. so we gave mnaser bad advice earlier today23:44
mnasercorvus: i was thinking of a config-project that only loaded secret/project/job and nothing more23:44
clarkbyou just need to set the job to run in the config project right?23:44
corvusmnaser, mordred: we have also discussed adding a new type of project, call it a "tenant-config-project" which has, among other things, the ability to do this, but not run jobs in the secure conteext23:44
clarkbmnaser: I don't think project or job is safe23:44
corvusclarkb: yes but there is no config project.23:44
ianwinfra-root: i mentioned this before, but now i'm seeing it on two browsers --> https://opendev.org/recordsansible/ara throws me a "Authentication Required" box?  am i the only one?23:45
corvusmnaser: yes, the suggestion you just made is very similar.  it's possible, but it's a non-trivial change, and just keeps getting pushed behind other work for me.23:45
corvusianw: i see that23:45
* mordred does not23:45
mordredthat loads for me23:45
ianwok, at least i'm not going totally crazy!23:46
clarkbI see it too23:46
corvushttps://opendev.org/recordsansible/doc/source/_static/ara-with-icon.png is the problem23:46
clarkbit happens in FF but not chrome for me23:46
corvusff here23:46
mordredyeah - chrome does not throw the error23:46
mordredI see a broken image box23:46
mnasercorvus: right, but i meant if i added vexxhost/base-jobs under here https://opendev.org/openstack/project-config/src/branch/master/zuul/main.yaml#L1526-L1532 ?23:47
mnasersorry, i may be oblivious to some sort of obvious security concern23:47
mnaseri am getting the auth required too23:47
mordredmnaser: it's those jobs give you root on our executors23:47
mnaserlet me help figuring otu why23:47
corvusmnaser: technically that would fix it, but yes, that would effitively give you root on all systems, so it's awkward :)23:47
corvuseffectively even23:47
mnaserok, i see23:48
mordredyeah. this is why having a construct like the tenant-config-project corvus just mentioned would be quite valiable23:48
mordredbecause the desired use-case here is obviously valuable23:48
ianwclarkb: i see the signin with crhome 80.0.3987.14923:49
mnasercurl https://opendev.org/recordsansible/doc/source/_static/ara-with-icon.png returns 40123:49
clarkbianw: hrm I'm on old chrome23:49
clarkbI should proably look into why chrome isn't updating23:49
mnaseri mean, the "real" path is https://opendev.org/recordsansible/ara/raw/branch/master/doc/source/_static/ara-with-icon.png23:49
ianwlet the yak shaving begin!23:50
mnaserwhy gitea has that behaviour, i dunno23:50
mnaserokay so finally i cant really do this without `tenant-config-project` so i'll need to continue to store dockerhub credentials as a secret in each repo for now23:51
clarkbit sounds like maybe we need to bump the priority of that zuul feature?23:51
clarkbI doubt I have time to work on that in the immediate future but maybe I can carve time next week to look into it23:51
mnaseryeah ... i'm deep into a bunch of other things right now, i can try helping but i can't promise much, plus this is still one of those parts of zuul that are harder for me to understand23:52
clarkbya I'm reasonably familiar with the config bits of zuul. I'll pencil that in for next week23:52
mordredmnaser, clarkb : i have a suggestion23:55
mordredwhat if we make a config project (or turn vexxhost/base-jobs into one) - but make the core team on it project-config-core23:56
clarkbas an intermediate step?23:56
mordredmnaser is already project-config-core, so he should be able to approve the changes to it he needs23:56
mordredI think we can trust mnaser to not use that to root the system -s ince we already trust him to not root the normal systems :)23:56
clarkbI guess we just have ot make it clear that we can't add additional cores outside the opendev core23:56
mordredand once we grow tenant-config projects we change it to that23:56
clarkbbut ya that would work23:56
mordredyes. stricly project-config-core on that repo23:57
mordredbut without an expectation that mnaser needs to get another pcc to +2 something in there when what he's doing is stuff like this docker thing23:57
mordred(obviously if a job was added that was doing secure things on the executor I think we'd all ask the he ping us first, yes?)23:57
corvusclarkb: oh, i accidentally sent something to the wrong channel:  i did enough work on this to know it's not a 2-hour programming job.  it's not hugely complicated, but it would probably take me the better part of a week with few distractions.23:58
* mordred needs to run - but will leave that suggestion here - and register his own personal support for it23:58
corvus(that was in #zuul, not here)23:58
clarkbah ok so it isn't as simple as modifying the config loading to have a subset of loading things23:59
corvusclarkb: nope, this isn't a loading problem (we can already do that)23:59

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