Saturday, 2020-09-12

fungiokay, wiki.o.o volume has been swapped out, though i haven't deleted the old one yet because we apparently have a saved snapshot of that volume blocking deletion. i'll track that down and clean it up soon01:56
fungisince that legacy flavor node has a massive rootfs i went old school and just used rsync to move all the date there (finalized with apache briefly stopped) so i could remove the old volume, then added the new volume and repeated the same process to move it all back again01:58
fungii also took the opportunity to slightly shrink from a 100gb volume to 75gb (the smallest rackspace allows) since usage was only 11gb anyway02:04
fungiso that only leaves nb04's volume still in use, which we'll clean up next week when we safely can delete the server itself02:05
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toskyif anyone has some cycles, can you please kick a annoying troll from #openstack-meeting, who is going around saying the channel is closed for maintenance?15:22
fungitosky: sure, looking now15:23
toskythanks fungi!15:27
funginp problem15:31
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