Saturday, 2022-08-27

fricklerI'm still not done with the "vendored" tag in gitea? what meaning does is try to convey? from my understanding of the term, we shouldn't have any vendored code at all. in particular I don't understand why a file like .gitignore would called vendored. long story short: what's the reason we wouldn't want to completely disable this functionality?07:50
fungii'd be fine disabling it on the grounds that the ci system we integrate for the projects we host makes the entire idea of vendoring content from one repository into another obsolete11:35
fungithough also, clarkb's bugfix will make it match far less stuff if and when it merges11:35
Clark[m]It is all part of the language stats stuff that fungi just discovered. "Vendored" files aren't meant to count towards those stats as they come from external locations. Since we don't vendor things our repos will largely just ignore it once fixed. I don't think we need to change anything as it's harmless either way. But once the classifier is fixed we won't match it13:17
Clark[m] explains it13:17

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