Sunday, 2021-11-14

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corvusi just pushed up a big rebase to a stack of zuul changes, and there's a handful of changes in the openstack tenant... i think now would be a fun time to try a rolling restart to pick up that fix from yesterday14:14
corvusokay we're running on zuul01 only now14:17
corvusnow restarting zuul02 on new version14:17
corvuslooks good; resting zuul01 now14:29
corvusit's up and running.  i think that concludes our first successful zuul-scheduler rolling restart :)14:48
fungithis is a landmark day indeed14:49
fungieverything still seems to be running smoothly18:21
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Add Fedora 35
fungiand things are still merging! ^22:26
ianw:) 22:45
ianwf35 images just finalising now23:18

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