Sunday, 2022-07-24

jpnbhangrahello, is this IRC channel used for BUG report or improvement requests?06:58
fungijpnbhangra: it's used to coordinate work on the services we run and help the people trying to use them, yes11:27
funginote that most of the services we run in the opendev collaboratory aren't written by us, so "feature requests" are things that would get filed with the upstream maintainers of the codebases for the appropriate services themselves, but if the request makes sense we can often help with filing such requests since we have established relationships with them in some cases11:31
jpnbhangrafungi: thanks for telling me about the channel. 11:52
jpnbhangrafungi: I'm struggling with DevStack. I'm trying to make it work. But the script: ./ often fails due to, me forgetting to remove /var/run/ovn. Which is a symbolic link to openvswitch directory: /var/run/openvswitch.11:55
jpnbhangraDevStack execution takes quite a long time. When I find after 10 minutes that it stopped  because [sudo ln -s /var/run/openvswitch /var/run/ovn] command failed, it's quite stressful. Is it able to check for the symbolic link and either leave it or remove it and goon?12:02
fungijpnbhangra: oh, this is the channel where we talk about the services run as part of the opendev collaboratory (gerrit, zuul, mailman, jitsi-meet, etherpad, matrix, chatbots, and so on). you're probably looking for the devstack maintainers in #openstack-qa or the neutron maintainers in #openstack-neutron13:17
fungior you might have luck posting your questions to the mailing list13:17
corvuslooks like zuul is at current master now17:59
corvusthis should have the reconfiguration sequencing change in place17:59
fungicorvus: which reconfiguration sequencing change is that?18:55
Clark[m]fungi: a change to ensure that events enqueue after their required reconfiguration19:18
Clark[m]For example if you tag a change that updates job configs zuul will ensure the config is updated before your tag jobs run19:19
fungiahh, cool i think i missed that going in19:20
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ianwclarkb: ahh yeah, that's right, thanks23:35
ianw(on the stdout thing)23:35

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