Sunday, 2021-12-19

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prometheanfireso, uh, setuptools now requires >=py3.7, anyone know the status / if openstack is now >=py3.8 now?18:52
clarkbprometheanfire: there is a whole thread on it on the mailing list. It would probably be a good idea to respond to it showing this is why openstack awnts to drop older pythons as they go away18:53
clarkbalso that wasn't very nice of them to do the weekend before christmas18:53
clarkbtldr is no python3.6 needs to still be supported because centos/rhel18:53
prometheanfireya, on a point release too18:54
prometheanfireya, I read the thread a week or so ago, a lot in there :P18:54
clarkbprometheanfire: hopefully they set the python_requires at least?18:56
clarkbthen pip will automatically figure it out for us in most cases18:56
prometheanfirethey do18:58
prometheanfirejust noticing that on a reqs update is all18:59
fungipip will automatically figure it out _if_ it's new enough pip19:08
prometheanfirebig if there19:30
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opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Forward messages for OpenInfra Foundation staff ML
ianwsigh, a thread on setuptools is not inspiring me to open my mail :)21:32
fungiit was a week ago, you've already read it21:37
ianwoh right, that one.  let's hope for no more xmas presents21:49
fungii like to think of it as a yule log21:54
fungiianw: if you're interested, topic:mailman3 has a few changes to start out by adding https to our existing mailing list sites23:00
fungii started on that end after discovering that .dev domains are technically not supposed to ever allow plain http (and some browsers enforce this), so the new site technically isn't reachable (though some browsers on some of my systems are willing to load it, some auto-switch to https and then throw errors even though https-everywhere isn't turned on)23:01
fungiapparently anything under the .dev tld is supposed to be treated as part of the hsts preload list23:02
fungihow i made it this long never knowing that, i have no idea23:02
fungianyway, that stack of changes also gets us some http(s) testinfra routines looking at the mock mailman deployments, so that'll also be useful when we start adding mailman v323:04
ianwheh, that's interesting!23:22
ianwi'll look that over soon23:22

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