Monday, 2020-10-26

ianwok, back to where i was last wednesday, i think borg backups are fixed on ethercalc now, so we can monitor that for the next bit00:04
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fungiclarkb: looks like our etherpad and videoconference links are still at their defaults, i'll update them to meetpad with our planning pad now12:52
clarkbfungi: thanks12:56
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clarkbI've cleaned up one more stale db backup for etherpad16:50
clarkbthere is one remaining which I'll do tomorrow after tonight's backups run16:51
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cloudnullo/ - looks like Fedora 33 has removed the ssh-rsa w/ SHA1 which makes it so folks, like myself, aren't able to "git-review" without updating ssh config, I upgraded last Friday.18:39
cloudnullthere's a BZ for it - - however, I suspect that's just the way it is. Any chance this is known and we're implementing git servers with SHA2 sometime soon?18:39 bug 1884920 in openssh "Cannot ssh into CentOS 6 using ssh key authentication" [Low,New] - Assigned to jjelen18:39
cloudnullfigured I'd drop a line here, given I suspect folks will be running into this soon, given F33 is imminent.18:39
clarkbcloudnull: so there are a few things about that. First is that openssh hasn't dropped it directly just deprecated it. Fedora has decided to take a stricter approach. Second is you can enable sha1 on specific hosts which is what I think we're currently suggesting to f33 users18:40
clarkbthe last thing is that yes we've been working through a gerrit upgrade whcih will address the problem on the server side18:40
clarkbbut that got interrupted last week and we need to pick things back up again after the ptg and see if our previous upgrade planning still makes sense18:41
cloudnullyup, I commented in the BZ w/ the specific config I'm using which re-enables SHA1 for - just took me a bit to figure out why git-review was failing.18:42
clarkbwe haev successfully tested an upgrade of gerrit to 3.2 using a snapshot of production from october 1, but we want to rerun through that and we also have to take a lengthy outage to do the notedb conversion18:42
clarkblargely a matter of being confident in he upgrade process and then finding a reasonable time to take a long outage18:43
cloudnullI suspect there will be a good influx of similar queries tomorrow - when F33 is official18:43
clarkband in 6 months everyone will be wondering why they have no disk but df shows plenty of free space :P18:45
clarkbthen everyone will learn about btrfs balancing18:45
clarkbanyway an upgrade will hopefully happen soon for some value of soon. Just need to get through the PTG first and test another upgrade18:45
cloudnullas a former OpenSUSE user that one wont be a head scratcher for me :P18:46
cloudnullthanks clarkb, just figured I'd drop a line about it.18:46
clarkbone thought i had this morning was to announce the november 20-22 outage window under the assumption we'll rerun testing and be happy with it then simply push it back if we feel we aren't ready18:47
clarkbinfra-root ^ we can discuss this more in our 23:00-01:00 block but I'd be curious to hear what others think of that18:49
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fungisounds fine to me, though i would like to entertain mnaser's suggestion in case it allows us to fit the entire upgrade into a single day18:58
clarkbya trying that next week really quickly might be good next step18:58
clarkbI doubt we'll make much headway on the testing side of things this week with the ptg18:58
clarkbmy concern with that is we'd have to add a bunch of steps to copy state first (we're already going to backup things so thats probably not going to add significant overhead, more just another thing to get wrong)19:00
clarkbbut we can test it and see how painful it is19:00
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fungigrr, return key too close to apostrophe on this keyboard, i want a new keyboard layout which puts the return key somewhere in wisconsin19:04
fungii'm happy to help/drive gerrit upgrade test repeat next week19:04
clarkbthat would be great. I imagine I can help/drive too but I think the more eyeballs we have on the process the more likely we are to catch problems early19:05
fungiagreed, getting more folks involved would be awesome19:05
corvusfungi, clarkb: what was mnaser's suggestion?19:16
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clarkbcorvus: he suggseted taht we could boot a surrogate gerrit in vexxhost on one of their new fast flavors with raid 0 ssds and use that to do the notedb migration19:17
clarkb(perhaps even the rest of the upgrade too) then copy that back into place on the production node19:17
clarkbwe would need to test that that is actually after, but if it is may represent a good way to reduce outage window time19:18
clarkbstarting to sketch out what an upgrade announcement might look like at
fungiyeah, i think for the vexxhost experiment, we should basically copy our initial state there, then repeat all our upgrade steps and time each one19:33
fungialso time the data transfer into and out of vexxhost obviously since that will add possibly a little deficit to the total outage19:33
corvusrsync should be effective to reduce that on the git repos19:38
corvusprobably won't make a big deal with a db dump19:38
fungiagreed, we don't need to add any initial rsync for git repos into the final total, just a nearly-empty last rsync after stopping the service19:39
fungihowever given the aggressive git gc performed (more than once) during upgrades, i doubt the rsync back out will save much time over a full copy19:40
fungibut i'd probably use rsync again in that direction too just for consistency19:40
fungiwe also might want to disable periodic gc/repacking once we start the first rsync so that we don't create more work for ourselves19:41
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TheJuliais gerrit happy? getting 502 proxy errors?21:11
ianwTheJulia: were you looking at 756434 ?21:18
ianwCPU usage has again spiked.  i'm seeing occasional 502 responses21:23
ianw(in the logs)21:24
ianwit's another google cloud hosted ip walking all changes in the same way we've seen before21:26
ianwi've blocked it in iptables21:30
clarkbfwiw I think it was ttx that suggested it may be bitergia, we may want to reach out to them and double check?21:44
clarkbanother idea I threw out there was that we could see if we can force auth for access then we would get contact info?21:45
clarkbinfra-root thoughts on an infra meeting tomorrow? are we wanting to do that or are we swamped with PTG?21:47
fungii'm not so sure we need the weekly meeting when we also have ptg (though i technically don't have any conflicts for that hour)21:49
ianwI could file something in the google abuse form?  i can say that rather than blocking their queries we'd rather work with the owners and give some contact details21:53
clarkbianw: ya if it isn't bitergia that may be the next step. It seems is hosted on google so wouldn't be surprised if it is them21:54
ianwdo we have a contact, other than like a form on the webpage?21:55
clarkbianw: I think ttx does?21:55
ianwthere is a person on twitter who says they work for them who is followed by a lot of openstacky-techy people i follow22:00
ianwoh, haha, that's the ceo22:01
clarkbI think I may cancel the infra meeting. The way our ptg schedule is set up the meeting is in an awkward spot where if you go to the meeting being awake for the next time block will be painful22:09
toskyI know can anyone please band that annoying troll on #openstack-meeting-alt?22:10
toskyand possibly ban the username, which has been reused despite being connected through a web IRC client22:10
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clarkblet me see, I'm not in that channel so don't have scrollback22:10
fungii can22:13
ianwi'm in there and just kicked them22:13
fungithanks ianw22:13
toskythanks clarkb22:14
ianwnot sure it isn't some sort of GPT-3 bot22:14
toskythat maybe the case22:14
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ianwdid it pass or fail the Turing test? :)22:15
toskyas far I can see, it's the second time I've seen that user trying going with that trolling behavior22:15
fungireminder to our irc patrolling volunteers, our suggestions for dealing with similar cases are here:
toskyconnected several times with the same mask/IP22:15
corvusianw is turing test proctor22:15
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fungii'll be a couple minutes late, the kettle's not up to a boil quite yet23:01
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ianwlife changing23:04
fungiyeah. i've been tempted but i don't drink tea all that often23:05
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