Saturday, 2020-09-05

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fungi#status log cinder volume for cacti.o.o has been replaced and cleaned up20:13
openstackstatusfungi: finished logging20:13
fungi#status log cinder volume for eavesdrop.o.o has been replaced and cleaned up20:29
openstackstatusfungi: finished logging20:29
funginot that i expect anyone is likely around, but i don't suppose somebody remembers why we have two graphite servers? and the first has a 1tb sata cinder volume attached, the latter a 1tb ssd... dns for{dev,stack}.org goes to the first. is the second an in-progress replacement? it was built roughly 2 months ago so i'm assuming yes20:34
fungijoy, i've rebooted wiki.o.o because it didn't see the new volume i attached, and now it's been refusing connections for the past 10 minutes. either it didn't shut down all the way or it's waiting for input at the console. guess i'll pull that up shortly20:55
fungioh, right, because it's been booted from a snapshot of a legacy flavor, it has a huuuuge rootfs, which it's still fscking21:00
fungi84% complete21:00
fungiguess i'll just have to wait it out21:01
fungiand it's reachable via ssh once more21:04
fungihuh, i really just can't attach a volume to it, keeps going from attaching state back to available. i'll try to see if an offline attach works21:10
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fungiyeah, no matter what i try, i can't attach any devices to it22:09
fungimaybe i should try to just rsync the entire system to a new instance booted with a modern flavor22:10
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