Sunday, 2022-06-26

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noonedeadpunkso we've disabled html reports of ara, and still have post failures fwiw. Yes, amount of them is way lower. But some swift providers can not be considered as healthy imo07:00
fungiproblem is we don't know exactly what/how much it tried to upload when timing out, so probably need better diagnostic information about what's trying to upload. we can certainly also try to correlate the post_failure results to specific swift providers in order to see if some are significantly slower than others11:17
fungitrying to infer what's being uploaded from builds which are able to successfully upload assumes the jobs timing out their uploads are uploading the same things, but we can't currently rule out that there's something different happening in them11:19
fungilooking at the only post_failure results in the gate pipeline over the past 10 days have been for tripleo and openstack-ansible changes, which represent a fraction of our overall build volume during that timeframe, so there's also certainly something specific to those jobs which is helping trigger11:34
fungiwhatever problem this is11:34
opendevreviewSzymon Datko proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: [tox] Update readme regarding default values
opendevreviewSzymon Datko proposed zuul/zuul-jobs master: [tox] Update readme regarding default values
BlaisePabon[m]1ianw:  OH, I see. I'm promoting the use of Zuul t work and we have a big dev team (~100) in India.19:51
BlaisePabon[m]1We could host mirrors in APAC AWS zones if that helps.19:51
BlaisePabon[m]1If I want to move a project to OpenDev... do I follow the instructions at:20:09
BlaisePabon[m]1and create a change request to ?20:09
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Clark[m]Blaise Pabon is the probably too long document with all the info on doing that20:39
ianwBlaisePabon[m]1: yeah, if you want a new git repo, read that and look at prior changes in openstack/project-config23:02
ianwBlaisePabon[m]1: we currently don't have any non-openstack backed resources.  i personally don't know if we've had offers of non-openstack resources before.  23:08
ianwthe technical we could work out.  but the first step would be seeing how that fits with the open infrastructure model, which involves people and opinions -- the difficult part of software development :)23:11
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