Saturday, 2020-10-24

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clarkbfungi: ok things are sad at least partially because etherpad filled its disk00:33
clarkbnot the db volume though so the service itself is probably fine?00:33
clarkbas you discovered it seems to be our backups. We are no longer double compressingthem which is good but we have too many overall Iguess00:36
clarkbI'm going to remove the oldest one for now00:36
clarkboh I see00:36
clarkbbecause the filename changed the logrotation isn't working properly anymore00:37
clarkbwe have a similar problem on the giteas but they are much smaller so it doesn't notice :) I'll clean things up a bit00:38
fungioops, thanks for catching that!01:07
clarkbthe giteas should be completely reset to the right filename now01:08
clarkbbut because etherpad ran out of disk its missed the last couple days of backups so I have only cleared out the 3 oldest there which should allow us to backup and rotate properly overnight01:09
clarkbI'm hoping that will then fix base ane LE jobs which will allow meetpad to run01:09
clarkbfungi: as a heads up I noticed we were leaking puppet else and base jobs too looking cloesr at those there appear to have been ~5 logstash workers that had all gone on lunchbreak01:18
clarkbI've rebooted them01:18
clarkbI've also cleaned up the leaked processes on bridge again, the next hourly pass will hopefully be much happier01:30
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openstackgerritMerged zuul/zuul-jobs master: Install openswitch and firewall if need a bridge only
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