Wednesday, 2020-12-30

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akrpan-pureI just created a Ubuntu One account under the email, but when I try to sign in to it gives me "Not found" and the URL says "SignInFailure,SIGN_IN,Contact+site+administrator"17:22
akrpan-pureAnyone available to help me figure out why I can't sign in?17:22
akrpan-pure(and yes I validated/approved the email address)17:23
fungiakrpan-pure: when i sign into the gerrit webui for, the "personal data request" page asks me to share my full name and email address. make sure those checkboxes are engaged17:38
akrpan-purefungi: they are for me, yep17:38
fungithe other possibility is that there is already a gerrit account corresponding to that e-mail address... checking17:39
akrpan-pureThat wouldn't surprise me: Ubuntu One said it didn't exist when I did a password reset, but something could be wonky17:39
akrpan-pureIf that is the case, I'll just delete that account and use a new email address17:39
akrpan-pureEr, I guess just changing the address on this one would be easier17:39
fungi_account_id: 12369, name: Pure Storage CI, email:, username: purestorage-cinder-ci17:40
fungithat's an account, i'll see what additional detail i can get regarding creation date and stuff17:40
fungiakrpan-pure: if the old account is no longer in use, we can set it inactive and then you'll be able to create a new one for the same address17:42
akrpan-pureSo yeah, that's our old account we're using for third-party CI: I tried doing a password reset on that email but Ubuntu One said there wasn't an account under that email17:43
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fungiregistered_on: 2015-12-16 17:55:29.00000000017:43
fungiyeah, so created just over 5 years ago17:43
akrpan-purefungi: yeah, go ahead and set it as inactive, that's fine with me17:43
fungiwe used to manually create accounts for third-party ci systems, but we stopped doing that years ago in favor of just asking third-party ci operators to create openids and make the accounts themselves17:44
fungii'll set that one inactive17:44
fungiakrpan-pure: and done. try logging in again17:45
akrpan-pureHrmmm... same error17:46
fungii may need to flush the accounts cache17:46
fungii'm flushing all caches, this may take a few minutes17:46
akrpan-pureSeems reasonable17:47
fungiand yeah, the gerrit error.log indicates that was why it was rejecting the login attempts: Email '' in use by another account17:51
fungiso good guess. i should have looked in the log sooner ;)17:51
fungicache flush is still underway though17:51
akrpan-pureSweet, just hanging tight17:52
fungiakrpan-pure: looks like it finished. if you want to try to authenticate again, i'm watching the logs this time for any other errors17:55
akrpan-pureSame thing :/17:56
fungiyeah, same error in the log too, still claims the address is in use by another account. i'll see if there was more than one17:56
clarkbya I don't think disabling the account will help there17:56
clarkbyou likely have to chagne the email address on one of them or make a third17:57
akrpan-pureYeah, I'll just make another address at this point to not take up too much time for either of us17:57
akrpan-pureThanks for the help and investigation! :D17:57
clarkbfungi: the email checks happen in weird places like when you want to set an ssh key too17:57
fungiakrpan-pure: i've deleted that address from the inactive account if you want to try again17:58
fungipossible the new version of gerrit we just upgraded too doesn't even allow duplicate addresses on inactive accounts17:58
fungier, upgraded to17:59
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akrpan-purefungi: sure, one sec18:08
akrpan-pureWell, the page still says "Not found" but it took me to a different URL this time:
akrpan-pureLooks like it's trying to do some first-time login stuff but isn't quite working right?18:09
clarkbI wonder if we need to reindex accounts too?18:11
clarkbsince the dashboard stuff comes out of the indexes iirc18:12
fungiWARN : Email18:16 is already assigned to account 12369; cannot create ex18:16
fungiternal ID with the same email for account 3291118:16
fungiso deleting the address from the account doesn't remove the external id association18:17
clarkband those get hashed and are "fun" to dig into directly. I think the api can give you more details though and you can potentially remove the external id for the old account via the api?18:17
clarkbthat might be worth filing as a bug though18:18
fungimay be able to via rest api, doesn't look like set-account can do it via the cli18:18
clarkbbecause that seems like a leak18:18
akrpan-pureI'm gonna get another email address ready anyways just in case, worst case we get the old one working and I just delete the new address I make18:18
fungii'll need to elevate permissions on my web account to try doing things like that via rest api18:18
clarkbI like that the get results are not in the same datastructure format as the delete post request item18:20
clarkbat least according to the docs :/18:20
clarkboh I see you give it the value for the identity key18:21
clarkbthey should really update their docs to use the same value across both to make that more clear :/18:22
akrpan-pureGot a new address on the account and it works, so I'm unblocked for now at least18:25
akrpan-pureThanks a ton!18:25
fungiakrpan-pure: sure, thanks for reaching out and for bearing with us on this18:29
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prometheanfireglean appends /etc/hosts and /root/.ssh/authorized_keys every reboot, I think I'm going to check if the line we wish to add is already in each file and skip appending if so20:28
prometheanfirehmm, looks like a check is already there, using re.match, which doesn't seem to work20:31
fungifailing to properly match the start of the line maybe?20:31
fungiperhaps someone meant to use instead?20:32
prometheanfiremaybe unicode, we add it as unicode but the re.match uses a straight string, python.unicode20:33
prometheanfireI can play around20:33
fungithat could do it20:33
prometheanfirefungi: a+ doesn't allow reading the file to search it20:51
prometheanfireshould be r+ I think, gonna try with just that change20:52
prometheanfirewell, that's what worked with my custom stuff, still needs a regex fix I think20:53
corvus#status log manually removed pabelanger's email address from /etc/aliases since ansipuppet isn't running there21:23
openstackstatuscorvus: finished logging21:23
corvusinfra-root: anyone know what is?  there's a host at that thinks that's it's name but it's not in dns21:26
clarkbcorvus: we had 4 cityclodu regions at one time but then turned them all off, then more recently spun up kna1 in conjuction with airship. I think that sto2 host may just be old and stale and probably should be claened up21:26
corvusclarkb: maybe i'll 'poweroff' for now?21:27
clarkbat one point I think we expected we might turn them back on as more capacity came online but then that didn't materialize21:27
corvus#status log issued 'poweroff' on (was since that region is not in use and the host is not under config management21:28
openstackstatuscorvus: finished logging21:28
corvusclarkb: "We're going to try to catch the Super Heavy Booster with the launch tower arm, using the grid fins to take the load"21:30
corvusclarkb, fungi: ^ we might have a chance (in a few years?) to see something more amazing than rockets landing on drone ships21:31
clarkbspace baseball21:32
openstackgerritMatthew Thode proposed opendev/glean master: add hosts entries and ssh keys only once
prometheanfirefungi: ^ there we go :D21:36
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fungiprometheanfire: good catch, yeah a+ file mode won't give you read i don't think alternative would be to use a separate open() with no explicit mode for the check22:41
prometheanfireya, I wasn't able to get the regex to work easilly enough (lazy) so changed to use a line.startswith because I'm both lazy and regex seemed like overkill22:42
fungicorvus: oh, wow, also guinness world's record for largest game of "catch" i suppose (assuming guinness world's records feels their jurisdiction extends past the ionosphere?)22:43
openstackgerritMatthew Thode proposed opendev/glean master: add hosts entries and ssh keys only once
prometheanfireforgot about the selinux thing (even saw it in the git history)22:59
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