Tuesday, 2021-02-02

openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: borg-backup: implement saving a stream, use for database backups  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77173800:38
openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Check that git clone against x/ project succeeds in testing  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77344700:50
clarkbthat is being promoted now00:50
clarkbinfra-root ^ should I go ahead and docker-compose pull ; down ; up -d that on review.o.o?00:52
fungideploy succeeded00:53
clarkbfungi: yup and I linked the updated image on docker hub just above00:53
ianwclarkb: ++ from me00:53
clarkbok proceeding now maybe someone else can do a #status log/notice ?00:53
fungiyeah, i don't see any changes about to report for the openstack tenant in queues besides check, so a brief blip should hopefully go unnoticed00:54
clarkbimage is pulled and docker image list shows it updated00:54
fungistatus notice The Gerrit service on review.opendev.org is being quickly restarted to apply a new securit ypatch00:54
fungier, security patch00:55
clarkbfungi: the space at the end is in the wrong plcae but that lgtm00:55
ianw^ lgtm00:55
clarkbI'm proceeding with the down then up -d now00:55
fungi#status notice The Gerrit service on review.opendev.org is being quickly restarted to apply a new security patch00:55
openstackstatusfungi: sending notice00:55
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The Gerrit service on review.opendev.org is being quickly restarted to apply a new security patch00:55
clarkbit should be coming back up now00:55
clarkbI can load a change in the web ui00:57
fungias can i00:57
clarkblooking at the error_log the only thing I notice is that it is complaining about not being able to compress the gc logs that we created00:58
clarkbbut I expect that is somethign we can look at later00:58
clarkbthe reported version looks good to me too00:58
openstackstatusfungi: finished sending notice00:58
clarkbianw: are you happy with it too? I think this was going to include a zuul status summary fix?01:01
ianwclarkb: yep, working for me.  try a hard refresh and you shoul dhave the new status plugin with line highlight01:01
clarkbyup seems to be working for me01:02
clarkba900e6ca8657 is the image id of what we were running previously if that is important01:04
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clarkbhttps://www.gerritcodereview.com/3.2.html#327 has the release notes too (note we use authGroup Anonymous Users in our replication setup so that replication plugin change shouldn't affect us)01:06
clarkboh and as a final note I was not logged out of gerrit01:07
clarkb(we've had questions about that in the past and figured I'd add my data point from this restart)01:08
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ianwoh: "Effectively this means that while running backups with append-only ssh keys, no disk space will be recovered in your BorgBase repo with pruning"02:47
fungiso append-only is incompatible with pruning?02:52
fungior you just have to do the prune with a different key?02:52
ianwfungi: yeah, it's silently incompatible with pruning from the host ... which makes sense once you realise it03:07
ianwwell, not so sure on the silent part, but the not being able to prune from the host03:08
ianwthere's no point having another key on the host that runs the remote end in not-append mode, since the threat we're protecting against is someone on the host trying to prune the backups03:08
ianwwe can prune from the server side i guess.  it introduces the possibility of locking issues03:09
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: borg-backup-server: don't use append-only mode  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77357005:30
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: Set eus repositories if REG_RELEASE is set  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/diskimage-builder/+/77340307:25
openstackgerritMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: simplify updating python versions in gentoo  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/diskimage-builder/+/77186107:28
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guillaumeczbr, "Making gerrit zuul result comments more readable", handled by https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/771445 , screenshot from test change: https://948ffe8030bc066a5b79-207bd119fd0c3b58e9c78074b243256d.ssl.cf5.rackcdn.com/771798/9/check/system-config-run-review/257d4b0/bridge.openstack.org/screenshots/gerrit-change-page-1.png11:25
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zbrguillaumec: very beautiful output. how about the comments below? i guess we hide them right?11:54
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guillaumeczbr, the screenshot is from the following test change, where i highlight that style is only set for "autogenerated" tagged comment12:25
