Saturday, 2021-10-02

fungicorvus: looks like the packaging addition doesn't need to be limited to newer python versions based on all the jobs for that change passing00:14
fungiwe can probably even clean up the old distutils codepaths, given that00:14
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed ttygroup/gertty master: Make related change entries selectable
fungicorvus: ^ that also works for me, and might be more concise than shadowing the selectable() method, but i can put that into the subclass instead of setting self._selectable in the initiator00:59
fungihappy with whichever solution you consider more urwid-esque00:59
opendevreviewJeremy Stanley proposed opendev/bindep master: Require packaging
yoctozeptosome zuul status pages are broken on cors:
fungiwe set cors headers when uploading the backing files to swift18:40
fungii wonder if some site isn't serving them18:41
fungithat one's rackspace18:41
fungiyoctozepto: are the others you've spotted also being served from rackspace?18:41
fungithat is to say, log urls with domains ending in rackcdn.com18:42
mrkikofungi: corvus: very very grateful to you guys22:23
fungimrkiko: your testing is greatly appreciated too, sometimes accessibility problems aren't obvious unless they get pointed out22:58
mrkikofungi: thanks!!23:10

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