Sunday, 2021-05-30

clarkbfungi: looks like statusbot didn't come back after the applied changes went in?00:07
fungioh, i'll check on it, thanks for spotting00:08
clarkbfungi: also I'm not seeing the may 30th log file on eavesdrop00:08
clarkbnevermind it is there now. Maybe I just needed to start typing?00:09
fungilast thing statusbot logged was at 18:28:08 utc00:09
fungidebug log for it stops abruptly00:10
fungii'll start it again00:10
clarkbfungi: could that be due to the image updating and your local edits and my upstream changes weren't quite in sync maybe?00:11
fungioh, it's trying to run under python3 now00:11
fungiImportError: No module named 'ConfigParser'00:11
clarkbaha so ya my edits must not hvae been sufficient00:11
clarkbdo you want me to fix that?00:11
fungiwell, i have a feeling we were previously installing it with pip for python 2.7 and this is just the first change we've made since something switched us to installing things with pip for python 3.500:12
fungiso there may be other things which need editing00:12
fungido we want to just roll forward onto python3 i guess?00:12
fungii can work up a change to address whatever needs updating for that00:13
clarkbya that seems reasonable since we need to do that to dockerize it00:13
clarkbsince our docker images all assume python300:13
fungiyeah, there's some print statements which aren't functions at the very least00:14
fungioh, this is icky... it's actually print statements in simplemediawiki00:15
fungiFile "/usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/", line 17900:15
fungiprint test_api_url00:15
fungipip says it's simplemediawiki 1.1.1, i have a feeling it found a 2.7 wheel flagged incorrectly as universal or something00:17
clarkbthe last release of that lib was long enough ago that it may just be naive and not specify00:17
fungiyeah, that's the latest version, Released: Oct 16, 201100:17
funginot a wheel, just an sdist00:18
clarkbmaybe we need to stick to python2 for now00:18
fungialso that sudo error for the statusbot account on eavesdrop was me00:19
clarkbI'm not going to be able to fix that tonight, but wanted to check in after the utc day rolled over to check log rollover in particular00:19
clarkbI'll try to check in tomorrow though00:20
clarkb(and log rollover does look good)00:20
fungiyeah, no worries, i'll try to find where we've somehow started to use python3 to install it00:20
clarkbfungi: maybe `pip` changed its default target somehow?00:20
fungialso possible00:23
fungiyeah, /usr/local/bin/pip has #!/usr/bin/python300:24
clarkbwell thats a thread to pull on. I need to sort out dinner now. Thanks for getting all this done today00:25
fungilast modified 2021-01-2300:25
fungithanks for all your help! enjoy dinner00:25
ianw++ huge thanks for sorting this one out00:25
fungithe "sudden" python3 transition for statusbot is going to take a bit of work to unravel, i suspect00:26
fungiit happened sometime between this weekend and two years ago (2019-04-20) when statusbot was last installed on the server00:28
fungiand it's getting a bit late here, so short of manually reinstalling with pip2 or locally editing simplemediawiki's files on the server to support python3, it may have to wait for tomorrow for me to go deeper00:30
fungii guess i'll see how terrible forking simplemediawiki to work on python3 will be00:30
ianw1.1.1, oct 17, 201100:31
ianwit looks like there are pre-release packages that have at least 3.3 support00:32
fungialso uses cookielib (now http.cookiejar), StringIO (now io)...00:35
fungioh, yeah maybe we can pip install --pre00:35
funginow i've installed simplemediawiki 1.2.0b200:37
ianwheh, me too, it wants stringio, we can try patching that out00:37
funginext up, statusbot is complaining about strings vs byte type objects00:37
ianwhow are you starting it?00:38
*** opendevstatus has joined #opendev00:38
funginon-daemon (-d) as the statusbot user00:39
fungiseems that was enough to get it working, i'll get the diff pushed up for review00:39
fungithough it may crashycrash as soon as we status notice00:39
fungiwaiting for it to finish joining channels first00:40
ianwprobably the easiest thing to do is to "vendor" it?  as in we can still make changes but keep it in statusbot00:42
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/statusbot master: Switch to Python3
fungiianw: ^ or update requirements.txt to specify the prerelease as a minimum00:44
fungiassuming it actually works. time to find out00:45
fungi#status notice Manually patched statusbot and forced upgrade of simplemediawiki to a prerelease on eavesdrop to accommodate installing for Python 3.500:45
opendevstatusfungi: sending notice00:45
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fungii didn't mean to notice that, was supposed to be log00:46
*** opendevstatus has joined #opendev00:46
fungii killed the bot with ctrl-c so as not to spam too many channels00:46
ianwi still see a process running with -d ?00:47
