Saturday, 2021-01-09

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mordredfungi: morning! is it a known issue that storyboard will send emails even if you don't have send email notifications checked?16:17
fungimordred: is it for a story you created?16:20
fungibut either way, not sure that's a known issue16:20
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fungii have observed it seems to behave differently with stories you create vs those you merely watch16:21
mordredthat's the story16:21
mordredI just went and checked and I don't have notification emails enabled16:21
fungihave you subscribed to ("starred") that story?16:21
mordredno - but I have subscribed to the repo16:22
fungijust trying to figure out how to narrow down the potential codepaths16:22
fungiokay, so there's a project subscription involved at least16:22
mordredI just went to preferences and now this time it shows a check box16:22
mordredI just went to preferences a second ago and Enable notification emails was not checked16:23
fungioh weird. so maybe the problem lies in the webclient16:23
mordredso maybe the actual bug is that sometimes the checkbox isn't being activated in the preferences view16:23
fungithough the good news is that story shows an example of the its-storyboard plugin still working with gerrit 3.216:23
fungii hadn't found time to dig in for sure and find out if it was16:24
mordredI've unchecked it - I'll keep an eye out for emails - if I get any more I can debug further16:24
fungithanks, i've looked in cacti and it doesn't appear the server was under enough load that i would expect the preferences page to take a long time fetching from the db16:26
fungiso must be something else going on16:26
fungithough we do seem to have had a massive memory usage spike around 04:00 culminating in an oom16:27
fungi[Sat Jan  9 05:10:47 2021] storyboard-work invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x26080c0, order=2, oom_score_adj=016:28
fungi[Sat Jan  9 05:10:47 2021] Killed process 15797 (apache2) total-vm:12713576kB, a16:28
funginon-rss:6408204kB, file-rss:0kB16:28
fungiso there was an apache process eating almost 6.5gb anon-rss16:29
mordredthat's too much memory16:42
fungitoo much memory for that server, at least17:01
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