Friday, 2021-01-01

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fungimmm, looks like the wiki server may be hung. i can't even ssh to it14:47
fungiwill check its console in a moment14:47
fungialso a ticket from rackspace asking us to do an offline migration of pbx.o.o15:03
fungiaha, the wiki server is in a "migrating" state, that explains why it's down15:04
fungii guess we just wait on that15:05
fungipbx on-demand migration has completed and the server is back up again. wiki seems to still be in progress though (and offline)15:57
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fungilooks like wiki's migration finished, or at least it's marked "active" again, but the server's still not responding19:09
fungiaha, their migration attempt on it failed. guess i'll reboot it and then attempt an offline one19:10
fungireboot got the server responding again at least19:13
fungimigration initiated19:15
fungiexpecting it to be offline for hours more before that completes (hopefully it completes at all)19:16
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