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zbrTBH, I can't wait to see this shipped.12:33
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valery_tI've submitted this review https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/python-openstackclient/+/77364912:47
valery_tHow can I trigger a verification?12:48
fricklervalery_t: it happens automatically, it just takes some time. you can watch the progress on https://zuul.opendev.org/t/openstack/status12:50
fricklervalery_t: with the current load we have, it will take around 4 hours for nodes to get assigned to your patch12:51
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: Fix CentOS Stream 8 base repo in centos element  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/diskimage-builder/+/77197914:10
sshnaidm|ruckclarkb, fungi hi, I wonder if there is an option to not allow "recheck" without a reason?14:18
sshnaidm|rucklike making a trigger regexp requiring something after "recheck"14:19
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mnasero/ is there a place where we can look at devstack job runtime per cloud?14:45
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openstackgerritSlawek Kaplonski proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: [multi-node-bridge] Add script to configure connectivity  https://review.opendev.org/c/zuul/zuul-jobs/+/76265014:50
fricklermnaser: I don't think we have that aggregated, you'd have to gather data from jobs and group by cloud14:58
fricklermnaser: also I did ping you earlier about ipv6 connectivity to vexxhost, did you see that?14:58
mnaserfrickler: ah :( i was hoping to check and see if some of the tripleo issues on our cloud are limited to tripleo or affecting all jobs14:58
mnaserfrickler: i dont think so14:58
fricklermnaser: seems connectivity from as3320 and possibly others is broken because there are no IRR records for your /48s14:59
mnaserah yay, the joy that is IRR, i haven't seen that14:59
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fricklermnaser: would be great if you could create some route objects15:00
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fungisshnaidm|ruck: we had that for some years, and the end result was that it didn't actually provide any useful control because people would just put in whatever. at one point we in fact required that they reference a bug when entering a recheck comment, so people would just find loosely related/unrelated bugs to mention or make up random bug numbers entirely, so the data we got from it was fairly useless15:30
sshnaidm|ruckfungi, I see15:31
fungithe hope was that it would get people to research why builds failed and confirm existing bugs or open new bugs for those problems, but the incentive was just not there15:31
fungiin short, people who are inclined to actually look into failures are apt to record and track them anyway, and there's little way to force people who aren't interested in software quality to do that sort of work when all they care about is their patch merging15:32
fungiother than peer pressure from core review teams, like ignoring reviews from people who chronically abuse the system that way15:33
openstackgerritMohammed Naser proposed openstack/project-config master: Switch to using v3-standard-8 flavors  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/project-config/+/77371015:33
mnaserfrickler, fungi, clarkb: ^ appreciate a review on that if/when you are around15:33
fricklermnaser: ah, great, I've been meaning to ask for some time what would be a "natural flavor" for you, because 8/8 isn't for us15:38
mnaseryeah the above fits much better for us (and honestly, it uses up un-used resources in our cloud)15:38
fricklerwould be interesting to gather some opinion on that from our other cloud providers, too15:38
mnaserwe end up with idle resources on 8/815:38
fricklermnaser: how does your cpu overbooking factor look like?15:39
mnaserfrickler: 1.2515:39
fricklero.k., that's pretty low, we vary from 1.5 to 2, but then we don't run too many of those hungry CI jobs ;)15:40
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mnaserfrickler: so we're pretty much 1 vcpu = 1 thread15:41
fungiin the past when we needed to use flavors with additional memory, we artificially limited it at boot time with a kernel parameter15:41
fungiso that projects wouldn't accidentally merge changes which consume way more memory than our standard node size15:42
fungithough i think that has to be implemented in our dib elements15:43
fungiclarkb: ^ when you're around, maybe last-minute addition to the meeting to at least mention that15:46
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fungii know it's been a concern in the past, but it's been a while since we last had to deal with it, and the skew was never this massive (the nodes will have 4x our usual ram)15:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Switch to using v3-standard-8 flavors  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/project-config/+/77371015:56
