Wednesday, 2021-11-24

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prometheanfireis there a dedicated channel for openstack docs? Tried #openstack-docs  need their help for
fungiprometheanfire: it's #openstack-doc (no "s" on the end)00:47
fungibut also there is no more sig, it folded and the tc has assumed responsibility for the bits it was maintaining, at least for now00:47
prometheanfireah, fun00:50
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fungii've pushed a 2.2.0 tag for git-review using the current master branch tip. once packages are published i'll send an announcement with the release notes02:28
fungiand sent02:53
fungiin retrospect, i see we classed the core.hooksPath support as a bug fix rather than a feature, so i could have tagged it as 2.1.1, but i guess 2.2.0 was still a conservative choice there02:54
fricklerprometheanfire: that docs failed seems to be cause by aodhclient, which doesn't look very active. I'll propose a patch to OSC to suspend its doc build, just like they do for some other plugins already05:14
* frickler notices not being fully awake doesn't improve spelling abilities05:14
prometheanfirethanks, if you can ping me with the review I'll add myself for review05:15
prometheanfirefungi: nice, I'll package it soon then :D05:16
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johnsomJust an FYI observation, over the week I have seen a few of these POST_FAILURE runs with odd permission denied errors:
johnsomAnother one, different project:
opendevreviewMerged openstack/diskimage-builder master: Added missing grubby arg DIB_BOOTLOADER_DEFAULT_CMDLINE
fungiokay, so looks like it's getting "permission denied" executing ./testrepository.subunit during the "fetch-subunit-output: Generate testr_results.html file" task22:34

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