Sunday, 2021-02-14

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openstackgerritTobias Henkel proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: Fix default origin_version in readme
openstackgerritTobias Henkel proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: ensure-openshift: workaround missing ansible26 repository
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openstackgerritMerged opendev/system-config master: Update AFS group vars filenames
fungionce i see the firewall rules restored to afs01.ord.o.o (it wasn't in emergency disable) i'll peel back more afs servers from the disable list and make sure they're still okay14:51
fungioh, what excellent timing. they just now updated14:52
fungitaking afsdb02 out of emergency disable now14:52
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dhellmannhi, folks! I'm seeing a permission error with gerrit when I try to propose a patch to openstack/reno ("prohibited by Gerrit: update for creating new commit object not permitted"). I suspect it's because I've changed my default email address, but I still have the one I use with git listed as an alternate. Can anyone think of anything else I can check/change? Or is there more I can do to debug and get a more detailed error message?17:02
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fungidhellmann: oh, that's a strange one17:32
dhellmannhi, fungi, it's been a while. I hope you're well!17:32
fungichecking server logs17:32
fungiindeed, and same to you! all's well here17:33
dhellmannyeah, I'm trying not to take gerrit's rejection personally ;-)17:33
fungiit can be a little grumpy on valentine's day17:33
* dhellmann nods17:34
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dhellmannpoor lonely service...17:34
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dhellmannI don't know if it matters, but I have git-review 1.26.0 installed and I see the latest is 1.28.017:36
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fungioh, that may actually be it... i think you need at least 1.27 with the version of gerrit you're running now, because of how gerrit changed some things in a backward-incompatible way17:37
fungichecking the release notes for that17:37
dhellmannhuzzah, that did fix it17:38
fungiyep, that was which merged in 1.27.017:40
fungigreat suggestion, and sorry i didn't think of that straight away17:40
fungiit ends up not being evident in the gerrit error log17:40
fungiso i was scratching my head until you thought of that17:40
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dhellmannyeah, it didn't occur to me until I started thinking about how long it had been since I'd proposed a patch to gerrit. I've reviewed a few recently, but it's been months since I pushed anything up for review.17:41
fungihave a new release of git-review in the works, but trying to find our way out of a rather deep rabbit hole to get its test framework working with python 3.9 first17:41
dhellmannfungi : thanks for your help, as always, and especially since it's the weekend17:41
fungiit's my pleasure. thanks for trying to improve reno on a weekend! ;)17:42
dhellmannyeah, we're currently stuck with jd's patch because the lower-constraints are timing out, but I think giving the resolver more details should help with that17:42
dhellmannyou don't happen to know if there was a policy change about needing to keep up with lower-constraints lately, was there? I'm pretty far out of the loop on that sort of thing these days17:43
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fungidhellmann: lower-constraints are far, far harder to satisfy with the new pip dep solver17:44
fungii think some projects have dropped their l-c jobs entirely, some are just dropping them from stable branches and trying to keep them working well enough in master until release, then plan to drop them when branching17:45
dhellmannyeah, it seems to be working very hard at it on my local system17:45
dhellmannI'll talk to Hervé about whether it makes sense to drop that for reno, too, then17:45
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fungicalculating a full transitive set of lower bounds for a complex project is not easy, updating it is also rather challenging. in master you can wing it by just listing your direct deps as constraints and cross your fingers until something incompatible pops up in the transitive set and you have to make adjustments, but doing that in stable branches is basically a non-starter17:46
dhellmannyeah, I thought if I listed a constraint for each dependency it might resolve more quickly but if dropping the job is an option then there's no need to spend the time on making that list17:47
fungiwe've had endless debates about it on the openstack-discuss ml and the openstack tc is tracking the discussion as well in case any openstack policies need to be added/adjusted (but lower constraints jobs aren't in the pti anyway so they're not mandatory)17:47
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dhellmannyeah, I think we avoided making them mandatory because we didn't want to send the message that we expected anyone to use those versions. the job was more for making sure the mins in the requirements.txt list made sense.17:50
dhellmannfwiw, pinning all of the dependencies does make it fast enough that the job doesn't time out
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fungiyep, having no constraints pip works fairly quickly. having everything constrained pip doesn't need to figure out anything. having some stuff constrained and some not causes pathological contortions in the solver18:23
fungiafs01.ord.o.o was looking good so after a while i also took afsdb02.o.o out of the emergency disable list and am keeping an eye on it too18:30
fungithen i'll do afs02.dfw.o.o, then afsdb01.o.o, then finally afs01.dfw.o.o18:33
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fungier, afs02.dfw was actually what i removed, afs01.ord was what i was checking originally because it wasn't disabled20:34
fungianyway, all's still looking okay to me, taking afsdb01.o.o out of disable now20:34
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ianwfungi: thanks for working through this21:47
fungiianw: no problem, if you get a sec though, feel free to double-check stuff is looking right to you as well21:51
fungii'm about to take afs01.dfw.o.o out of emergency disable shortly, and i figure that's the most risky one21:51
ianwok, if the others survived my confidence is high :)22:03
fungiwell, they've at least survived the things i tested22:19
fungiokay, un-disabling 01.dfw now22:19
fungi#status log All OpenAFS servers have now been removed from the Ansible emergency disable list and are being managed normally again.22:26
openstackstatusfungi: finished logging22:26
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