Sunday, 2022-04-03

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opendevreviewDr. Jens Harbott proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Test updating gentoo python version
fricklerprometheanfire: do you know if gentoo changed something with regards to py3.8 vs 3.9 in the last 3 weeks? see ^^ compared to the previous failing build09:36
fricklerianw: seems we need an updated debootstrap to build jammy, would you have time to look into updating our ppa? "merged_usr" and the new symlink according to the changelog was added with 125, latest would be 12609:40
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Clark[m]frickler I wonder if the bullseye debootstrap is good enough now?14:09
prometheanfirefrickler: I think we are moving to make 39 the default if it isn't already (and adding 3.10 to existing packages)14:34
fricklerClark[m]: nope, that's also 123 like in our ppa and doesn't know about jammy. it seems that the nominally older version in focal got the relevant patches backported, but I assume that that will still be missing the other fixes we need15:22
fungiwe might be better off pulling "upstream" debootstrap (i.e. from debian sid/unstable)16:49
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