Saturday, 2022-01-15

opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed opendev/lodgeit master: [DNM] Update to Python 3.9
opendevreviewIan Wienand proposed opendev/lodgeit master: [DNM] Update new paste message
fungiwelcome back, ianw!00:07
ianw:) trying to get things in order for LCA talk tomorrow00:10
ianwi'm about 80%00:11
ianwi would suggest, if you have the option of *not* getting covid, you take that :)00:11
Clark[m]ianw: noted :)00:16
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fungium, yeah, sound advice00:18
corvusinfra-root: i'd like to restart zuul.  this will be a disruptive restart with a full queue save/restore  (can't do a rolling restart this time)00:30
clarkbI'm fading out and need to help start dinner, but no objections from me.00:31
fungisounds good, is the expectation this may end up tagged 4.12.0?00:33
corvusfungi: exactly00:34
fungii'll let #openstack-release know, though they're almost certainly done for the day00:34
fungithey've been forewarned00:35
fungii'm around too if you need help with the restart00:35
corvusall right.  i've pulled and saved queues (using the new script from zuul/tools), so here we go.00:35
fungioh, right, new script!00:35
corvusstopped and running `zuul delete-state` now00:37
corvushrm, i'm not sure it actually stopped00:40
corvusrunning twice helped.  maybe raced a deployment or something.00:40
corvusstarting now00:40
funginot sure it stopped as in you saw a rogue running process or new data appeared in zk after the delete-state?00:41
corvusboth :)00:41
fungioh, hrm00:41
corvusdelete-state errored, and then i checked zuul02 and it had restarted the docker container00:42
corvusi have started both schedulers.00:43
corvusamusingly, zuul01 is now idle as it waits for zuul02 to finish the initial openstack tenant configuration.  it has already completed all the others.00:44
corvusyeah, the config is a wee bit lopsided00:57
corvusespecially since the number of branches seems to be growing00:57
corvuszuul02 is up; waiting for zuul01 and zuul-web to catch up now01:00
corvuszuul01 is ready, zuul-web is next.01:04
corvusokay, everything is up and running the same version :)01:08
corvushrm, looks like there was a race condition with zuul web and an empty branch cache which has caused it to fail to load the zuul tenant.  i'm going to restart zuul-web now.  hopefully later i can track down what caused it.01:13
corvusre-enqueue for openstack tenant is done01:14
corvuszuul-web is back up, and re-enqueue for zuul tenant is done01:21
corvusi think that concludes maintenance01:21
corvusthings are still looking good03:08
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