Sunday, 2022-07-10

opendevreviewRob Tongue proposed openstack/diskimage-builder master: Element enable-services addition.
ianwi'm assuming the pypi 2fa thing hasn't affected our upload account22:38
ianwi guess it is only for interactive logins, not api keys22:39
ianwfungi: i can merge the ansible 5 change in a few hours if we like.  i think that puts it in a quiet time 22:49
*** rlandy is now known as rlandy|out23:08
fungiianw: current state of affairs is that when they do eventually make 2fa required for our login it will still only affect using the pypi webui, yes, though we'll probably want to get a totp configuration put together for it like we used for github org management a while back23:13
fungialso we're not using an api key with twine, just username/password. we'll probably want to switch that to an api key at some point, but for now there's no indication username/password uploads will be impacted23:14
fungialso i logged in earlier and checked, 30 of the packages "openstackci" is listed as a maintainer for are deemed critical projects (based on being in the top 1% of downloads from pypi)23:15
fungiianw: if you want to approve the ansible 5 change, please feel free, just make sure to post something to service-discuss about it, especially since we're 11 days past due and people may have forgotten it was even happening. and maybe follow up to my openstack-discuss reminder as well since openstack projects are the ones most likely to notice:23:18

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