Saturday, 2021-08-28

mazzyfungi, mordred: i have a question about the dib. so i'm approaching to create an image for flatcar. what it's not clear to me is the concept of base image. for base image you mean the environment where the building will happen and that then will be discarded or is it the image from which the final OS image is based on?08:00
mazzyi'm asking because in the case of flatcar, the doc says09:51
mazzyThe SDK chroot has a full toolchain and isolates the build process from quirks and differences between host OSes. The SDK must be run on an x86-64 Linux machine, the distro should not matter (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc).09:51
mazzyso in my case the base image can be ubuntu?10:02
fungimazzy: a bit of context might help. it looks like dib uses the term "base image" in reference to an image creation mode which starts with an existing image mounted on a loop device as the initial chroot and then modifies that as instructed by subsequent elements. an alternative is the -minimal variants it has for some platforms, where its "base image" is effectively an empty chroot and then12:29
fungisome tools run on the host system (installed outside the chroot) are used to bootstrap packages into that chroot (debootstrap, rpmstrap, et cetera)12:29
fungii don't know if the term "base image" is entirely standardized in dib, for example the gentoo element's readme refers to it as a "baseline" instead:
mordredyeah. so it seems to me that the flatcar sdk it more akin to debootstrap in structure13:10
mordredI'd look at making an element similar to the debootstrap one - it should be a similar pattern at least13:12
mazzymore, fungi: thanks guys. I'll try to follow the structure of debootstrap 13:34
corvusmordred: i think i found a minory issue with 14:18
corvusmordred: but the rest lgtm -- and i did end up tracing through all of it :)14:18
mordredcorvus: you're right. I think let's pin 3.7 to latest since that's the default in the dockerfile14:40
corvusmordred: ++14:41
opendevreviewMonty Taylor proposed opendev/system-config master: Produce both buster and bullseye container images
mordredclarkb: thanks for the weird ARG fix14:45
corvusmordred: lgtm :)14:46
mazzymordred: i was looking at the debootstrap element but perhaps i'm missing some repos becuase i do not get where the actual fetching of the debootstrap tar is made according the pattern I would20:09
mazzyexpect that debootstrap elemenet would use cache-url element to populate the cache with the tar but i didn't find the actual pulling of the the tar defined in the env var. what am i missing?20:09
fungimordred: the system-config-upload-image-matrix-eavesdrop POST_FAILURE on your is truly baffling me22:39
fungii'll set an autohold on it if you don't have any immediate ideas22:39
mordredfungi: haven't looked yet, but we've been seeing issues during cleanup phase.22:54
fungimordred: it's consistently complaining "Release 'buster-backports' for 'libolm-dev' was not found" even though is a thing23:14
fungidid it again on recheck23:14
fungimakes me wonder if there's a problem with the backports suite23:15
corvusfungi, mordred: i think we need one more update based on latest change23:19
corvusfungi, mordred: left comment -- i think we need to specify the -bullseye tag in the matrix-eavesdrop image23:21
corvusthough, tbh, i'm not 100% sure on that23:23
corvusbecause no matter what image it got, it should have installed the backports repo?23:24
corvuslooking at the build steps in i don't see it pulling from backports23:25
corvusduring the apt-get update23:25
corvusyeah actually this should all be working for -buster, so my comment is wrong23:26
corvusoh! i see it.23:29
corvusfungi, mordred: okay, updated comments.  it's not mordred's fault.  The gate pipeline configuration was wrong (the 'build' vs 'upload' job dep error)23:30
corvusour first clue should have been "it worked in check but not gate" :)23:31
fungigood point, i wondered if we were just not running that job in check, i should have looked :/23:32
corvusi'll go ahead and update the change23:45
opendevreviewJames E. Blair proposed opendev/system-config master: Produce both buster and bullseye container images

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