Friday, 2021-09-24

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fricklerdoes zuul ignore a recheck comment that is combined with an inline comment?
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fungifrickler: i think so, i've noticed it also doesn't match one which includes a vote13:19
fungifrickler: not so much "ignore" as the regex we've got in the pipeline configs just isn't matching those, i expect it could be made to with some additional effort13:20
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clarkbfungi: any idea if the network issues to review yesterday were local or related to the service?14:39
fungii couldn't tell, they cleared up fairly quickly and nobody else expressed any problems14:40
fungii started some pings right away and didn't see packet loss14:40
clarkbre rechecks it is just operating off of the event stream output and applying a regex to the message field. Maybe set up the stream and filter for sandbox events then do some of the things you expect to work and see if the events are formatted differently?14:41
fungii think there's additional data prefixing the message when inline comments and votes are included14:44
fungiso we probably just need a more greedy match at the start of the pattern14:44
clarkbthat would explain it14:45
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clarkbsaying it out loud here because I keep getting distracted but want to make progress on this stuff. Monday it would be good to land the gerrit theme updates and restart gerrit as well as upgrade gitea to 1.14.717:45
clarkbThen we'll be able to do the gitea 1.15.x upgrade with minimal impact when we are comfortable doing that17:45
fungii agree with those assertions17:46
clarkbfwiw replication apepars to be happy now after the network chagnes in vexxhost17:47
clarkbwe could remove the replication timeouts if we want btu I think they may be a good safety check?17:47
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fungii think they're a good safeguard against future network instability. the internet is still the internet17:51
clarkbThis is interesting I'm doing local system updates and networking for any new connections is completely broken but this connection continues to function19:03
clarkbI feel like I ran into this before but I have no idea what would cause that19:03
clarkbnothing in there19:06
clarkband firewalld is supposedly not running19:06
clarkboh wait firwall-cmd --state says it isn't running but there is a process for it19:06
clarkbI need to reboot anyway for the kernel and associated updates so I'll start there and debug mroe deeply if that doesn't fix it19:07
fungiyeah, if existing connections are working and new connections are blocked, firewalls are the first place i check19:09
clarkbit is happy now. I'll have to dig more next time if it happens19:13
rosmaitahello ... suddenly seeing a lot of failures this afternoon in tempest-full-py3 ... the ones i've looked at for os-brick are failing during setup with "mkswap: error: /root/swapfile is mounted; will not make swapspace"19:47
rosmaitadoesn't seem to just be os-brick19:48
Clark[m]rosmaita check out the openstack-discuss list. I have a write up on it19:50
rosmaitai need better email filters ... sorry, i did check my mail before posting but didn't see it ... thanks19:51
rosmaitagot it: in case anyone else is looking19:53
fungiif desired, we can enqueue/promote that devstack change to merge it sooner, since it's already approved20:00
fungiheading out for a quick walk, then going to be working on dinner, but i should be around some later20:12
clarkbI think it will enqueue itself to the gate soon anyway20:22
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clarkbI just +2'd a change and rechecked it in the same comment and that worked fwiw21:09
clarkb810554 in the zuul check queue if you want to take a look21:10
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opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/infra-specs master: Add a specification for Mailman 3
fungiclarkb: ^ not urgent, just a heads up22:38
fungii'll add it to the meeting agenda22:38
johnsomIs this parted error a known issue?
fungijohnsom: it's the devstack swap bug clarkb posted about on the openstack-discuss ml22:40
johnsomAh, haven't read that for a few minutes. Thanks22:40
clarkbit is a variant specific to rax because we have an ephemeral disk we can partition there rather than needing to use a swapfile, but ya same issue22:41
fungiwell, maybe, the error doesn't look the same to me22:41
fungibut yeah22:41
clarkbon clouds !rax we fail because mkswap won't make a swapfile on a file that is already a swapfile and on rax we fail to partition a device that is already partitioned22:41
clarkbthe fix is in the gate22:41
johnsomAwesome, thank you.22:42
clarkbthe fix just merged. Time to recheck22:49
fungijohnsom: ^22:53
johnsomYep, thanks.22:54

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