Sunday, 2022-02-27

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opendevreviewMerged opendev/system-config master: hound: enable detect-ref
AdamRHi, there's a discussions started by me on the Google mailing list for Jenkins Job Builder (JJB): Although the discussion went in a few directions the most important part is that there's an outdated documentation for JJB available on and it should be removed, because the documentation for this project had been moved to Rea21:57
AdamRCould you please help me remove the outdated documentation from
ianwAdamR: hrm, let me see, but perhaps the best thing to do is to link it to the new location23:07
ianwi'm just trying to establish what published them there in the first place23:16
ianwlooks like it's been rtd for a long time
ianwlooks like was where we stopped the double publishing23:20
ianwwe could, in theory, figure out a way for this to publish an update via this job23:21
ianwor, i could drop a .htaccess file on static, which seems like the most expedient route23:22
ianwoh, hrm, looks like we don't have allowoverride for docs.  i thought we did, i feel sure we've used it to redirect logs before23:29
ianwthis is wrong, we allow Redirect and RedirectMatch23:37

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