Saturday, 2022-02-05

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clarkbfungi: should we propose a pbr release now?15:30
fungiclarkb: yep, it was on my agenda for the morning, i slept in a bit but coffee has been imbibed so i can work on that now15:30
clarkbno rush :) it is the weekend afterall.15:31
fungithere are now four commits since 5.8.0, none add features or change dependencies, so 5.8.1 is probably in order. do we want to add any release notes about that last change?15:33
fungithe other changes are basically just testing cleanups or fixing warnings15:40
fungithis is the only regression fix15:40
fungimight not be a bad idea to let users know the packages made with 5.8.0 were missing pbr's metadata15:43
Clark[m]Does PBR do Reno?16:05
Clark[m]I suppose we could add a note to explain the bug and rebuilding packages if necessary16:05
fungiit does, and yes i'm about to push it now16:07
fungiClark[m]: pushed now as 82797716:09
Clark[m]Sorry morning distracted me. Looking soon17:56
fungithanks! once it merges i'll push up a release request18:07
fricklerdoes the dco-license job need any special parameters or is it just broken?
fungigood question... i doubt it's been used since the kata tenant was torn down19:21
fungii'm not sure we have examples left of how it was being employed19:22
fungifrickler: note that job was, as far as i know, only every used to check dco footers in github pull request commits, because doing so required a paid feature (at least at the time that was written). for a project in gerrit, you don't need a zuul job. there's an actual gerrit feature to require signed-off-by footers, just set that in the acl19:42
fungimore specifically,
corvusi'd like to restart zuul, any objections?20:23
corvusa rolling restart -- though there will be a database schema upgrade which could make things exciting20:24
corvus(i mean sql db)20:24
fungicorvus: sounds good to me, thanks!20:26
fungii'm around if database schema upgrades get more fun than anticipated (which is to say, fun at all)20:27
corvusokay, i'm going to start with a stop/start of the mergers and graceful restarts of executors 6 at a time.  i'm trying out a new playbook that i'll upload if this works.20:28
corvusokay, zm* are hard-stopped (because we haven't implemented graceful for them yet) and ze01-ze06 are gracefully stopping20:29
fungihard-stopping mergers is relatively low-impact because the merge request would simply get unlocked in zk and become available for another one to process, right?20:33
corvusfungi: i think if we hard-stop them, they can report failure20:47
fungioh, got it21:00
fungias in "this change or one of its dependencies cannot be merged"21:00
corvusyep our old friend21:03
corvusze05 has stopped, so it looks like my scheme to wait for containers stopping in the playbook is working21:05
fungioh awesome21:07
fungiwhat's the improvement in the new playbook?21:07
fungiit actually lets you know when things have stopped?21:07
corvuswell, i'm starting with a playbook that does graceful restarts of executors since we don't have that anywhere yet21:17
corvuswe're also going to need a way to deal with schedulers and their initialization period -- i think the best way to do that is to start up the prometheus server to access the ready probe21:18
corvusbut i don't think we have that configured, so i'll probably punt that for later21:18
Clark[m]For the mergers it should be straightforward to add a graceful stop to them too. I may look at that next week21:21
Clark[m]Set a flag to stop. Check flag before next request.21:22
opendevreviewGage Hugo proposed openstack/project-config master: Retire security-specs repo - Step 3
corvusClark: yeah, but most of that's already done because they do support pause22:06
corvusyou can use the executor for reference, it's basically "go into pause mode, then exit when jobs complete"22:06
corvuswoo, the playbook has moved on to the 2nd batch of 6 executors22:14

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