clarkbfungi: mnaser right the concern is that if you merge on a cloud with 32GB of memory then run the next set of jobs on 8GB of memory you can easily fail16:02
clarkband end up wedged16:02
clarkbI think we need to add the kernel based limiting again if we're going to do that16:03
clarkbor we need to communicate to people that they need to be careful about memory use as they can wedge themselves16:03
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fungizbr: if you're around, can you expound on what https://review.opendev.org/635576 (path-based package declarations in bindep) was supposed to do? i didn't mention it in the release notes because i can't see how it could possibly work16:13
fungimaybe i'm missing some important detail16:13
fungiit seems like the implementation is incomplete, and will always list those packages as not installed16:13
zbrlooking now16:14
fungian easy solution might be to check whether there is a file/link at the listed path and treat that as an "installed" state16:14
zbr....very long time ago. yep a little bit incomplete. Still, i think is easily fixable: for names starting with "/" it should just do a "which" and consider them as available if they exist.16:16
fungii was thinking maybe just os.path.exists()16:16
zbryeah that16:17
zbris not perfect but compatible with major package managers, and we about the issue you reported.16:17
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fungizbr: cool, so i'll stick with the plan for now to not mention it in the release notes, we'll presumably want to either revert that feature or finish it16:50
fungibut doesn't have to happen before releasing16:51
fungii'll go ahead and merge the release notes change and prep to tag the repo16:51
zbrfungi: thanks, i think is an ok approach, as likely nobody is using this new feature.16:51
zbrin fact I am sure nobody because we did not make a release16:51
fungiright, that's why i wanted to talk through it before we release16:53
fungiit's not mentioned in the docs either, so for now it's not discoverable anyway16:54
fungiotherwise i'd want to merge a quick docs amendment marking it incomplete so people aren't surprised. but it's highly unlikely anyone will find an undocumented and unannounced feature, and if they do and complain it's incomplete, oh well16:55
fungizbr: in git-review news, after dissecting how zuul's quickstart job solves similar user bootstrapping issues, looks like i should be able to fix it via the rest api using the default "admin" account (present when the service is started in development_become_any_user auth mode)16:58
fungihoping to give that a shot shortly16:58
zbrfungi: super. sorry for not being more active, a conversion of role to collection got be very busy. use of ansible-test is... a hard to forget experience.16:59
fungizbr: no worries, and no need to apologize, just trying to keep you updated/included17:00
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/bindep master: Add missing release notes  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77317917:08
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openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/zone-opendev.org master: Update floating IP for airship-citycloud mirror  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/zone-opendev.org/+/77377717:22
clarkbfungi: ^ is that new address expected to work? or we're just updating it now so that when networking works again we're ready?17:23
fungiclarkb: ^ if you can check that out quickly, i'll work on testing the mirror out once dns updates17:23
clarkbfungi: +2 from me17:23
fungiit is expected to be functional again (huge thanks to noonedeadpunk for getting teh right folks involved and keeping us in the loop)17:23
clarkbfungi: I went ahead and approved it17:28
openstackgerritMerged opendev/zone-opendev.org master: Update floating IP for airship-citycloud mirror  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/zone-opendev.org/+/77377717:34
fungionce that deploys i'll give the mirror a once-over and then approve 77324017:35
fungiclarkb: looking at http://cacti.openstack.org/cacti/graph.php?action=view&local_graph_id=26&rra_id=all it doesn't seem like the gerrit patch yesterday made any difference on overall system load average (comparing against values from 24 hours ago)17:38
clarkbya I wasn't sure if it would or not, just that leaky memory may have contributed to additional gc load17:40
fungiour nameservers are serving the new address for the citycloud mirror now, but i've still got the old one cached for another 35 minutes17:41
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clarkbfungi: https://mirror01.kna1.airship-citycloud.opendev.org/ loads for me now17:59
clarkbis there a change I can reviwe to reenable the nodepool provider?18:00
fungiclarkb: 773240 per above18:00
