Monday, 2021-04-05

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fungiapparently accounts are now being folded into red hat's customer authentication, so whatever quay account(s) we have need to be switched over to a "red hat id"17:28
fungiby the end of june, so not a huge hurry17:29
clarkbI'm not aware of any accounts but maybe corvus or mordred set some up?17:29
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fungisomething prompted them to reach out to infra-root@o.o to let us know about it17:30
corvusi suspect we have accounts we registered for future use; maybe in secrets file?17:38
fungilikely, i haven't checked yet17:38
fungiactually, now i have checked, nothing in that file says "quay" according to a case-insensitive search17:40
corvuscheck ansible inventory?  if nothing there, may be worth a password reset for 'infra-root' ?17:41
funginothing in /etc/ansible/hosts on bridge.o.o17:42
funginothing in system-config other than our quay mirror role and some tests for it17:43
mordredI feel like i set that up at some point to squat namespaces17:44
fungier, quay proxy port in the vhost template for our "mirror" role i mean17:44
clarkbfungi: ya that should be an anonymous proxy, no login17:45
mordredBut if the password isn't in the file, reset seems perfectly reasonable17:45
fungiright, i think the takeaway is that we don't seem to have recorded credentials for this anywhere, so resetting it doesn't mean we break anything17:48
fungibut also, we should record what we reset it to ;)17:48
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melwittfungi: I wanted to start looking at working on updates to jeepyb to work with the new gerrit and I found this old change and wondered if it would enable gerrit to update launchpad bugs again?
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fungimelwitt: nah, the real problem is the db queries to look up openids for mapping to launchpad account names22:01
fungimelwitt: 782538 is a stopgap, but i need to look into why its tests are failing22:01
melwittfungi: thanks, I saw that too and wasn't sure what's what heh. cool, I didn't want to duplicate anyone else's work22:02
melwittTask Build a docker image failed running on host ubuntu-bionic22:03
melwittHead Get net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)22:04
fungiahh, i can probably just recheck that22:04
melwittdoesn't look related to your change but not sure what's wrong22:04
fungithanks for looking at it! i'm falling down on the job22:05
melwittnp, thanks for working on it :)22:07
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clarkbputting the meeting agenda together now22:25
clarkbthis week is rc week for openstack?22:25
clarkband airship is also working on a release?22:25
fungimelwitt: well, most of the work on that was just fixing bitrot in tests for libraries it uses22:25
clarkbya schedule says final RCs this week22:26
clarkbagenda sent22:30
openstackgerritMerged opendev/jeepyb master: Stop trying to assign Launchpad bugs
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fungimelwitt: now we should just need to turn it back on23:20
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melwittfungi: will that also do the patchset merged bug marking to Fix Released or Fix Committed too?23:40
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fungithose should have been working already23:48
fungiit was only updating on new patchsets we disabled23:48

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