Saturday, 2021-07-17

corvuszuul changes have merged; i'm going to pull and restart zuul again02:36
corvusi'm going to go ahead and restart everything, just to be extra sure before the gerrit move02:36
corvus(even though only -web should be needed)02:37
corvus#status log restarted all of zuul on commit 43a8e34559e594a33faafecfe9a0a33e52e25ee802:38
opendevstatuscorvus: finished logging02:38
corvusre-enqueue complete02:50
corvus looks good now02:52
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mordredclarkb: you know - libs_from_git pre-dates zuul v3. I wonder if there's a good way with modern zuul to detect in the devstack jobs that a particular lib has a depends-on and to be able to infer that libs-from-git should be set for that lib16:19
mordredbecause typically if there's a lib change in the dependency chain, the expectation of the devs be that it would be under test16:20
mordredI don't think it was feasilble to code that when libs_from_git was developed16:20
mordredbut might be today? dunno16:20
fungiwell, that does mean that your jobs are run differently when they have a depends-on et cetera, which can then wedge your project if you merge a change which depends on a not-yet-released feature of a dependency and then after that your jobs go back to consuming the released dependency which doesn't have that21:02
corvusfungi, mordred: yeah, i think it would still need to be a secondary non-voting job -- but maybe that job could be more automatic in how it decides what to use from git.23:52
corvus(at least, it would have to be a secondary non-voting job based on the constraints imposed by openstack's chosen release/deliverable model)23:53
corvusi'm going to go ahead and restart zuul again, just to keep out of the way of the gerrit work23:54

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