Saturday, 2022-01-29

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opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: Drop gitweb dependencies
Clark[m]fungi: ^ that was the only one I rechecked. Happy to help out with merging more Monday when I can watch00:31
gmannClark[m]: fungi not sure why this error while adding bot access for openstack-skyline IRC
gmannchannel is registered and these are changes I am proposing
gmann2nd things need help is: I cannot set topic for new channel #openstack-venus may be same issue of registration or so?03:06
gmanneven though its in accessbot list and I have ops write
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fricklergmann: for skyline, only boxiang current has access, they need to grant master access to opendevaccess in order to let us manage the channel10:30
fricklerfor the venus channel, I was able to set a topic, maybe one needs more than chanop for that?10:36
fungigmann: are you setting the channel topic by commanding chanserv, or are you trying to use /topic directly?12:35
fricklerah, right, I tested using chanserv, should've mentioned that15:16
fungigmann: for reference
fungiit may make sense to move some stuff from that article over to
gmannfrickler: fungi thanks, for venus it worked. I was trying with chanserv but need to identify my nick first and then it worked 20:12
gmann frickler : for skyline, I will ask boxiang for access to opendevaccess . thanks for checking20:12
fungigmann: ahh, yeah, nothing will work if you haven't authenticated. i set up certificate-based auth for oftc so i'm automatically logged in by my connection without needing to identify20:15
gmannfungi: yeah and already being login in IRC, I thought i am already authenticated.20:16

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