fungiyeah, i started it back up00:48
fungiit only spammed 6 channels before i caught it00:48
fungionce it finishes joining everything again i'll do the same but log instead of notice00:49
fungii think it updates the wiki after it writes to all the channels, so it didn't get around to that yet00:49
fungi#status log Manually patched statusbot and forced upgrade of simplemediawiki to a prerelease on eavesdrop to accommodate installing for Python 3.500:49
opendevstatusfungi: finished logging00:49
fungiseems to be working00:50
fungiokay, for now i'll kill it and start it back up with systemctl00:52
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ianwis there anything else outstanding?00:53
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ianwi'm about to leave for my government mandated 2 hours of outdoor exercise time, as we are back in a lockdown situation :/00:54
fungiianw: well, aside from the update i sent to service-discuss, there's this pad where we've tracked what we had to fix:
fungiwe're caught up on those things for now, with the exception of the hand-patched supybot (we may be able to switch it from a deb to pip install, i haven't looked hard at that option yet)00:55
fungior we could just raise the priority on the limnoria rewrite00:55
ianwok, thanks for the pointers.  i'll try to bring myself up to speed00:57
fungithe supybot patch was really just a minor string tweak to get it to recognize a nickserv response00:58
fungibut we're installing from the deb in ubuntu, which wasn't updated from xenial to bionic and was then dropped entirely in focal00:59
fungisince we're installing our own fork of meetbot with pip, installing newer supybot with pip seems like it would likely be straightforward to implement01:00
fungilonger term regressions we've accepted for now for the sake of expediency: identifying to nickserv without the identify-msg cap runs the risk of sending our passwords to an imposter nickserv (during a service outage/netsplit) but we could switch our bots to certfp auth or back to sasl once it's supported here, and the lack of identify-msg cap also means we currently don't confirm that nicks01:03
fungiinteracting with statusbot are registered and identified (we could add some extra routines to check with /whois or something)01:03
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yoctozeptoseemingly 0 spam after setting +s07:05
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paladoxianw: exercise is mandated where you live?10:14
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frickler#status log Restarted statusbot, it wasn't running and had stopped logging around 00:5211:19
opendevstatusfrickler: finished logging11:19
fricklerfungi: ^^ maybe we need to keep statusbot running in a screen for some time in order to catch possible other issues, I didn't manage to find something helpful in any log11:21
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fungipaladox: sounds about like what i'd expect from a former prison colony ;)11:34
fungifrickler: i agree, i'll get it set up now11:34
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fungiinfra-root: i've got a root screen session going on eavesdrop.o.o where i did an su to the statusbot user and then started statusbot in the foreground, so if it dies again we should be able to check that to find any traceback it might have left11:38
fungi#status log Restarted statusbot in the foreground within a root screen session for better collection of possible crash data11:42
opendevstatusfungi: finished logging11:42
fungii need to update my client configuration, so will be in and out for a bit if someone's looking for me14:29
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fungiokay, i think i'm done for now14:46
fungii'm in 45 channels here on oftc, stayed in 13 on freenode to help redirect stragglers for stuff i'm involved in14:49
corvusi'm going to restart all of zuul15:29
corvuswe're going to get some more stuff in zk; mostly some raw configuration data15:30
corvus#status log restarted all of zuul on commit bd1a669cc8e4eb143ecc96b67031574968d51d1e15:35
opendevstatuscorvus: finished logging15:35
corvusthough it looks like we're still one commit shy of really switching over to storing the config files in zk15:36
corvusso it may not be a huge zk change, but there's still quite a bit of stuff since our last restart15:37
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fungii'm hanging out in #rdo in hopes of getting up with the current owners this week to either allow opendevaccess to manage it or tell us they don't need our service bots in there... it's continuing to get spammed today while none of the numerous +s channels i'm in are getting hit21:22
fungimore evidence that's been helping, i guess21:22
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: setup.cfg: Replace dashes with underscores

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