Thursday, 2020-11-26

ianwdoes that mean you run two instances of gerrit?  how do they keep in sync?00:00
clarkbthe second one is read only00:00
clarkband yes I dont think it is a good solution00:00
clarkbit adds significsnt complexity for something the existing server should already do00:00
clarkbif google wants to run gerrit like that thats fine but we all shouldnt be forced to in order to avoid conflicting paths00:01
ianwso your clone url is different to your push url?00:01
clarkbthats how google does it appare tly00:01
ianwso it runs against the same databases, trees, etc. but with
ianwbah damn it google why can't i copy a url00:03
clarkbmaybe? I didnt readinto it too closely because I dont think its a good option for us to run teo gerrits00:03
clarkbat least not for non conflicting paths under different hodtnames00:04
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clarkbI think it should be non controversial to say "A single gerrit should be able to both servepolygerrit and all of its repos at the same time"00:04
clarkbwhether or not other more complicatedoptions exist00:05
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ianwyeah, i mean i can't really find good info on what it *really* means to have a separate headless gerrit.  if it's a replica, or what00:08
fungii want to reply that the bug was filed by a project which isn't keen on running an "extra" gerrit and would just like a non-ambiguous path to be able to fetch git refs when reading stream-events without referencing fs flushes or replication ndelays00:18
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fricklerinfra-root: seems updating LP bug on change-merged is failing, collected some logs here and updated the etherpad with it
frickleralso I'll be on PTO until Dec 7, I'll still be around occasionally when I get bored, but don't wait for me on anything10:53
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openstackgerritThierry Carrez proposed openstack/project-config master: No longer define ptgbot jobs in project-config
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fungifrickler: i think that's unrelated, it's talking about its plugins. that's what we use for storyboard integration but not lp, we use hook scripts to interact with lp14:18
fungifrickler: the final error is relevant though: "hook[change-merged] exited with error status: 2"14:20
fungii guess we need to get some more verbose output from the update-bug entrypoint as it's called by the hook script for change-merged events14:21
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pabelangerI'm just looking into the python-builder container image14:58
pabelangerI was curious why we opted to copy in the wheels from the base builder image, over say installing the wheels into a virtualenv, then copy the virtualenv?14:58
pabelangermy question is, because we copy the artifacts into the container, they are left their in production14:59
pabelangercausing some bloat in the container image14:59
pabelangerit isn't a huge deal, but mostly looking to see if we can save some space by a refactor14:59
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fungivirtualenvs aren't cleanly relocateable, so you need to make sure they end up at the exact same absolute path when the container is executed15:00
pabelangeryah, that is true15:01
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pabelangerI guess what I can look for, is if you can volume mount the previous stage int he build, to pip install from it15:02
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openstackgerritTristan Cacqueray proposed opendev/system-config master: gerrit: install zuul-results plugin to display the build table
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openstackgerritLee Yarwood proposed opendev/elastic-recheck master: Add query for nova-live-migration evac failure bug 1903979
openstackbug 1903979 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "nova-live-migration job fails during evacuate negative test" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Lee Yarwood (lyarwood)16:16
openstackgerritLee Yarwood proposed opendev/elastic-recheck master: Add query for nova-ceph-multistore image removal failure bug 1905725
openstackbug 1905725 in tempest "test_attach_scsi_disk_with_config_drive fails during cleanup when using RBD for Glance and Nova" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Lee Yarwood (lyarwood)16:21
openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Install git-core instead of git on RH systems
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sshnaidmcores, seems like limestone makes problems17:49
sshnaidmtimeouts to repos and retry limits in jobs17:49
sshnaidmclarkb, fungi fyi ^17:49
fungiat times we wind up with nodes there which have no ipv4 connectivity for some reason, so we started checking for that during the base job's pre phase and discarding any builds like that early so they'd be retried... possible we're hitting that often enough to increase retry_limit results17:51
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mthebeauHi, I think that after the merges a commit, the "automatic updates back to Launchpad" for Closes-Bug may not be working.  I thought I might add a bug in storyboard for opendev/system-config, based on searches that seems to be the right place.  Any advice for making that report?17:57
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pabelangerfungi: just to close our loop, it seems buildkit has some support for mount=type=cache with may work in the future, but it is marked as experimental right now18:00
pabelangerwill loop back to it in the future18:00
fungimthebeau: we've got it tracked already on (currently down around lines 66-68)18:02
fungimthebeau: we're trying to work through problems identified there but likely won't make much more progress this week with it being a major holiday weekend in the usa18:04
mthebeauThanks fungi. I just found a commit in review for python3-launchpadlib too.. pointing at;  Ok Gerrit post upgrade notes.  Thanks Fungi.18:04
mthebeauThanks Fungi, as long as the report exists I am satisified and will wait.18:04
fungimthebeau: the python3-launchpadlib change you found is related to release jobs leaving bug comments, it's not used in our current launchpad integration for gerrit18:05
sshnaidmfungi, retries limits is fine, although proxy timeouts fail jobs: INFO Serious error - Curl code (28): Timeout was reached for
sshnaidmweshay|ruck, ^18:08
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fungiyeah, that's not expected18:09
fungithe server's up, last rebooted 34 days ago18:09
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fungiat the moment i'm able to load remotely, so it's not down hard but maybe there are local network problems within that cloud18:10
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: DMN: fail to autohold gerrit
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Add release jobs to oslo.metrics
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