Sunday, 2020-10-11

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fungiforcing myself to get accustomed to nftables, the syntax is a bit less arcane than iptables and it has facilities to make dual-stack ipv4/6 rulesets far more simply16:27
fungialso it seems most distros (debian included) ship an nftables.service unit for systemd which executes an /etc/nftables.conf script starting with #!/usr/sbin/nft -f16:28
fungiso no need for a separate netfilter-persistent or whatever (the one it packages is really just a transitional solution for users of iptables-persistent)16:29
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: install-borg: also install python3-venv
ianwhrm that did not seem to triger the server run, must have messed up a file matcher23:20
clarkbianw did you see afs on bhs1 mirror is sad? I'm not sure if thats a rebuild situation butit s like the kernel mod isnt loading or something23:26
ianwoh, no, ok will look23:27
ianwnodepool deployment is also sad, looks like project-config copying on nb01 maybe?  odd23:27
ianw- name: Update from master23:35
ianw  when: infra_prod_run_from_master|bool23:35
ianw  delegate_to: bridge.openstack.org23:35
ianwthis is updating project-config on master, then syncing it23:35
ianwi think this has the same race conditions, although i'm not sure currently what it's failing to sync to nb0123:35
clarkbis the serverup?23:44
ianwyep; something fails on the synchronize but it's no_log23:44
ianwi'm just trying to replicate it without the no_log23:44
ianwrsync: write failed on "/opt/project-config/.git/HEAD": No space left on device (2823:46
ianw /opt is indeed full23:46
ianwnodepool-dib has 605G ... i'm not sure where the rest is23:53

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