Saturday, 2021-10-30

corvusi'd like to restart zuul now15:36
fungii'm around if you need help with it15:40
corvuslooking at the logs.... we might need to remove some of that extra change cache debugging i added :)15:40
funginoisy, yeah15:46
fungithough it seems quiet enough now15:46
fungioh, there it goes again15:47
fungii'll try to keep an eye on it when i can15:54
corvusi'm going to try starting up a second scheduler now to see what happens16:05
fungidon't cross the streams? ;)16:12
fungiat least not when you're wearing an unlicensed nuclear reactor on your back16:12
corvusfyi, the status page is going to look inconsistent while the second scheduler starts.  that's expected (and won't be a problem long-term)16:13
fungithanks for the warning16:14
corvusjust reload if you get 'something went wrong'16:14
corvusthe two schedulers have been generally working as expected so far.  i'm going to leave them both running for a while to see if anything major breaks.  we know there is still some incomplete work that will cause the branch cache to get out of date over time, so i expect to shut zuul01 down (and maybe even restart zuul02 for good measure) by the end of the day at the latest (if nothing explodes before then).17:11
fungisounds good, and exciting!18:17

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