fungii'll un-wip it since you're able to confirm18:00
fungimy cache still has another 15 minutes or so on it18:00
clarkbwe can wait for your cache to clear it out if you like18:01
clarkbbut ya seems to work for me18:01
clarkbfungi: mnaser: also it looks like the vexxhost flavor change has merged? so we're now at risk of landing changes that can only pass in vexxhost?18:04
clarkbhas anyone looked at resurrecting the kernel boot parameter memory limits yet?18:04
clarkbor do we just want to accept that risk and maybe warn peopel of it18:05
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fungiit's worth keeping in mind that we have the same situation all over with other resources... jobs might only pass in ovh because they have more available disk, or might pass somewhere else because they have better i/o bandwidth or faster/more cpus18:09
clarkbthat is true, though I think with memory we're very likely to trip over it given the amount of swapping jobs do18:10
fungiwe've treated ram specially that way in the past, maybe with good reason, but it's about the only thing we've held stable between nodes in different environments18:10
openstackgerritSorin Sb├órnea proposed opendev/system-config master: Upgrade ansible-lint  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77378218:16
fungii thought we stopped running ansible-lint against system-config, but maybe that hasn't merged yet18:18
zbrfungi: yep the linter discovered that two files inside playbooks/ folder where in facts tasks, instead of being put inside tasks/ subfolder.18:20
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fungiso either that works and the linter is being picky, or we're not using those files and they can be cleaned up?18:31
fungiwe do have rather a bit of cruft in there we've been slowly cleaning out as we stumble across it18:31
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clarkbfungi: the two exampels work(ed) fine18:35
clarkbfungi: they are task files for gitea project renames18:35
clarkbansible will lookup files in the working dir aiui18:36
clarkbfungi: so ya I think a case of the linter being picky and wanting you to confrom to certain structure expectations beyond what the tool will accept18:36
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fungiclarkb: i was going to removed ianw's workflow -1 vote on 773240 so we can merge it, but i guess core reviewers can't remove each other's votes?18:44
fungier, was going to remove18:44
fungiat this point we can probably just wait for him to return anyway18:45
zbrcombining tasks and playbooks inside the same folder is a very bad practice as you will not be able to distinguish between them without looking inside. that practice has more downsides: what if one file is has a fatal error in it and you cannot infer its type?18:45
clarkbfungi: ya I think you need admin?18:46
fungiahh, yeah i suppose so. anyway, will wait a bit18:49
yoctozeptowhat did I break if I am getting "error: remote unpack failed: error Missing tree e659d987466862920dce31253ec61b0b63a23592" when doing `git review`?18:53
yoctozeptotbh, I can't see this id neither locally nor remotely18:55
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clarkbyoctozepto: if I clone kolla-ansible git show works on that sha118:56
clarkbI cloned from gerrit not opendev too18:56
fungiyoctozepto: maybe you're proposing it to the wrong repo? wrong branch?18:57
clarkbyoctozepto: its happening in org.eclipse.jgit.transport.ReceivePack.receivePackAndCheckConnectivity()18:57
clarkbI think what it is saying is that the pack you've sent isn't complete18:57
yoctozeptowell, I haven't changed much18:57
yoctozeptodid a `git review -d`18:57
yoctozeptoamended a patch18:57
yoctozeptoand tried to push back18:57
fungimaybe pulled into a dirty fork of master?18:58
fungithough -d should have recreated everything18:58
clarkbas it apepars to be doing a connectivity check of the pack it is receiving (not of the one it has)18:58
yoctozeptowell, this patch is on a top of a stack18:58
fungiyou may need to rebase the entire stack on the latest state of the first change in the stack18:58
fungiif you haven't done so already18:59
yoctozeptoI haven't18:59
yoctozeptoshould I always now?18:59
yoctozeptofeels painful18:59
*** whoami-rajat__ has quit IRC18:59
fungino need to rebase on the target branch unless there's a merge conflict somewhere, but altering a change in the middle of a stack will leave later changes which depended on it broken anyway18:59
yoctozeptono, it's just the tip that I'm modifying19:00
yoctozeptoI'll try rebasing locally and pushing the stack19:00
clarkband/or try a git fsck on your local repo?19:00
clarkbmaybe something about the local packs19:00
fungithat is an error i would expect if one of the parents of the change you amended is outdated, but i also wouldn't expect that state to be created by a git review -d19:00
clarkbfwiw cloning then git show on that ref works for me19:00
