Sunday, 2021-06-13

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opendevreviewJames E. Blair proposed opendev/infra-specs master: Add Matrix spec
corvustristanC: ^ i put your name on that as one of the assignees since you more or less have a Matrix gerritbot replacement ready to go, hope that's ok :)01:22
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tristanCcorvus: that's fine, thanks13:01
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mordredcorvus, tristanC: given the point about being able to use matrix bots to interact with IRC channels - "move to tristanC's gerritbot" could be a self-contained suggestion that does not necessarily need the full matrix spec to be approved18:18
fungiyep, i see that as a non-contingent option18:26
fungibasically all of our bots could become matrix bots serving irc via bridges as independent steps18:26
mordredyah. and if the matrix bot path is a more stable/easier API surface, then that could potentially help with management on our side18:30
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mnaserinfra-root: the host that runs review02.o.o seems to have crashed.  we've evacuated the host which means you'll have noticed a system reboot19:17
* mnaser back to regular weekend programming19:17
fungimnaser: thanks for the heads up, it's thankfully not in production yet19:25
mnaserfungi: we can get a practice run on seeing how it recovers from a reboot then :)19:41
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ShadowJonathanjoin openstack19:53
ShadowJonathanoh whoops19:53
fungijoin us! joiiiiin usssss!!!20:02
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