fungimeeting time19:00
yoctozeptoclarkb: it works, my bad previously, haven't checked the repo but the current branch19:01
yoctozeptoall right, rebasing the whole stack helped19:01
yoctozeptothanks, guys19:01
yoctozeptoI hope we merge this monster sooner than later :D19:01
clarkbyoctozepto: not sure I understand " haven't checked the repo but the current branch"19:02
yoctozeptoclarkb: checked the commit ids in the current branch, I confused the things19:03
*** sboyron_ has quit IRC19:03
yoctozeptonever mind, it's getting late19:03
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Revert "Temporarily stop booting nodes in citycloud-kna1"  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/project-config/+/77324019:40
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ianwfungi: did anyone cleanup the new mirror server i tried to start?20:01
fungiianw: not yet, wasn't sure if we wanted to continue with it20:02
ianwno particular need if we've already updated the dns, i'll remove it now20:02
ianwit wasn't deployed as such, because we could never talk to it20:03
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: borg-backup: implement saving a stream, use for database backups  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77173820:11
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openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed openstack/project-config master: Move bindep to opendev tenant  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/project-config/+/77379320:24
corvussn9 imminent20:24
openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/bindep master: Publish release notes  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77379520:26
openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/bindep master: Build docs for OpenDev  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77379620:26
openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/bindep master: Move all jobs in-repo  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77379720:26
johnsomI there, one of my patches has a job in "paused" (773784) in zuul. Isn't that a manual set state? Anyone know why it's paused?20:30
johnsomClicking the job link gives an empty console and not details.20:31
johnsomI there->Hi there. sigh20:31
fungijohnsom: that job serves content to other jobs which are running20:37
fungifrom what i gather, tripleo builds up a container registry and then serves the container images from it to builds of dependent jobs20:38
fungithis way each job doesn't have to redundantly build the same container images20:38
johnsomHmm, ok. This is my first patch in tripleo in a long time, so maybe I'm missing something about that job.20:39
fungiit will un-pause and finish up once the dependent builds complete20:39
johnsomSo, it built the repo, but is paused until the other patch jobs finish. Makes sense I guess. I will dig in more.20:39
johnsomZuul is getting so fancy.... lol20:39
fungiyeah, think of that build as an ephemeral server providing content to other running builds20:40
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fungii believe this is one of tripleo's workarounds for avoiding dockerhub rate limits20:40
johnsomAh, yeah, those are.... interesting20:41
openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/bindep master: Move all jobs in-repo  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77379721:14
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openstackgerritJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/bindep master: Build docs for OpenDev  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77379621:14
openstackgerritClark Boylan proposed opendev/system-config master: Run gerrit 3.2 and 3.3 functional tests  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77380721:29
clarkbianw: ^ first attempt at testing with 3.2 and 3.3 gerrits21:30
clarkbno idea if I got that right21:30
ianwlooks about right21:39
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/bindep master: Publish release notes  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/bindep/+/77379521:53
openstackgerritMerged openstack/project-config master: Move bindep to opendev tenant  https://review.opendev.org/c/openstack/project-config/+/77379322:14
ianwclarkb/fungi: did you have any particular thoughts on the --append logs (773570).  i'm thinking i can actually go ahead with our other changes; the only problem is that the prune isn't actually pruning so we need to continue to keep a close eye on disk-space22:29
ianwi have run a manual prune on vexxhost to the parameters in 771738  and we have 136G free now22:30
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openstackgerritIan Wienand proposed opendev/system-config master: borg-backup: implement saving a stream, use for database backups  https://review.opendev.org/c/opendev/system-config/+/77173823:41

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